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Men’s Knitwear Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023

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This year will see a great demand for men’s knitwear styles building up from the 2022 rise of knitwear designs. Modern designs with roots in traditional stitches and patterns will offer a sense of style and longevity.

For the year ahead, comfort seems to be the priority for men’s knitwear, with a significant shift to sartorial garments, long-lasting and eco-conscious materials. Men’s knitwear will celebrate joyful colors, patterns, and bold yarn for eye-catching pieces.

This article will offer an overview of the men’s knitwear market, before breaking down the essential designs for 2023.

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Men’s knitwear market in 2023
Men knitwear designs that consumers will love
Final thoughts

Men’s knitwear market in 2023

The global men’s knitwear reached US $201 billion in revenue in 2022, increasing by 7.9% against the previous year. Experts forecast that the market will reach US $500 billion by 2030. They also expect to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4%.

Men’s knitwear is a segment of the global knitwear market currently valued at US $582.5 billion in 2021. The global knitwear market is expected to retain the same growth in 2022 due to increased global consumption of knitwear.

Men’s knitwear designs that consumers will love

Luxe hoodie

A men’s luxe hoodie is a high-end, luxury version of the traditional hooded sweatshirt. It is made from premium materials such as cashmere, silk, or merino wool. Other features, such as contrasting textures, embroidery, or embellishments, offer warmth and comfort.

Luxury hoodies may also have a more tailored or structured fit than regular ones. These hoodies are often more expensive than regular hoodies and are marketed as luxury fashion items. They can be worn casually or dressed to create a more polished look.

Cable crew

A men’s cable crew is a type of knit sweater with cables and raised patterned designs created by crossing stitches over each other. This sweater style is typically made from a soft, warm material such as wool or cashmere and has a crew-neck collar.

The cable pattern gives the sweater a textured, decorative appearance and is famous for casual and dressier occasions. It is considered a classic and timeless wardrobe staple for men.

Rugby top

In knitwear, men’s rugby tops have become popular as a casual, sporty style. They are often designed with a more tailored or slim fit and made from softer, more comfortable materials such as cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. They may also feature updated design elements such as contrasting colors, patterns, or embroidery.

These fashionable rugby tops are worn as casual, everyday wear and not necessarily worn for playing rugby. They can be paired with various bottoms, such as jeans or chinos, to create a sporty yet put-together look. Fashion-conscious men wear them to incorporate a sporty and casual vibe into their wardrobes.

Fair Isle vest

The Fair Isle vest is a type of knit vest featuring a traditional Fair Isle pattern. Fair Isle is a style of knitting that originated in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It is characterized by its intricate, multicolored geometric designs and the use of at least two colors in each row of knitting.

The Fair Isle vest is a sleeveless pullover garment, typically made from wool or a wool blend, traditionally worn over a shirt or sweater as a layering piece. It is knitted with a fair isle pattern, giving it a unique and traditional look. The Fair Isle vest can be worn in both casual and formal settings. It is a perfect way to add a touch of tradition to your wardrobe.

Crew neck

A men’s crew neck is a t-shirt or sweater with a round neckline at the base of the neck. The neckline is typically ribbed and has a banded collar that sits close to the neck.

The crew neck is a classic and versatile design, and it can be worn in casual and formal settings. Crew neck t-shirts are a staple in men’s wardrobes and are often made from cotton or a cotton blend, making them comfortable and breathable.

On the other hand, crew neck sweaters can be made from various materials such as wool, cashmere, or cotton and are often worn as a layering piece. They are often worn by men of all ages and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


A men’s turtleneck is a type of shirt or sweater with a high, close-fitting collar that covers the neck and can be worn either folded down or pulled up to cover the lower part of the face. They are often made from wool, cotton, or cashmere and can come in different styles, from casual to formal.

The turtleneck is a versatile piece that can be worn in different ways, and it can be worn as a layering piece under a jacket or sweater or as a standalone top with trousers or jeans. It can be dressed in a suit and tie or with casual shoes.

Turtlenecks are popular in colder seasons as they offer good insulation and protection from cold air. Artists and intellectuals also wear them to symbolize their artistic and intellectual aspirations.

Final thoughts

Men’s knitwear in 2023 will shift toward comfort, creativity, and artistic expression.  Smarter and long-lasting designs will dominate the market, combining both luxury and traditional knitwear.

Creativity in designs will push the trends toward increased comfort and casual apparel. These are the key designs businesses can consider this year for a dynamic men’s knitwear catalog.

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