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How To Buy the Best Grip Tape in 2024

Luminous PET strip anti slip glowing skateboard grip

Grip tape is a specially prepared rubbery substance that is stuck onto equipment like skateboards or tennis rackets. It helps to prevent the hands or feet of the user from sliding while using the piece of equipment and this improved grip ultimately boosts performance. The broad range of grip tape choices on the market ensures that there is a specific grip to suit each skateboarder or sports lover who wants to have a good grip to improve his or her physical activities.

Continue reading to learn more about the market for grip tape, the main types of grip tape available, and everything you need to consider when buying grip tape in 2024.

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Market share of grip tape
Types of grip tape
What to consider when buying grip tape in 2024

Market share of grip tape

Quality black grip tape for skateboard

According to Google Ads, the keyword “grip tape” averages 60,500 monthly searches, which shows a wide range of interest globally in this product. Grip tape has experienced a tremendous increase in demand, which is evidence of its essential role in a range of sport and leisure activities. 

The ever-expanding popularity of skateboarding and other racket-type sports like tennis and badminton has contributed to the demand for grip tape. The regions with the highest demand for grip tape are North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, owing to the popularity of skating and the flourished tennis culture.

Types of grip tape

1. Skateboard grip tape

9" x 33" waterproof emery anti-slip skateboard grip tape

Grip tapes for skateboards are manufactured for the needs of skateboarding enthusiasts. They are usually made from rugged or gritty materials like silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. Skateboard grip tape provides excellent grip or traction for a skater’s shoes when the board is in motion. This gritty texture improves grip, facilitating maximum control when engaging in various tricks and turns. 

Their weather resistance ability has played a crucial role in making them popular. Some grip tapes are customized with specific designs or perforations, enabling riders to add a touch of style to their board decks. The cost of a skateboard grip varies from USD 5 up to USD 20.

2. Tennis racket grip tape

Overgrip anti-slip tennis grip tape

Tennis racket grip tapes are for tennis enthusiasts who require a secure yet convenient hold on their rackets during games. The tapes consist of such materials as synthetic leather and polyurethane, giving a balance between cushioning and durability. Adhesive strength ensures proper fix on the racket handle during all-out rallies. Various tennis racket grip tapes are highly weather-resistant and cost between USD 5 and USD 15. 

3. Golf club grip tape

2 inches white double-sided impact golf club grip lead tape

Golf club grip tapes are suitable for those golfers looking for comfortable but firm grips on their clubs. These are soft tapes made of rubber or synthetic materials that provide a cushion-like feeling during their use. The price of golf club grip tape ranges from USD 5 to USD 15, depending on its quality and the manufacturer. Their type of adhesion helps maintain a good grip during the golf swing. Most of these golf club grip tapes are made with materials that are not affected by humidity; hence, they perform well in any play climate. 

4. Baseball bat grip tape

Custom overgrip bat grip tape

Baseball bat grip tapes allow baseball players for a strong, secure, and convenient hold. They are usually made of rubbers, foams, or synthetic compounds that provide cushioning and resistance to wear. There are some grip tapes for baseball bats that allow users to customize a specific bat to their preferences. The cost of baseball bat grip tapes ranges between USD 5 and USD 15.

What to consider when buying grip tape in 2024

1. Price

2mm 5m  nano grip tape

Entry-level grip tape costs between USD 5 and USD 15, and it tends to have basic features. Top-of-the-line grip tape costs anywhere from USD 15 to USD 30 or more. The brand, styling details, and quality of materials used influence the price. 

2. Material quality

The choice of material determines the longevity and performance of the grip tape. Several grip tapes use silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, synthetic leather, rubber, polyurethane, and foam. Silicone carbide and aluminum oxide offer excellent adhesion on various surfaces, thus making good skateboard grip tapes. Tennis rackets often benefit from synthetic leather for its long life and comfortable feel in the hand. 

Golf clubs prefer soft rubber and foam for cushioning, which is good for control at the end of a long swing. Baseball bats use this type of material as well. 

3. Texture

Customized soft PU anti-slip baseball grip tape

A grip tape’s texture greatly affects how soft or gripping a surface feels. A rough surface made of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide particles is common in skateboarding because such surfaces ensure that the skater’s foot remains stuck firmly on the skateboard. Tennis racket grip tape may be less rough and feature some texture to ensure a better feel and control with each blow the player makes. 

Hand-shaped designs are also employed on golf club and baseball bat grip tapes as they position a person’s grip in the most effective fashion. 

4. Comfort

A comfortable grip tape is essential for long-term use in sports and any other activity involving one’s body. Foam, synthetic leather, and rubber materials are soft, making users comfortable using them for longer periods. Comfort in grip tape is necessary to avoid discomfort, blisters, and fatigue, especially for rigorous activities. 

5. Weather resistance

Non-slip PU baseball grip tape

Grip tape resilience to different weather conditions is important, especially for outdoor sports lovers. Tapes made of weather-resistant materials such as rubber and synthetic compounds maintain performance quality even in changing climatic conditions. This trait becomes important, especially for skateboarders, tennis gamers, golfers, and baseball players who engage in their sports outside. 

6. Durability

Non-slip grip tape for stairs

The durability of grip tape varies depending on the sport type. The ideal lifespan of a skateboard grip tape subjected to ongoing friction and wear is 3 months. Grip tapes, such as those on tennis racquets, golf clubs, and baseball sticks, can last longer than a year. The durability is highly dependent on the quality of the material used in its manufacture, how it was constructed, and the sports use at which it was aimed.


In the dynamic landscape of sporting activity add-ons, the search for the perfect grip tape in 2024 involves carefully considering a number of factors. These include price, material, comfort, weather resistance, and sturdiness. Visit Alibaba.com today to discover a wide array of modern grip tapes that blend functionality and style, presenting the ideal grip for each type of sport intended and improving performance as a result. 

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