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Desirable Autumn/Winter Women’s Activewear Trends for 2023/24


Women’s activewear continues its rapid growth as more consumers look toward balancing work and fitness-based lifestyles. Customers demand pieces that offer versatility in different settings and keep them warm during autumn/winter.

This article highlights five women’s activewear trends that sellers can leverage to satisfy consumer demand in A/W 23/24.

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How profitable is the women’s apparel market?
Key women activewear trends making waves in 23/24
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How profitable is the women’s apparel market?

The global women’s apparel market rounded up with an impressive $965.3 billion in 2022, proving the industry’s profit potential. However, marketing experts predict it will expand at a CAGR of 3.5% over the forecast period (2023 to 2028). The growing population of working women, increasing disposable income, social media influence, and growing demand for fashionable clothing are the factors driving the market’s explosion.

Dresses and skirts dominate the products category in terms of revenue share. Due to the growing selection of e-commerce platforms over physical stores, research suggests that the online distribution channel will govern the distribution channel segment over the forecast period. Although traditional cloth stores still maintain a significant market presence, experts expect them to decline as more consumers adapt to the ease of online shopping.

Europe stands as the dominant region in the global women’s apparel market. Experts predict that the region’s large population base, increasing demand for trendy clothing, and growing disposable income will help maintain its dominance over the forecast period. Asia Pacific and North America follow closely behind with enough promise for high revenue generation.

Overall, the women’s apparel market is ever-changing and highly competitive, with many global and regional players contending for a significant market share. Nonetheless, there are opportunities for fresh retailers entering the industry to grow thanks to the diversity of the products.

Key women activewear trends making waves in 23/24

Active one-piece

Lady wearing black one-piece leaning on a concrete surface

An active one-piece is perfect for recreating fashionable outfits, but they also double down as exercise ensembles. Most manufacturers make this item with stretchy and moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure consumers stay comfortable during physical activities.

In truth, some variants may have extra features like built-in bras or mesh panels for extra ventilation. The active one-piece is flexible enough to ensure fluid movements, regardless of the activity.

But that’s not all. Ladies can rock this piece as comfy undergarments. Alternatively, the ensemble can work as tops for formal dressing. Or, accommodate a more casual approach with jeans or shorts. Retailers can stock up on a variety of one-piece styles such as leotards, bodysuits with a single color, or jumpsuits for a more exotic catalog.

Packable skirt

Woman wearing a white packable skirt

Consumers looking to strike a work-life balance require functional and versatile clothing, and the packable skirt satisfies both criteria. Their portability and weather resistance make packable skirts perfect for consumers who are always on the move. 

Sellers should opt for variants made with lightweight and wrinkle-resistant fabric. It should also be durable, like nylon or polyester. In truth, some models may have extra features like built-in shorts, providing more coverage and protection.

Consumers can rock these skirts for various occasions. They may dress them up with trendy items, like modern crop tops. Ladies may also pair these functional beauties with jackets or sweaters. No time for laundry? No problem! Packable shirts are often easy to care for and machine washable.

Quilted trousers

Woman rocking blue quilted trousers and top

Consumers demand the most stylish and comfortable pieces, making quilted pants a top choice in the women’s apparel industry. These puffy pants have padded designs that provide unrivaled lower body warmth. Interestingly, manufacturers fill these pants with insulating materials (like wool or synthetic fibers) to help trap heat.

Quilted trousers are ideal for freezing temperatures. Consumers can rock them for outdoor activities in winter, like skiing, hiking, or hunting. Plus, these trendy bottoms can double down as statement pieces for an everyday cozy look.

Retailers can leverage quilted pants made from water-resistant and durable fabrics, like nylon and polyester, to ensure consumers stay warm and protected from cold wind. For more attractive offerings, sellers can opt for variants with extra features, like zippered pockets, adjustable waistbands, and gaiters.

Thermal anorak

Woman wearing yellow jacket looking sideways

An explosion in winter sports and recreational activities continues driving the demand for versatile pieces that are lightweight and insulating, such as the thermal anorak. This pullover-style jacket often has a hood and a high neckline to protect the face and head from chilly winds. 

Usually, thermal anoraks contain insulated and water-resistant fabric that keeps wearers warm, even in extreme weather conditions. For this reason, they’re ideal for outdoor activities like camping, skiing, and hiking.

Thermal anoraks are not just functional. In truth, consumers can style their inner or outer layering pieces depending on the weather. Plus, their lightweight design makes them easy to store on the move when not in use.

These warm beauties can host various insulating materials, but synthetic fibers or wool are some of the most popular. Consumers love them for their unbeatable heat retention properties. Businesses may invest in variants that have features like pockets, adjustable cuffs, and drawstring hems.

Mid-length weatherproof coat

Woman in a brown mid-length weatherproof coat on the sidewalk

The mid-length weatherproof coat is another stylish outdoor selection for A/W 23/24. These jackets rest slightly above the knee and have designs that protect the wearer from freezing temperatures. They also have water-resistant properties, helping to keep consumers dry when engaging in outdoor activities.

Consumers don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics with this piece, as the mid-length weatherproof coat looks great with almost all outfits. Ladies can layer it over a black turtleneck and denim combo or with chunky sweaters and quilted trousers. The options are limitless.

