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5 Simple Ways of Styling Corduroy Shirts in 2024

A folded Green Corduroy shirt

For a while, corduroy shirts fell from the charts in the fashion world. But now they’re back, and people are embracing them as a wardrobe staple that can complement a stylish casual, semi-formal, rugged, and formal look.

Small and medium retailers should follow the impact of the corduroy shirt trend and select items for their store that are set to please their customers. With the recent increase in corduroy shirt revenue, businesses have ample opportunity to step in and be part of this growing market.

This article will break down the trending corduroy styles to fit different looks and occasions that businesses can use to boost their sales in 2024.

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Overall global market for corduroy shirts
5 simple ways of styling corduroy shirts

Overall global market for corduroy shirts

A brown Corduroy fabric

Corduroy shirts are suitable for cool weather. Many people consider corduroy fabric the king of winter. They are more durable and warmer than any traditional material because the main characteristic of textured corduroy is the raised cord, which helps trap heat and adds another protection layer.

It is essential to understand that corduroy is not a material/fabric but a texture. Many materials can form corduroy. Some of the materials used in making corduroy are cotton, which is popular, wool, or polyester.

According to verified market reports, the 2023 corduroy shirt market valuation was USD 105 million. The study forecasted the revenue from 2024 to 2030 and determined it would grow to USD 150.3 million, while the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecasted period will be 10%.

Growth factors

A brown Corduroy shirt on a surface

Consumer preferences, innovations, and fashion trends significantly influence the increasing revenue. Corduroy shirt’s multifunctional property enables manufacturers to balance functionality and style.

Additionally, manufacturers are adapting to the shift in consumer preference for sustainable and environmentally friendly textiles. These shifts prompted more work and research on developing organic and recycled corduroy fabrics.

The increased market for environmentally friendly and sustainable corduroy shirts is due to consumers’ drive to safeguard the environment. It includes manufacturing organic cotton, eco-friendly dyeing techniques, and blended recycled polyester. Therefore, manufacturers are producing a more comprehensive selection of eco-friendly corduroy choices.

Manufacturers are willing to experiment with innovation and design. Apart from the timeless ribbed texture and earthy tones, they are implementing innovative weaves to produce other textures, such as pinwale and corduroy jacquards. They are also adopting a broader color scheme and patterns. This approach is a breakthrough to the more modern interpretation of the traditional corduroy fabric.

There has been an increase in demand for corduroy shirts both offline and online. The many e-commerce platforms catering to buyers today allow people to choose from a broader range of colors and styles.

5 simple ways of styling corduroy shirts

Both men and women can wear and style corduroy shirts. They are a comfortable, rugged, warm, and easy-to-style item of clothing.

Wear them with denim

A person wearing a corduroy shirt with denim

Denim will never go out of style. Many people have embraced wearing corduroy with denim. This is a trend in corduroy clothes especially during the cooler weather. Wearing a corduroy shirt with denim keeps one warm and trendy.

There are two types of corduroy shirts, the one with a thick cord and the other with a finer pinwale. An advantage of both shirts is they can perform double duty, that is, as a standalone piece or an over shirt/ jacket.

For an overshirt corduroy, layer the corduroy shirt over a solid-color tee, such as the classic white. Then, pair it with jeans. Finally, choose either leather boots or canvas sneakers to finalize the look. It is a Western-inspired styling. People can roll up the shirt’s sleeves for a more casual look.

To embrace this trend, businesses should stock corduroy shirts and different types of denim to pair them with to increase your customer base.

Pair them with tailored trousers

Pair a dark-colored corduroy shirt with tailored trousers for a more official or smart casual look. For this look, use the fine pinwale corduroy shirt; add tailored trousers and smart brogues to finish the look. To create a polished look, consider tucking in the shirt and adding leather for the waist definition.

This look can add to the official outfits or replace them entirely because of its simplicity.

Layer them over another shirt

A man layering a green corduroy shirt with a white striped shirt looking at vegetables

There are different ways of layering a corduroy shirt. One can layer them under a jacket during cool weather for extra warmth. A denim or leather jacket complements the corduroy shirt better. This style is more rugged but stylish. It is suitable for fall or winter.

Second, for a casual look, people can layer a corduroy shirt jacket over a basic, solid tee, such as black and white. Loosen the shirt or half-button it for a relaxed vibe.

Third, layer a corduroy shirt beneath a tailored coat or structured blazer for an office look. The combination adds texture and contrast and exudes sheer elegance. Pair it with a slim-fit trouser or pencil skirt to complete the look. Retailers should have different shirts in their inventory to increase sales from customers who want to layer corduroy shirt jackets.

Pair them with a skirt

A red shirt with a brown corduroy skirt

A corduroy shirt with a striped fun accordion skirt gives a stylish look that encompasses casual at its finest. An accordion skirt is an even-spaced pleated skirt made from permanent press material, and the pleats go around the skirt to the hem. It is a slimming and entire fashion piece that gives women a feminine and balanced appearance.

Customers can sport the look with boots, preferably ankle boots, for a more defined look. The ankle boots separate the skirt pattern from the shoes, leaving a little room to show the legs. This outfit is suitable for going out with friends or on a romantic date.

Pair with chinos

A man wearing a corduroy shirt over a purple t-shirt

Chino trousers are casual pants made from lightweight cotton material with a twill weave. They are a sharp upgrade from jeans because they are semi-fitted, have concealed pockets and stitching, and taper through the leg.

Wearing corduroy shirts with chino pants creates a polished look. People should consider looking for neutral-colored chino pants with a corduroy shirt. The outfit is suitable for a weekend brunch.


As the market forecast suggests, the corduroy shirt industry will grow significantly. This means there is a good opportunity for retailers to profit from stocking the latest trends.

On top of this, manufacturers have upped their investment in manufacturing corduroy shirts, so retailers can source their products from producers using eco-friendly methods to create trendy corduroy shirts.

The corduroy fashion trend is changing to a more modern and sophisticated style. Small business owners should keep up with the latest trends and stock up on different consumer preferences. Additionally, they should understand the different styling for both winter and fall.

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