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Trends in the Nail Industry: What Nail Businesses Should Know


Running a successful nail business goes beyond setting up shop and offering versatile products and services. Manicurists and nail product sellers need to offer the products and services that consumers are buying. One can find this information by paying attention to nail market trends.

So, what are these nail industry trends? Certain color schemes and products are at the forefront of the current nail market. It’s also essential for nail businesses to keep up with DIY trends to remain competitive.

Continue reading to know what’s happening in the nail industry today.

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The market for the nail industry
Nail trends for 2022 and beyond

The market for the nail industry

In 2021, the nail industry was worth over $14 billion USD. The market is expected to grow by 6.8% by 2023. 

While the bulk of the industry comprises salons that sell nail services, beauty retail stores are also included if they sell nail products. Manicure and pedicure services still reign, but the DIY market is also seeing a resurgence. Because there are new nail care products, the industry is expected to grow another $2.4 billion.

The nail industry is also receiving a makeover. More organizations are working to reduce labor exploitation and create more environmentally-friendly nail products. There is also a large demand for natural and organic nail products.

Nail trends for 2022 and beyond

The most vital nail trends are color, gemstones, and the different types of manicures. Nail businesses should also keep up with the DIY market and retail these products to customers.


Knowing the latest nail color trends is vital for any business. It’s integral that nail salons keep these colors on hand for their customers. 

Earth colors

Woman with long, beige acrylic nails holding a ball.

Earth tones refer to any color that one may see in nature. Even in our digital age, most people want to have a connection to the planet. This is why earth and neutral colors are such a huge trend.

Most earth colors are in the brown category, such as taupe and sienna. Green is one of the most prevalent colors one sees in nature. From light green leaves to the deep sage of moss, green-toned nails will remind any consumer of a lush summer day.

The sky also produces numerous colors, from a beautiful light blue all the way to the cloudy gray of a storm. Warm colors are also a massive trend and can depict the sun. Yellow nails represent a sunny day, while a purple and orange ombre makes the perfect sunset manicure.

Earth colors were a big trend in the 1970s – one would mainly see these colors in fashion, especially in hippie culture. Today, vintage items are seen as a commodity. Earth colors are making a resurgence; applying these colors to nail products expresses this trend in a modern way.

Earth colors also fall into the minimalist trend. Minimalist nails are sleek and match any outfit, making them a popular choice among older millennials and Gen X. 

Earth and neutral colors are also recommended for women working in corporate environments. These buyers live busy lives and like the convenience of pressing on their nails rather than going to a nail salon. This is why beige and tan acrylic press-on nails are great items to add to a beauty store or nail salon 

Futuristic colors

Woman's hand with blacklight nail polish.

What are futuristic colors? These are colors and polishes with a multidimensional or holographic effect. 

With the metaverse and AI taking over the globe, it’s no wonder why futuristic colors are everywhere. Nail salon owners can purchase multidimensional polishes and effects to add to a traditional or gel manicure. 

Shiny and glittering nails also give futuristic vibes. Beauty store owners can also support this trend by offering press-on nails with glitter and other eye-popping effects.

Bright colors

Woman's sandy feet with hot pink polish.

Thanks to singer Billie Eilish’s vivid hair, neon green has been a fan favorite this year. Hot pink and bright orange are also popular hues that are buzzing around social media. Since celebrities often wear these colors, neon tones are most popular among millennial and Gen Z women.

Gel polish kits are available for nail salons so customers can achieve a stunning neon-colored manicure. 


Woman's acrylic nails with rhinestones and text.

As of Spring 2022, embellishments started replacing nail designs and effects. The most popular nail embellishments of the Spring and Summer seasons are small rhinestones, pearls, and gemstones. 

Nail salons can offer these tiny embellishments in various colors and size options, the most popular ranging from 2 mm – 6 mm. Other consumer-facing nail businesses can also satisfy this demand by offering press-on nails adorned with gemstones

Gel manicures

Woman picking out gel polish color.

Gel manicures have been a massive trend for years, and this movement has no plans of slowing down. As opposed to acrylic nails, gel manicures feel more like natural nails. The polish is also long-lasting, and certain gel products can protect the nails. Gel polish also has a natural shiny effect that consumers love.

Because of its popularity, nail salons can offer numerous gel polish colors and designs. This kit includes different color options, such as pastels, futuristic effects, bright colors, and neutrals. If a salon only needs gel polish, other kits contain 120 different gel polish colors. Other gel polishes have a convenient soak-off formula for easy removal.

The DIY market

Woman painting her nails a dark color.

It’s essential for nail businesses to know the trends captivating the DIY market to remain competitive. This is also important knowledge for nail salons, who can still sell these products in their businesses. 

Press-on nails

Pink press-on nails under a blacklight.

Press-on nails are artificial nails that are already painted, styled, designed, and embellished. All the client has to do is glue the acrylic nail to their natural nail. Press-on nails emerged in the late 1990s and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity today.

Consumers love the press-on nails trend because these acrylic nails aren’t damaging. Press-on nails are easy to apply and remove. They’re also long-lasting; the average press-on nail manicure can last for weeks.

Nail salons and beauty stores can satisfy this demand by selling press-on nails. Businesses can buy press-on nails in bulk. There are numerous styles available – from neutrals all the way to complex designs.

DIY gel nails

Woman under the gel manicure lamp.

At-home gel nails consist of kits, though the kits all vary. Some kits only contain gel polish and a base coat. Other kits are larger, including other supplies such as cuticle oil, gel polish remover, lamp, filers and buffers, and more.

DIY gel nails are different from professional nails in many ways. While some kits imitate the professional gel manicure, most DIY polishes are only made of the gel formula. Still, many consumers enjoy the DIY method because it’s convenient and saves money.

To meet this demand, nail salons and retail stores can sell gel nail kits to consumers. There are simple gel nail kits that only include the polish, nail extensions, and even all-in-one kits.


Nail salons, beauty stores, or any other businesses in the nail industry need to know the latest nail trends. The current nail trends include certain color schemes, embellishments, and gel manicures.

Selling DIY products, such as press-on nails and at-home gel manicures, will also keep a business competitive. There are other trends in the beauty and personal care markets, which can benefit businesses that sell more than just nail products.

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