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Sexual Wellness: The Latest Beauty Trends in 2023


Sure enough, each of us is likely to have a few topics that we feel shy to talk about. So what about the items that we feel most embarrassed to purchase in person? For example, a British survey in 2019 revealed that as high as 73% of the female participants were too shy to get lube in stores. 

In other words, more than 70% of participants in this survey are potential customers of related sexual wellness products! Continue reading to check out what are the business potential in the sexual wellness field, sexual wellness product sourcing ideas, and the upcoming growing trends this year.

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Why sexual wellness products?
Sexual wellness trends in 2023
Taboo no more

Why sexual wellness products?

Sexual health (sexual wellness) is the next frontier in beauty

In view of the global health industry disruptions over the past two years, public awareness of overall health and hygiene issues has seen a significant increase. This includes paying more attention to sexual wellness as reflected in quite a few worldwide recent studies.

The global sexual wellness market in 2021 was estimated at USD $80.1 billion and is expected to increase with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% from 2022 to 2030, hitting USD $121.6 billion by 2030. At the same time, separate research reported an estimation of USD $10.3 billion for the sexual wellness market size in the United States in 2021. Between 2022 to 2030, the market size of sexual wellness products among Americans is predicted to surge to 19.9 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 7.6%.

While the growing incidence of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is thought to be the propellant behind such a profitable increase in the US, the fact that it is an ever-growing competitive market that often faces constant product innovation and extensions is another driving force for its development. In the article that follows, let’s take a closer look at the cutting-edge ideas and product expansions that may dominate in 2023.

Sexual wellness trends in 2023

Hygiene focus

If people have learned nothing from all the health control and social distancing implementations in recent years, there is at least one thing that most people agree on – the importance of hygiene and sanitization. And of course, such trends have more or less extended to reproductive health products. This is proven by the increasing concerns of general consumers over their personal sexual hygiene. It was cited by industry experts as one of the most essential parts of safer sex practices that would drive the entire sexual wellness business growth.

Female-targeted cleansers are one of the most common examples of such sexual hygiene products. In fact, female intimate washes for private areas are nothing new. It has simply been elevated from its common odor removal, itchy or irritation relief role to new ways – towards a more health-conscious cleaning purpose. A pH-balanced feminine intimate cleanser, for example, may also serve as a bacteriostatic that helps to promote women’s health, by preventing the growth of unwanted bacteria while protecting the beneficial bacteria. 

The intimate hygiene products cover a huge variety and are not limited to liquid form or only for women. It can come in the form of an anti-bacterial spray, with male users as the main target or it may also work as a 1-time feminine wipe that contains a Vitamin E balance pH formula that provides instant sanitization to the private parts, such as the one shown in the picture below:

A Biodegradable feminine wipe for hygiene purposes

Skincare oriented

The skincare-oriented intimate care product is often presented as an extension of the intimate hygiene product. For instance, this intimate essential oil moisturizer is not only used as a private part cleanser but also works as a nourishing moisturizer for the intimate parts, on top of having a faint flowery scent. A unisex intimate area shower gel with skincare ingredients such as rose extract and keratin is another example that combines the hygiene and skincare benefits together.

While moisturizing is one of the main skincare concerns when it comes to skincare for skin dryness and irritation prevention, skin brightening creams for intimate sensitive parts and dark spot correctors for the intimate areas are in fact the main target products for most companies that focus on sexual wellness skincare products. It is rather common to find whitening cream for a private area that contains collagen, which helps to boost for lightening skin around the intimate parts, such as the one shown in the picture below. 

Intimate whitening cream with collagen

There are also some cutting-edge skincare products for the private area that mix hydrating and brightening functionalities. One such good example is this moisturizing brightening cream, while a T-mask shaped specifically for the intimate area as featured in the image below, also maintains the same whitening and moisturizer effects.

A T-mask specially made for intimate area

Luxurious style

In addition to the huge rise in self-care and hygiene awareness, industry analysts also associate the growing concerns about sexual wellness with the increased disposable income of the younger generations such as the millennials and Gen Z. The rise of income among the younger generations inevitably stimulates the pursuit not only for hotter sex but also for a more refined lifestyle and tastes for premium products with more luxurious, sophisticated designs.

Such a desire creates a top trend with tremendous opportunities for feminine hygiene natural products that promote entirely organic and natural ingredients with luxurious packaging. The growing number of women leading a more natural lifestyle and appreciating beautiful modern lifestyle products further enhances the prospect of such luxurious all-natural ingredients products.

Another creative way launched by wholesalers and retailers in response to the demand for luxury and premium goods is to create a series of intimate care products to provide a more holistic approach inclined value to the consumers. These products normally comprise a complete private care set including cleanser, nourishing gel, antibacterial cream, and more.

The best thing about luxurious style for the sexual wellness product is that it is not restricted to certain product groups but can also be extended to any mood-enhancing or arousal-boosting products for sexual activities, which are essential in sexual mental health. Studies had shown that aphrodisiac scents such as lavender and black licorice were proven as the aroma that could arouse sexual desire or even increase sexual pleasure for a better sexual experience, thereby helping to improve sex life and mental well-being.

As featured in the image below, a natural organic Osmanthus oil with an aphrodisiac aroma is able to exude an arousing scent that helps in boosting pre and post-sex moods. To further pique the sexual mood, one may also consider a chocolate aphrodisiac fragrance candle that helps to promote the massage mood, thereby generating a relaxed olfactory sense to fuel and stimulate sexual desire.

A natural organic Osmanthus oil that promotes aphrodisiac scents

Taboo no more

Worldwide’s growing focus and attention on personal care and hygiene issues in the past few years, combined with the concerns over STDs have helped drive up the sexual wellness products demands as more active consumers are looking for safer sex. The three different product trends that any wholesalers interested in the sexual health field must not miss out in 2023 include hygiene focus products, skincare-oriented items, and those with luxurious styles. Although sexual wellness products used to be considered taboo and are relatively new with still a long way to go in coming years, until it’s fully developed in the near future, the unstoppable growth in the sexual wellness field in 2023, however, is recognized by most analysts including a highly authoritative multinational organization. To stay better prepared for your business, check out the many different sections under Alibaba Reads for more sourcing advice and insights.

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