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3 Awesome Cowboy Hat Trends for Parties and Holidays 


Cowboy hats are a timeless and popular accessory and can be a great addition to any retail store or business. 

In this article, we’ll highlight three of the most awesome cowboy hat trends that are perfect for parties and holidays. 

Whether you’re a store owner, wholesaler, or just looking to add Western flair to your business’s inventory, this article is a must-read.

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The market for cowboy hats
3 cowboy hat trends for parties and holidays
Getting on board with cowboy hats

The market for cowboy hats 

A women trying on cowboy hats

The market for cowboy hats and western apparel is a growing industry that is expected to see steady growth in the coming years. This is evident from the projections of multiple market research studies which indicate a positive trend for the industry.

According to market research, the clothing accessories and other clothes segment, which includes cowboy hats, is expected to generate a significant revenue of US $2,495 million in 2023. 

The predicted annual growth rate for this segment is 1.87% from 2023 to 2027, which further solidifies the upward trend in the industry.

In addition to this, the global western-style apparel market, which includes cowboy hats and other western apparel, is also showing strong growth. The market is projected to reach a value of US $99.4 billion by 2023, an increase from its 2016 valuation of US $71.1 billion.

These numbers showcase the strong demand for cowboy hats and western apparel, making it a potentially lucrative market for businesses to invest in. 

It’s an opportunity for businesses to tap into this market by creating a varied product line, targeting a specific demographic, and marketing their products effectively. 

Moreover, the trends of western style apparel and eco-friendly materials are growing and businesses should adapt accordingly to increase their chances of success.

3 cowboy hat trends for parties and holidays 

Man and woman shopping for cowboy hats

While the term cowboy brings a specific style to mind, there are still several variations of the hat. These can be worn as a part of a costume for a party theme or to bring a unique style to an outfit. Below are three cowboy hats that are currently trending

1. Western cowboy hat 

Two men in western attire and cowboy hats

The western cowboy hat is widely associated with the American West and cowboy culture and is still worn by cowboys, rodeo riders, and other workers in the Western tradition. Recently, it has become an iconic symbol of fashion and Americana.

These hats evoke a sense of adventure, freedom, and rugged individualism, making them a popular choice for themed events and parties. 

For example, a Western-themed party, such as a rodeo or a country western concert, would be a perfect opportunity for guests to don a cowboy hat and embrace the Western style.

The hat was designed to provide protection from the sun, wind, and rain while working on the range, making it a great fashion statement to take on a vacation as it offers a level of practicality. 

2. Sombreo cowboy hat 

Man in a field wearing a sombrero cowboy hat

The sombrero cowboy hat has a modern American twist taking two unique styles and combining them into a fashionable but functional style.

The hat has a wider brim than a typical cowboy hat but is smaller than the classic sombrero. While the traditional sombrero is primarily made from straw and leaves, this fashionable twist on the traditional hat is often produced with felt. 

The sombrero cowboy hat is popular among both men and women and can be found in a variety colors and variations. It will often have additional embellishments such as leather or ribbons. 

3. Wide-brim cowboy hat

Man in the woods wearing a wide-brim cowboy hat

A wide-brim cowboy hat is a type of cowboy hat that features a brim that is wider than the traditional cowboy hat. The wide brim provides added protection from the sun, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor events, parties, and holidays.

Wide-brim cowboy hat typically has a brim that ranges between 4 to 5 inches, which provides a larger surface area to shield the sun from the face, ears, and neck. They often have a similar shape and design as traditional cowboy hats, with a high, creased crown and a slightly upturned brim at the front. 

This combination of style and function makes them suitable for activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The wide-brim cowboy hat is also popular for parties and holidays because it can add a touch of flair and personality to any outfit. 

The wide brim can be decorated with a ribbon, bow or other embellishments, giving it a unique look that can stand out in a crowd.

Getting on board with cowboy hats

Man and woman trying on cowboy hats

Cowboy hats remain a popular choice for parties and holidays, not only for their cultural significance, but also for the flair and personality they bring to any outfit. 

The three cowboy hat trends mentioned in this article: the sombrero, the western, and the wide-brim cowboy hat, each offer unique features and designs that appeal to a wide range of customers.

For businesses in the fashion and accessories industry, understanding the appeal of cowboy hats and the trends that drive sales can help to inform product development and marketing strategies. 

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