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Vital Insights for Kids & Tweens Fashion: Spring/Summer 2025 Briefing

trend in Kids & Tweens Fashion SpringSummer 2025 Briefing

As a fashion buyer, staying ahead of the curve is essential for creating a winning assortment. The latest S/S 25 briefing unveils the key trends and must-have items for kids and tweens. From comfortable, oversized fits to stylish matching sets, this comprehensive guide provides the insights you need to make informed decisions. Discover the gender-inclusive designs, essential outerwear pieces, and top-performing silhouettes that will drive sales in the upcoming season. Whether you’re looking to refresh your current offerings or plan for the future, this briefing is your go-to resource. Let’s explore the highlights and actionable takeaways that will help you succeed in S/S 25.

Table of Contents
1. Essential outerwear trends for S/S 25
2. Top-performing tops for boys and girls
3. Bottoms trends: Wide legs and straight silhouettes dominate
4. Gender-inclusive items to stock
5. Leveraging the matching set trend

Essential outerwear trends for S/S 25

the outerwear trend in kids & tweens fashion for S/S 2025

Outerwear plays a crucial role in the S/S season, providing both style and functionality during transitional weather. Windbreakers and windcheaters emerged as top performers across regions, particularly for girls in the US. These lightweight jackets offer practical features and easy portability, making them ideal for on-the-go activities. Look for designs with adjustable hoods and waists, as well as eco-friendly materials like recycled nylon for a sustainable twist.

For boys, the chore jacket gained significant traction in both the US and UK markets. This timeless style combines durability with a touch of rugged charm, making it a versatile choice for everyday wear. Gender-inclusive options in neutral colors and sturdy fabrics like twill or denim are sure to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Meanwhile, bomber jackets are experiencing a resurgence in popularity for girls, aligning with the growing influence of street style and athleisure trends in womenswear. This classic silhouette offers ample opportunity for creative interpretations, from sleek, minimalist designs to bold, statement-making pieces with eye-catching embellishments.

Top-performing tops for boys and girls

the tops trend in kids & tweens fashion for SS 2025

In the realm of tops, knits and jerseys emerged as the frontrunners in the UK market, experiencing a remarkable 11 percentage point increase year-over-year. While knit vests and tanks currently occupy a smaller portion of the overall mix, their versatility and familiarity across both knit and woven fabrications make them a promising option for future growth.

For boys, sweatshirts and knit tanks claimed the top spots in performance. These comfortable, easy-to-wear styles align perfectly with the casual, active lifestyles of today’s youth. Cardigans are also gaining ground as a more structured alternative to traditional sweatshirts, tapping into the ongoing demand for gender-inclusive fashion.

Girls, on the other hand, continue to favor the timeless smocked tank. This perennial favorite is receiving a fresh update with simplified designs and a growing presence in knit materials. The smocked tank’s ability to seamlessly transition from playtime to special occasions makes it a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

Bottoms trends: Wide legs and straight silhouettes dominate

the bottoms trend in kids & tweens fashion for SS 2025

In the bottoms category, a significant shift is taking place as wider and roomier silhouettes overtake skinny and flared fits. Straight leg trousers have emerged as the clear winner, delivering outstanding performance for both boys and girls in the US and UK markets. The appeal of these trousers lies in their ability to combine comfort and style, making them a go-to choice for everyday wear.

Cargo trousers have also demonstrated strength, particularly among girls in the US. However, there are indications that this trend may be starting to lose steam overall. As buyers look ahead to S/S 25, it will be important to approach cargo trousers with a strategic eye, carefully considering factors such as fabric, fit, and overall market saturation.

For boys, athletic shorts have proven to be a top performer, aligning with the growing emphasis on active lifestyles and the popularity of sports-inspired fashion. These versatile bottoms offer both comfort and functionality, making them a staple in any young boy’s wardrobe.

As buyers navigate the evolving landscape of kids and tweens bottoms, focusing investments on straight and wide-leg styles across both woven and knit fabrications appears to be a sound strategy. By staying attuned to the preferences of their target audience and carefully curating their assortment, retailers can position themselves for success in the S/S 25 season and beyond.

Gender-inclusive items to stock

the gender-inclusive items trend in kids & tweens fashion for SS 2025

As fashion continues to evolve, gender-inclusive styling has emerged as a key theme that resonates deeply with the kids and tweens demographic. Core items such as windbreakers, chore jackets, and cardigans present prime opportunities to embrace this trend by offering designs and colors that appeal to all.

Knitwear, in particular, stands out as a promising category for promoting inclusivity. With its inherent flexibility and comfort, knitwear lends itself beautifully to creating styles that can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender. By offering extended sizing options, retailers can further ensure that these items are accessible to a wide range of body types.

When marketing gender-inclusive items, it’s essential to highlight their versatility and longevity. Many consumers are increasingly value-conscious and seek out pieces that can be worn in multiple ways and passed down between siblings. By emphasizing the timeless quality and adaptability of these styles, retailers can appeal to shoppers who prioritize both style and sustainability.

 Leveraging the matching set trend

the matching sets trend in kids & tweens fashion for SS 2025

Matching sets have taken the kids and tweens fashion world by storm, presenting a wealth of opportunities for retailers to capitalize on this trend’s popularity. By offering complementary pieces such as jacket and short sets, sweat sets, and cardigan twin sets, brands can create a cohesive and visually appealing assortment that encourages multiple purchases.

The matching set trend is not limited to any one particular style or fabrication; rather, it spans both knits and wovens, allowing for ample creativity in design. When curating these sets, special attention should be paid to prints, colors, and textures that can be easily mixed and matched, providing young customers with the freedom to express their individual style while still maintaining a put-together look.


In conclusion, the S/S 25 season promises an exciting array of trends and opportunities for kids and tweens fashion. By embracing gender-inclusive styles, comfortable silhouettes, and the ever-popular matching sets, buyers can curate an assortment that resonates with their young customers and their evolving preferences. As the industry continues to navigate the changing landscape of children’s wear, those who stay attuned to these key trends and adapt their strategies accordingly will be well-positioned for success. With a focus on versatility, sustainability, and self-expression, the future of kids and tweens fashion is undeniably bright, and the S/S 25 season is poised to be a defining moment in this exciting journey.

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