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3 Stylish Bikercore Trends Popular With Women


The top trends in women’s fashion are constantly evolving, and each season often brings a completely different look than the last. This couldn’t be more true for the rugged bikercore trend, which is the polar opposite to the barbiecore trend that was very popular with women only a few seasons ago.

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What is bikercore?
Global market value of bikercore clothing
Top 3 women’s bikercore trends
The future of bikercore clothing

What is bikercore?

As the name suggests, the bikercore trend gets its influence from the trendy motorcycle jackets and trousers that riders wear. The twist with this trend however, is that the consumer doesn’t need to own a motorcycle to enjoy the clothing. 

The big difference with bikercore clothes is that they take on a sportier and more aesthetically pleasing look rather than having practical features for riding. Bikercore is a big hit on the runway and demand among female consumers is only growing. 

Global market value of bikercore clothing

Bikercore clothing is a specific branch of women’s apparel that has only hit the markets in recent months. It’s a growing trend that women love because of how easy it is to pair the clothing items with other pieces they may already have in their wardrobe. Bikercore is both fashionable and casual in a way that other trends in the past haven’t been.

In 2021 the global market value for women’s apparel reached US $915 billion. As more consumers begin to have a larger disposable income to spend on the latest fashion trends, that number is expected to rise to US $1.16 trillion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.11%. 

New fashion trends such as bikercore have played a big role in the overall increase in sales of women’s apparel, as social media helps to bring in more potential customers. 

A woman wearing black biker jacket and a white t-shirt

Top 3 women’s bikercore trends

Bikercore is a unique fashion trend that’s only going to continue its steep incline in popularity. There are specific items of clothing that are more popular than others though. Cropped moto jackets, belt skirts, and tattered denim are the three big bikercore trends that women are looking for.

1. Cropped moto jackets

Colorful white biker jacket with writing and patterns on it

This section will look at the cropped moto jacket. One of the biggest bikercore trends to hit the market is the cropped moto jacket. This version of a motorcycle jacket is similar to those found on riders, with the addition of brighter colors. Whereas most motorcyclists will opt for a black or neutral leather jacket, the cropped moto jacket comes in almost every color imaginable and often has extra details added to it.

These moto jackets are a very popular type of retro clothing, and can be worn with almost any type of outfit and still look fantastic. Bright colors are very much in style, but it’s also the more unusually designed cropped moto jackets that are heavily sought after by the female consumer. 

In fact, the crazier the design the better because they look very cool when paired with high boots and plain leather pants. Expect graffiti looks, printed writing, and wacky patterns. 

2. Belt skirts

Burgundy leather belt skirt with silver buckles and holes

It wouldn’t be women’s fashion without a trendy new skirt to have as an option. Motorcycles and skirts don’t normally go hand in hand, but there’s a new bikercore trend that’s managed to combine them both and is proving to be a very popular fashion choice. 

Belt skirts aren’t a new invention, but there are some unique features being added to the leather belt skirt that makes it seamlessly blend in with the rugged looks emerging from the bikercore trends. 

Black leather belt skirt with silver buckles and zipper

Whereas the latest moto jackets for women are bright and vibrant, the bikercore belt skirts are toned down in terms of color. The most popular option is black leather, as it’s easy to match with more colorful pieces of the outfit. 

The black leather is also a nod to the traditional leather worn by motorcyclists, but the addition of thick belts and buckles to the skirt make it stand out as a fashion piece. 

The belt skirt is meant to be worn as a summer or autumn piece due to the short length of it. Many consumers are getting creative though and wearing them in the winter too with a pair of warm tights.

3. Tattered denim

Black ripped jeans with cropped and frayed ankles

There are many types of women’s denim on the market today, and it’s not uncommon for past designs to become popular again. When looking at the latest bikercore trends, it’s not only the leather look that’s turning heads. 

Tattered denim has become an increasingly popular look among women, as it adds a further cool and stylish look to their moto ensemble. 

These jeans are meant to look damaged. Any type of hole, rip, or fray is perfect for the tattered denim look. The idea behind this style is that it makes the jeans look more rugged and used, which often pairs well with a leather moto jacket for a more complete bikercore look. In the warmer months, tattered denim jean shorts are also a popular option when paired with a baggy t-shirt. 

The future of bikercore clothing

Bikercore is a relatively new style of women’s fashion, but it combines motorcycle attire with comfort and fashion in a way that hasn’t been seen before. 

The latest bikercore trends include the cropped moto jacket in vibrant colors, black leather belt skirts, and tattered denim jeans and shorts. As this trend grows though, it’s expected that new motorcycle inspired clothing will emerge.

Bikercore blends different pieces of women’s fashion together seamlessly to create a new edgy streetwear style that isn’t only reserved for motorcyclists. 

As this trend grows in popularity, the market will see more pieces of clothing undergoing the transformation into the bikercore world. In the future, biker boots and hats are expected to emerge as the next must-have items of women’s apparel.

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