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A Guide To Outdoor Hiking Sports Caps


Outdoor hiking is a popular physical activity for people of all ages. Whether it be a short and less strenuous hike or a multi-day hike through the mountains, it’s important to have the right gear, such as a water bottle and hat. 

Outdoor hiking sports caps have always been a popular accessory among consumers who enjoy the great outdoors, and today’s top trends are becoming more popular by the day.

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Outdoor hiking sports caps in today’s global market
Things to consider when buying a hiking cap
Top 5 outdoor hiking sports cap styles
What’s next for hiking caps?

Outdoor hiking sports caps in today’s global market

The sales of outdoor hiking gear has risen in the past couple of years. This increase is down to a number of factors such as consumers wanting to spend more time outdoors than ever before, people having more disposable income to spend on recreational activities, and people being more aware of the health benefits of being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle at all times of the year.

In 2019 the hiking gear and equipment market was valued at US $4.36 billion and by 2027 the market is projected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%, bringing the market value to approximately US $7.39 billion. 

On top of the reasons for growth mentioned above, the rise in adventure tourism is playing a significant role in the spike in popularity of hiking and outdoor activities. Outdoor hiking sports caps have become an essential piece of equipment to have on any type of trip.

Man with hiking poles wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses

Things to consider when buying a hiking cap

It may seem obvious that any type of sports cap is meant to keep the sun out of the wearer’s face, but there are a few other points to consider when buying a hiking cap for consumers to be aware of. Having a hiking cap with a wide brim will help to keep the sun off of the wearer’s face from more angles, which is essential if hiking in hot temperatures. 

This will also help to keep the head cooler and protect the face from rainfall. It’s also important to consider the type of hiking that will be done as well as the personal style of the consumer. 

Top 5 outdoor hiking sports cap styles

There are now a wide variety of sports caps available for consumers to purchase. But when it comes to outdoor hiking accessories, there are only a few sports caps that are in high demand. 

The reflective cap, baseball cap, trail runner cap, cycling baseball cap, and sports cap are the top 5 styles of caps when it comes to outdoor hiking accessories that are the most sought after in today’s market.

1. Reflective cap

Not all baseball caps are made of the same material, and the reflective baseball cap is proving to be a big hit with consumers who spend a lot of time outdoors. Normally worn by cyclists or runners, the reflective baseball cap has all of the features a regular baseball cap has, but with the bonus of having an added safety measure.

The reflective aspect of the hat can be as simple as a stripe along the side or the front, or it can be the entire hat that’s reflective. This is perfect for consumers who are doing early morning or sunset hikes to ensure they can be seen by other people on the trail. 

The reflective cap is generally made of a thinner material than regular baseball caps to help the head breathe more, and comes with an adjustable strap at the back.

Gray baseball cap with reflective band on the side

2. Baseball cap

The classic baseball cap is one of the most commonly used forms of headwear for both men and women, so it comes as no surprise that it’s a top outdoor hiking accessory as well. The material of a baseball cap is slightly thicker than those found in running caps, but the breathability still allows for it to be worn in both hot and colder temperatures. 

The brim of the baseball cap helps to keep the sun and other elements such as wind and rain out of the face of the wearer, therefore helping to increase their visibility while hiking.

Baseball caps are easily adjustable at the back, with either a metal clasp or velcro fastening that allows them to be universally worn. They are also very easy to customize so it’s not uncommon for baseball caps to have different logos or lettering on the front, even though they are the same shape and style. The classic baseball cap has been around for decades, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Dark blue baseball cap sitting on white table

3. Trail runner cap

Although baseball caps are a popular piece of headwear for outdoor activities such as hiking, the trail runner cap is specifically designed for people hitting the trails. For consumers who intend on going for long distance hikes, especially those in the heat, the trail runner cap is an essential outdoor hiking accessory to have. 

This style of cap ensures even airflow around the head through the use of ventilation holes, and is very lightweight but still provides ultimate protection from the sun

The often flat and raised brim of the trail runner cap helps to keep the sun off the face and at the same time doesn’t distort views from any angle, like a curved brim would do. Many of these caps also include SPF protection, have a sweat absorbing headband built into them, and are increasingly being made from recycled materials. All of these features combined have created the ultimate outdoor hiking cap for the adventurous consumer. 

A trail runner cap with print of trees on front

4. Cycling cap

Cycling caps are similar to trail runner caps, but they have a few different features which are worth considering. For generations cyclists have been wearing this type of cap as a baselayer under the helmet and to show off their style with the unique forms of printing cycling baseball caps. But the outdoor hiking accessory market is beginning to see more and more consumers purchasing this type of hat for hiking as well.

The cycling cap comes with a built-in sweatband that helps to keep sweat out of the eyes, which is helpful for when the temperature starts to heat up. The sweatband can also help to keep raindrops from dripping into the face. 

This type of cap comes with a unique peak that’s almost completely vertical which helps to block out the sun and reflect elements such as wind and rain from the face as well. The snug fit helps to keep hair from escaping, so that’s one less thing for the consumer to worry about while on the trails.

Purple cycling cap with raised bill

5. Premium sports cap

Sports caps are one of the most popular types of hiking accessories in today’s market, and although they share some of the features of a baseball cap, they differ in some ways too. This type of hat is often worn for sports such as golf as the material is much lighter than a baseball cap, and often comes with dri-fit built into it. 

These hats are designed to keep the sun out of the face, so they’re the perfect accessory to have while hiking on a hot day. The small ventilation holes at the back of the cap allow for fast drying as well as breathability without too much air getting inside the hat, so they are also useful for cooler weather. The sports cap often comes without a large logo on it, but printing is always an option..

Navy blue sports cap with ventilation on the side

What’s next for hiking caps?

When it comes to outdoor hiking accessories, none are as popular as the hiking cap. The versatility and usefulness of the cap while hiking in any weather condition can’t be understated. 

Although there are many types of caps on the market today, it’s styles such as the baseball cap, reflective cap, trail runner cap, cycling cap, and sports cap that are the most popular with consumers.

As hiking and other outdoor activities start to become a core part of many people’s routines and lifestyles, the sales of outdoor hiking caps is set to continue with its growing trend. And with this high demand will come new features that will further appeal to consumers who want to purchase the best hiking equipment available. 

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