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5 Amazing Food Packaging Ideas To Make Restaurants Stand Out


Ever since the global lockdown, an increasing number of people have been favoring takeout meals over dine-in experiences. The online food delivery market in the US alone is forecasted to hit US $42.6 billion by 2027. The figures prove that the takeaway market is booming, and consequently, so is the food packaging industry.

For restaurant businesses, personalizing customer experiences is the key to finding success. Before the pandemic, restaurateurs achieved this through in-person interactions, such as being attentive to customer needs, getting to know their regulars, creating an excellent dine-in atmosphere, and more. 

However, in the era of food delivery and takeaways, in-person interactions are limited. Therefore, it is time restaurateurs think about innovative food packaging ideas that can make lasting impressions on customers.

Even the tiniest amount of customization can turn simple cardboard boxes and paper bags into brilliant branding elements that speak volumes about the individual restaurant business. When done right, these can serve as a powerful selling tool that help restaurants build associations with their audience through enhanced customer experience.

Without further ado, here are five brilliant food packaging ideas to consider.

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Customizable boxes for food packaging
Edible wrappers for takeaway food
Food delivery bags that make people laugh
Seed-infused boxes for food packaging
Reusable takeaway food packaging

Customizable boxes for food packaging

Takeaway food box with compartments

Customized food containers tell your customers more than where the food came from — they can evoke emotions, enhance customer experiences, and help you stand out from your competitors.

You could go any direction with customizing your food containers. For example, if your customers have kids, consider sending cartoon stickers with their take-out packaging. Or, you could send your customer personalized notes with every order. Another brilliant way to customize take-out containers is by turning them into collectible items — think puzzle tiles, anime characters, poetry, etc.

Lastly, consider investing in multipurpose food containers. This could be as simple as designing a takeout box that allows customers to carry a sandwich and coffee in a single hand or incorporating a straw holder into a cup holder.

Remember that it is the thought that counts. Even the slightest customization can make a huge difference.

Edible wrappers for takeaway food

Woman holding a burger in a food wrapper

Restaurants looking for a unique packaging idea should consider edible packaging. The idea was first made popular by KFC when they used a 200% edible wrapper made of rice paper and edible ink to pack their double-down sandwich. The goal behind the initiative was to pack takeout food in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. Later, KFC added cups made of wafers and white chocolate to their edible packaging list, which was received by the world with much enthusiasm.

Like KFC, fast-food chains can use edible packaging for food items like burgers, sandwiches, or beverages. Restaurateurs who wish to take edible packaging to the next level can try sugar straws, edible cutleries, and more.

Food delivery bags that make people laugh

Food delivery bag with a message

Takeout packaging doesn’t always have to be practical. Sometimes, incorporating a little humor into your delivery packaging might be all the magic your restaurant business needs. After all, who doesn’t love a good joke?

The best fun packaging ideas ensure the food reaches the customers safely and puts a smile on customers’ faces even before they dive in. Not only are they a great way of engraving your branding, but they also improve customer experience and make them feel good about your restaurant.

A few brilliant fun packaging ideas include designing food containers with funny quotes, memes, or cartoons. You can also try connecting the joke to the food in the container. For instance, if you sell burgers, you could use something like: “What did the burger name her daughter? Patty.”

Seed-infused boxes for food packaging

Plant in a paper bag

Seed-infused boxes are an innovative and eco-friendly packaging idea that was recently introduced in the food industry. Instead of disposing of food packages, plantable food containers encourage people to use them to grow plants. This is perhaps the best way to not just protect the environment, but also support it.

Depending on your location and customers, you can choose plantable boxes containing seeds of small plants that can be grown on the balcony to those that require a garden. Popular options include flowering plants, vegetables, and herbs. Beyond being eco-friendly, seed-infused packaging is great to attract people who are fond of farming or gardening.

Reusable takeaway food packaging

Paper cup on a table

Currently, consumers are growing more concerned about sustainability. As a thoughtful restaurateur or packaging retailer, you should address this concern by switching from plastic containers to reusable packaging materials.

Reusable food packaging encourages people not to throw away boxes and shows the world that you care for the environment. More importantly, reusable food packing turns your customers into brand advocates. Since your customers will continue to use the reusable food boxes from your restaurant, chances are their friends and relatives will notice your brand logo and name sooner or later and decide to give you a try.

To take reusable food packaging to the next level, you can offer your customers a small discount if they return for order pickup with your reusable food containers.

If eco-friendly and reusable food packaging is out of your budget, consider biodegradable food containers. Biodegradable boxes are made using bamboo, rice husk, banana leaves, and bioplastic, which are less harsh on the environment.


Even if your food quality is the best in town, if your packaging isn’t great, chances are you will lose customers in the long run. So, take advantage of these five innovative food packaging ideas to improve customer experience and become the talk of the town. 

Nonetheless, know that the ideas discussed in this article are just a few of the many ways to customize food delivery experiences through packaging. A little brainstorming and looking for inspiration on the Internet will give you even more brilliant food packaging ideas to try.

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