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Nail Color That’s Standing Out in the Beauty Industry


Nail art and care are some of the easiest ways to keep up with the latest trends in beauty, making them a fast-changing industry. Getting the right set of colors and polishes is key to meeting your customers’ demands if you have a nail-related business. 

With a focus on creativity and self-expression, specific themes and polishes are bound to be hot in the upcoming year. Continue reading to know what’s up in the nail industry today. 

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The market for nail polish
10 major nail color trends 
Getting on board with nail color trends 

The market for nail polish

Switching between nail art styles is much easier than having a complete hair makeover or changing one’s wardrobe. Such ease makes it a perfect example of self-expression that has been making waves in China.

In 2021, the global market for nail polish reached USD 14.3 billion. It is also anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% from 2022 to 2030. This is driven by millennials’ and other consumers’ increased attention and interest in nail care.

Among millennials, grooming now includes nail art and care, which translates to higher product demands in the market. Other aspects to focus on in today’s nail industry are non-toxic polishes made of natural ingredients.  

Self-expression, imperfection, and creativity are the key points of modern nail colors. Easy-to-use matte and glossy types and digital-style colors are quickly becoming a hot theme.

Encourage play 

Woman showing playful nail art

Have you heard of the word “kidult”? It refers to an adult whose media preferences are more fitting for children. Surprisingly, kidult styles are a hot topic in nail art, especially with the comeback of the 90s aesthetic. 

This nail art trend explores playful, chic, and cute appearances, using candy tones of pink, green, yellow, and similar palettes. Also, nail stickers, glitters, rhinestones, and 3D designs can’t be missing from the overall look. Creativity is expected among manicurists, especially with the closing of nail shops for more than two years. 

Offer sophistication 

Woman holding glass and showing neutral nails

Brown shades became out of the mainstream after the 90s, but thanks to celebrities like Lily James and Hailey Bieber, they’re now back on track. While more suitable for colder seasons, nude colors can be worn by anyone who wants to look sophisticated.

The minimalist style of brown palettes accentuates every skin tone, making it a fit for anyone regardless of age and gender. Multi-toned brown polishes coupled with either a glossy or matte finish are popular among many. 

Deep tones and textures 

Woman holding pen and showing deep red nails

Gothic fashion, including nail art, has always been trendy, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. The defining aspect of this style is its stunning palette, which plays with deep tones of red, emerald, plum, and other dark colors.

Gothic doesn’t necessarily mean black, with gradients of dark red built on such shades as part of this appealing nail art. Metallic polishes that provide the shimmer a black base needs are great choices. 

Dark tones

Woman holding cup and showing dark nails

Dark tones are popular for colder seasons, but they also fit those who want to express a bold and edgy style. While dark tones are almost synonymous with black, they also include colors of dark maroon, deep brown, and similar palettes.

Glossy and matte finishes paired with dark colors are expected to be appreciated by many customers. Adding dimension through gradients is also appealing to nail color enthusiasts. 

Minimalist brights

Woman doing bright pink nails

Wearing brightly colored nails can be uncommon in winter, but the style is gaining traction in modern nail art. Minimalist designs with a touch of an energetic vibe are becoming popular. Since this trend aims to deliver happy vibes, combining bright colors into simple styles is key.  

Nail polishes in bright orange, crimson, mint green, and similar palettes would be great additions to your catalog. You should also consider multicolor creme polishes, which end up in a glossy finish, for variety and easy-to-use nail color applicators. 

Grounding tones 

Woman showing natural tone nails

Grounding tones appeal to consumers who love green shades and colors that mimic forest vibes. They can be flattering at any time of the year, making them one of the most versatile options. This may also be driven by increased environmental awareness, making nature-inspired themes popular.

The tones of fungi and other wet plant life found in forests are a focus in the current beauty industry. Warm and earthy tones like amber, olive, coffee, and mint would be catchy in your nail art catalog. Glossy finishes are in too, so opting for creme polishes and press-on nails would be great.

Glowing shades

Woman showing glow-in-the-dark nails

Glowing nail polishes are becoming more famous, perhaps influenced by digital and technological themes. This style is more frequently seen among the members of Gen Z, but it can also be a good fit for anyone who loves clubbing.

Selecting glowing color palettes like neon and electric blue tones would be great. Glow-in-the-dark nail polishes and expressive nail stickers are other excellent opportunities for investment. And metallic finishes will also have fame in this trend.

Botanical tones and chromatic finishes 

Chromatic nail polish

Chromatic finishes tend to look futuristic and stylishly shiny. Paired with botanical tones—earthy and green shades—this trend binds futuristic themes and nature-inspired appearances. It’s a favorite in the fashion industry and the Internet, with stars like Dua Lipa and other artists donning this style.

Metallic and chromatic nail polishes in deep pink, emerald, and pollen yellow are great choices to consider. Note that the texture is important too, so opting for glossy finishes is essential. The skill of the nail artist plays a key role as well. 

Warm tones and mineral textures 

Warm tone nail polish

Tones of beige are known to represent and attract calm vibes, which makes them reminiscent of self-care and serenity. This warm palette goes hand in hand with textures mimicking minerals, stones, and earthenware.

Consider investing in press-on nails with themes inspired by pottery and glossy and matte nail polishes. 3D embellishments also play a key role in adding mineral textures to nails. Both multi-toned and plain shades of beige are expected to be popular. 

Exuberant textures and joyful expression

Woman showing textured nail polish

With a focus on joyful and playful themes, this trend makes use of unusual patterns, bright colors, 3D embellishments, and the like to achieve an exuberant style. This plays self-expression well, which is the focus of today’s nail art world. 

Holographic embellishments, bright colors, and glitters are key products in this trend. Experimentation in color combinations is popular too, so offering multi-color nail polish sets would be excellent. Reusable press-ons are sought-after for home nail care. 

Self-expression is an important concept in today’s beauty industry, and picking the right nail color is one of the ways to do it. Get on board with the nail color trends today and take the right opportunity to meet your customers’ needs.

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