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Mother’s Day is coming soon! Thoughtful Beauty and Skincare Trends for Every Mom 2024

Mother’s Day gifts

As Mother’s Day approaches, online retailers are beginning to stock up their inventory. Celebrated widely across the world in May and in March in the UK, Mother’s Day has grown to appreciate maternal figures of all kinds. This special occasion presents a perfect opportunity to show gratitude and love to the mothers and mother figures in our lives. With the ever-evolving beauty and skincare industry, finding the ideal gift can be a delightful journey. This blog presents some innovative ideas about the best gifts for this purpose, focusing on trends that cater to different needs and preferences.

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Take Mothers to Start a Skincare Journey: All-in-one Set
Scents of Nostalgia: Perfuming Memories for Mother’s Day
Miniature Luxuries: The Perfect Bite-Sized Indulgences for Mother’s Day
Family-Friendly Gifting: Practical, Safe Beauty for Every Generation

Take Mothers to Start a Skincare Journey: All-in-one Set

An all-in-one skincare set is an excellent gift idea for Mother’s Day. Mothers worldwide often neglect their self-care as they dedicate so much energy to looking after their families. A set that includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, and eye cream can offer a rejuvenating journey for mothers weary from the day’s demands. This thoughtful gift provides a convenient and simplified routine, allowing mothers to indulge in some much-needed pampering without the hassle of juggling multiple products.

all-in-one skincare set

Appealing to the trend of doing more with less, curated minimalist skincare, haircare, and makeup sets offer new beauty moments. Whether she’s a ‘Lazy’ Skinimalist, a Skintentional consumer, or someone just beginning to explore the world of beauty and self-care, a carefully curated set can cater to her specific needs and preferences. This personalized touch not only shows your appreciation for all that she does but also your attention to her individual needs, making it a truly meaningful gift.

woman with silver gray hair

As an online retailer, stock pre-made sets with three to five essential hero products personalized to differing needs, such as skin type or season, as demonstrated by Lelive’s Summer Essentials set. Introduce skinimalist discovery kits packed with hybrid lip, eye, and cheek formats, multifunctional body care, or nourishing hair styling applications. Examples include Ami Colé (US) and Ember (Canada). Invest in skin-first formulations across all product categories that lead with ingredients such as SPF, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and natural oils.”

Scents of Nostalgia: Perfuming Memories for Mother’s Day

The profound connection between scent and memory makes fragrance an incredibly sentimental and personalized gift for Mother’s Day. This trend focuses on the power of fragrance to evoke cherished memories, offering comfort and nostalgia through scents that resonate with personal experiences and emotions. Retailers have the opportunity to deepen the emotional impact of Mother’s Day gifts by curating collections that are not just perfumes but are evocative of special moments and places.

Perfuming Memories for Mother's Day

By selecting fragrances that capture the essence of specific locales or elements reminiscent of cherished memories, such as the blossoming of cherry trees or the comforting scent of a childhood kitchen, retailers can provide a gift that is both personal and profound. For example, Ormonde Jayne’s Sakura perfume is inspired by the Japanese tradition of hanami, celebrating the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms, making it a perfect gift to evoke springtime memories. Similarly, brands like tosummer and House of Matriarch offer scents that bring to life specific locations or personal recollections, such as the Beiping Sweets fragrance collection from Beijing or perfumes that recall childhood visits to rose gardens.

Sakura perfume

Expanding the range to include bath, body, haircare, and home fragrances allows for a more comprehensive sensory experience. Products that incorporate heritage and indigenous ingredients celebrate local traditions and cultures, offering a narrative of generational beauty rituals and lifestyles. This approach to Mother’s Day gifting not only enriches the emotional value of the gift but also pays homage to the rich tapestry of global cultures, making it a deeply meaningful and memorable gesture.

bath, body, haircare, and home fragrances

By focusing on fragrances that offer a journey through scent, retailers can provide their customers with a unique and touching way to express their love and appreciation on Mother’s Day, making each gift a tribute to the shared memories and bonds between mothers and their children.

Miniature Luxuries: The Perfect Bite-Sized Indulgences for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, the allure of miniature beauty products emerges as a top gifting trend. These “snackable sizes” cater not only to travel-hungry consumers eager to explore the world again but also offer new ways to sample and trial luxurious beauty solutions. The charm of mini products lies in their ability to deliver premium experiences without the commitment to full-sized prices, making them an ideal gift for mothers and mother figures looking to indulge in a bit of luxury.


The fascination with these tiny treasures has skyrocketed, as evidenced by the millions of views for hashtags like #MiniMakeup and #MiniProducts on social platforms like TikTok. This demonstrates a significant interest in compact, cute, and collectible items that promise both quality and novelty. However, these miniature luxuries must align with the growing consumer demand for sustainability, urging brands to prioritize eco-friendly packaging solutions.

send gifts to mom

Retailers have a golden opportunity to stock up on deluxe mini collections of premium bestsellers, offering consumers the chance to gift their loved ones with a taste of luxury at a fraction of the price. Mini product iterations and discovery sets, such as those by US fragrance brand Snif or K-beauty’s Lapcos miniature skincare trial kit, allow for exploration and experimentation before committing to larger sizes. Additionally, offering portable, reusable, and refillable travel-sized packaging can extend the life of these miniature luxuries, making them a gift that keeps on giving.

This Mother’s Day, miniature luxuries stand out as a thoughtful and practical gift option. They offer the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, allowing mothers to explore and enjoy premium products in a way that’s both accessible and sustainable.

Family-Friendly Gifting: Practical, Safe Beauty for Every Generation

In today’s dynamic world, families seek practicality and safety in their beauty and skincare choices, especially when it comes to celebrating occasions like Mother’s Day. The trend towards family-friendly gifting grows as parents prioritize affordability and product safety, essential considerations in the current poly-crisis era. The global baby and pregnancy skincare market, expected to reach $13.5 billion by 2031, highlights the increasing demand for products that cater to the entire family, from babies and toddlers to teens and adults.

pregnant women and babies

Retailers can tap into this burgeoning market by offering skincare and body ranges that are non-toxic, irritant-free, and expert-approved, ensuring they are suitable for the most delicate skin. Pre-made starter packs for mothers-to-be, which include nourishing pregnancy and postpartum care, present a thoughtful and practical gift option. Highlighting the multifunctionality of products, such as a body wash that doubles as a makeup remover, shaving gel, or bubble bath, can appeal to consumers looking for versatile and safe options for both mother and baby.

Skin care products for pregnant women

In addition, brands like France-based Mustela and Danish brand SoKind, which focus on creating natural and allergy-certified products for mothers and babies, set the standard for family-friendly gifting. Products like these, which offer long-lasting appeal through bulk and jumbo-sized packaging, provide value and ensure the well-being of all family members. This Mother’s Day, embracing family-friendly gifting means offering products that simplify life, ensure safety, and bring joy to every family member.

Happy mother's day


As Mother’s Day approaches, retailers have a unique opportunity to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers looking to celebrate the special women in their lives. By offering a curated selection of all-in-one skincare sets, nostalgic fragrances, miniature luxuries, and family-friendly products, businesses can provide thoughtful and meaningful gift options that resonate with customers. Embracing trends such as skinimalism and focusing on personalization and sustainability can further enhance the appeal of your offerings. As you stock your shelves for this important occasion, remember that the right product mix can not only drive sales but also build lasting relationships with your customers by helping them express their love and appreciation for their mothers beautifully. 

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