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Top 5 Most Wanted Kinds of Sports Caps


Sports caps are a style of hat that can suit a wide variety of people, even those who do not play sports. A sports cap is appealing because it combines functionality with fashion. This is a guide to the sports caps trends everyone will want to wear.

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Overview of the hat market
Top sports cap trends
Offer a wide array of sports hats

Overview of the hat market

The global headwear market was valued at USD 20.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach a value of USD 29.4 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.89% between 2023 and 2028.

A sports cap is any hat that is designed for sports or to look sporty. These types of hats protect hair and skin from dust, dirt, and sunlight when playing sports or participating in outdoor activities. 

Sportswear sales have experienced exponential growth over the past few years, thus boosting the sports cap market. In terms of the end user, men are estimated to make up a larger portion of the market due to the greater prevalence of baldness among men.

Top sports cap trends

Baseball caps

Man wearing red cotton ball cap
Woman in gray and white two-toned baseball cap

A baseball cap is a fabric hat originally worn by baseball athletes and fans to shield their eyes from the sun during games and training. Baseball caps generally feature a large visor to protect the wearer against dust and sun damage on their nose, mouth, and eyes during outdoor activities.

Baseball hats can be made from a variety of materials or blends, including canvas, nylon, poly-twill, twill cotton, corduroy, jersey, or polyester. A baseball hat may also come with eyelets to ensure the cap remains breathable or an adjustable strap to enable fit for a range of head sizes. Adjustable backs can be designed as a snap closure, nylon strap with plastic buckle, Velcro strap, leather strap, or cloth strap with metal slider.

Trucker hats

Man in green mesh baseball cap
Young man wearing blue and white trucker hat

A trucker hat is a type of baseball cap that comes with a broad front and plastic mesh back. The front of a trucker hat is often made of polyester foam, while the mesh can be made from polyester or nylon. 

Trucker caps are lightweight and breathable enough to keep the wearer’s head cool during outdoor adventures. Some trucker caps may also come with a front panel with foam backing for extra comfort and durability. Other trucker hats may even feature a quick dry sweatband along the inner crown to wick away moisture.

For a more youthful look, the crown, mesh back, and brim of a trucker cap can each be created in different colors for a color blocked design. They can even feature all-over patterns and prints like tie-dye, geometric shapes, or floral to create a more distinctive statement. Alternatively, some trucker hats may boast a monochrome look, where the entire hat is produced in the same color.

Snapback caps

Young man wearing black and red snapback hat
Man in black baseball cap with snapback

The snapback became a fashion item during the 1990s due to its popularity among famous hip hop artists. Snapbacks are a type of baseball cap with a large flat brim and an adjustable strap along the back that snaps together. The snap is what makes snapback caps one size fits all compared to other fitted hats that may have no closure at all.

Snapback hats generally come in a 6-panel design with a structured front panel that is more prominent and adorned with a custom logo. Instead of a Velcro or metal closure, snapback closures are made from plastic and are adjusted by snapping a series of plastic buttons together. A flat bill is another defining characteristic of a snapback hat because it references the cool style of urban streetwear. 

Camp hats

Person wearing blue camp cap with orange embroidered logo
Man in water wearing camp hat with leather patch

A camp hat is a 5-panel hat with a flat or low curve brim that is characterized by its mid crown and low-profile design. Mid-crown caps are not too deep nor too shallow, allowing just the right amount of space between the hat and the top of the head. They can also sit right at the ear if they are pulled down snug. 

Camp caps are oftentimes packable, meaning they can be compressed or folded down to fit inside a jacket or backpack pocket. For this reason, camp hats are commonly used by those who enjoy camping or hiking in variable conditions. A flat or slightly curved brim allows for easier packing, along with a flexible and waterproof material like cotton or nylon. Some camp hats may even come with a side strap for holding a pencil or sunglasses when the wearer needs to free up their hands.

Bucket hats

Woman wearing army green sun hat
Man wearing narrow brim bucket hat

Bucket hats, also known as sun hats or fisherman hats, are hats with a downward-sloping brim. They can feature a narrow or wide brim and are commonly made from cotton, denim, corduroy, crochet, or canvas. Some bucket caps can even be designed as a reversible hat with different patterns or colors on each side.

To ensure a comfortable fit during outdoor activities, a bucket hat can come with strings that can be tied under the chin or an adjustable and removable chinstrap. Bucket hats can also be made in many different colors and patterns with logos, patches, embroidery, bows, and appliques added to the hat for extra style. 

Offer a wide array of sports hats

Sports caps are a great headwear option because there is a wide array of different products available. Baseball caps, trucker hats, and snapback caps are all classic styles that can appeal to many customers, while camp hats and bucket hats are handy items that are a staple for any outdoorsy customer. 

Sports hats are a practical and stylish headwear option with a variety of styles that can be worn for different purposes. The versatility of sports caps makes them appropriate for both outdoor activities and casual occasions. Businesses are advised to offer a reasonable selection of sport hat types to ensure they appeal to as wide of a customer base as possible.

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