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Latest Women’s Dress Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022/23


It is important to keep in mind femininity, functionality, and familiarity when creating a versatile collection of dresses for your customers. Shoppers are always looking for comfortable dresses that help them keep up with the season’s fashion trends. 

This guide sheds light on the latest trends in women’s dresses this autumn-winter season so that you can have the right mix of clothing lineup for your customers. Continue reading to explore the trends.

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Overview of women’s dresses this autumn/winter season
Top 5 women’s dress trends for A/W 2022/23
Final thoughts

Overview of women’s dresses this autumn/winter season

Research from several leading fashion houses suggests that this autumn/winter will see an increase in the demand for dresses after the return to everyday life and an increase in outdoor events. There will be more scaled-back events that will also lead to more and more consumers demanding fashionable dresses.

The current trends highlight the importance of a dressed-up look that is fashionable yet comfortable, ranging from draped wovens to formal jerseys in tube silhouettes.

Top 5 women’s dress trends for A/W 2022/23

1. Shirt dresses 

Woman in white and blue striped button-up shirt dress

With the arrival of winter, we’re breaking out our favorite styles, beginning with an unbeatable classic: the finest shirt dresses. It is an effortlessly stylish wardrobe essential with loads of adaptability and layering possibilities for shifting between seasons. 

Investing in horti-cool or women’s shirt dresses is a good idea because they are going to become wardrobe staples. The perfect print and colors aim to bring out a nice blend of femininity and familiarity. 

The shirt dress is part of the #ParedBackBohemia trend, including orals and utility themes. It brings out the nostalgia of the #90s and #Y2k themes and is made for everything from workwear to a party look. A shirt dress looks perfect with a belt, as it will enhance the wearer’s silhouette and show off their figure.

2. The horti-cool dress

Woman in a horti-cool dress

The inspiration for women’s horti-cool dresses takes inspiration from countryside life. The gardening style of these dresses can be seen as an evolution of #CottageCore. 

The #floral prints are ideal for this season, bringing out the functional and feminine silhouette. It focuses on A-line and size-inclusive shapes that are perfect for a wide range of wearers. 

3. The pinafore dress

Gray pinafore dress with pocket

The women’s pinafore dress includes the #ModernAcademia theme and is going to be a key style when it comes to dresses for autumn/winter of 2002/23. You will see it across catwalks and street styles from Chloé to Tanya Talor and even Louis Vuitton. 

It can be seen as providing an alternative to slip dresses and is extremely practical and loaded with functional pockets. A versatile silhouette brings this style to the forefront when discussing fashion trends this season. 

4. The slip dress

Women in black slip dresses

The slip dress continues to represent nostalgia from the #90s and #Y2k. This look has not slowed down since last season and will continue to dominate trends this autumn/winter. 

You can also check out the #halterneck styles in these dresses or pair them with any trendy jewelry. These slip dresses have definitely seen a lot of success amongst fashion divas. Moreover, they are highly versatile and can go perfectly well for day and night parties alike. 

On-trend, timeless and transitional, this season’s style of slip dresses highlights a new mindset for updating wardrobes. Chosen on the merits of quality, sustainability, and versatile design, slip dresses inspire the fashion icon within all to invest in timeless style instead of indulging in fleeting trends.

5. The outdoor dress

The women’s outdoor dress is a combination of performance, fashion, and comfort. It is extremely versatile and has functional details such as modular detachability and zip-thru openings. These dresses are going to appeal to all consumers who love practicality in their dresses. 

The fashion gurus already believe these outdoor dresses will be solid trends this autumn/winter. With high-necked silhouettes, these dresses are also designed to keep wearers warm and cozy while keeping up their style statements. 

Many of these winter must-haves will be versatile from now through spring and, if this year’s gloomy weather trend continues, into next summer too. So, don’t wait for the first frost before splashing out on something snuggly.

Final thoughts

Winter has the potential to keep you warm and stylish. All you need is that perfect outfit. Fashionable winter clothes are immensely in demand in modern times. 

These latest fashion trends for women’s dresses for autumn/winter 2022/23 will help your customers look chic this season. 

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