In addition, wearers may prefer materials like Gore-Tex or nylon. These fabrics provide weather protection while remaining breathable. Retailers can add more diversity by investing in variants with closures like zippers, snaps, or buttons. Other features like vents, pockets, and detachable liners may bump up this piece’s functionality and worth.

High-impact sports bra

Women smiling while wearing red and white sports bras

With the crossover between workout and streetwear becoming more intense, the classic sports bra comes with an update, adding extra breathability, minimalist details, and support. High-impact sports bras shift away from traditional features like back straps and adopt structural designs to help aid the wearer’s posture.

High-impact sports bras feature various bright colors, funky patterns, and prints, making them accents to make any outfit pop. More daring consumers can dress one over a slim-fitting shirt, creating a flattering and sleek silhouette. Choosing long-sleeve tops makes the look ready for the office.

Wearers can merge professionalism with street style by layering a work blazer over a high-impact sports bra. Things can also get creative contrasting colors. Mix a navy jacket with a yellow or orange sports bra, or tone down a brightly colored blazer with dark underpinning.

While bold colors and patterns don’t work in the gym, ladies can rock them on the streets and get heads turning. Consider matching a bold or colorful high-impact sports bra with a sheer white or black blouse, focusing the attention on the richly hued item. Adding jeans or shorts will complete this 80s-inspired ensemble.

Low-impact sports bra

Woman exercising in a gray sports bra with white details

Consumers love simplicity, longevity, and multifunctionality, and the low-impact sports bra reflects that desire by taking a sophisticated and minimalist approach. These items prioritize intentional details while dropping other extravagant design elements. Regardless, consumers can still enjoy features like structured elements and delicate straps that add character to simple styles.

One way to rock low-impact sports bras is double styling. Sometimes, choosing between sport bra styles may pose a problem since they’re all on trend. But going with two at once will offer a unique aesthetic. However, consumers can only pull off this statement look with sports bras providing similar coverage but with contrasting neck and strap details.

High-waist jeans are a hot deal right now, and they look incredible with low-impact sports bras. It’s easy to pull off this outfit. Ladies can layer a cropped jacket over a tank-style sports bra to fully indulge in this dapper aesthetic.

Consumers who don’t like showing too much skin will find low-impact sports bras as the perfect item to layer under slip dresses or jumpsuits. Plus, they’ll keep feminine designs from feeling too ruffled by incorporating a cool and sporty edge.

Ladies can showcase this style by choosing low-impact sports bras with the same color as the dress or jumpsuit. They may also make things playful by rocking a variant with contrasting trims for a fun accent.

The tank

Lady rocking a white tank top and black jacket

Although tank tops have been around for ages, they’re getting an active makeover this season to reflect consumer demand for multifunctionality. Transitional layers are taking over, allowing tanks to adapt to changing environments. This attractive update cuts across to textiles, as tank styles adopt lightweight, anti-wrinkle, cooling, anti-snagging, and UV-resistant materials.

Wider straps have a more trendy appeal, replacing the classic spaghetti styles and scoop necks. In addition to being bra-friendly, tanks with wider straps can embrace a cropped silhouette, allowing consumers to feel posh and grown-up. Although bright colors look fantastic with these pieces, they can’t beat the beauty of timeless neutrals like creams, browns, and blacks.

Ladies can style wide-strapped tank tops with enriching high-waist pants, creating a slight show of skin at the midriff for a luxe aesthetic.

Moreover, silk camisoles still look chic, even with their thin straps. The elevated fabric of this piece pairs naturally with tucked-in styles, creating enhanced posh vibes. Opt for clean white-wash denim instead sun-bleached distressed variants, or swap raw-hem cutoffs for tailored twill shorts.

Although rocking a shoulder-baring tank with a mini skirt looks incredibly sexy, the outfit won’t feel right for casual weekend errand running. On the other hand, boho maxi skirts will showcase an overly relaxed vibe that won’t match the tank’s active appeal. But a mid skirt will strike an aesthetic balance, allowing consumers to dress their tank tops up or down for almost all occasions.

The t-shirt

Lady posing in a grey graphic t-shirt

Classics always seem to make a comeback with stylish updates, and the t-shirt is no exception. This casual staple receives an upgrade with subtle details that don’t sacrifice comfort. Additions like laser-cut details and a low back add aesthetic details to an otherwise plain look. Retailers may adopt cooling material mesh and cutout panels to enhance consumer movement.

T-shirts are so versatile that consumers can wear them as business-casual attire or rock them when hanging out with friends. Styling a t-shirt to work requires layering a blazer over it. Also, ladies can tuck the tee into denim or dress pants for a work-appropriate aesthetic.

Consumers who want to look elegant without compromising comfort can style this tee with a pencil or midi-skirt. Alternatively, ladies can opt for a smart-casual look by tucking a white t-shirt into a pair of jeans and adding a button-down over the combo.

High-waisted bottoms make a great pair with baggy t-shirts, and tucking them in would create a trendier look. Consumers can rock this style with high-waisted skirts, wide-legged pants, or jeans. Also, they can focus attention on the t-shirt by experimenting with fun colors and patterns. 

The leggings

Woman doing crunches while wearing orange textured leggings

Textural interest and simple trims give the leggings a refreshing update. Dive into second-skin mesh details to enhance thermoregulation and movement. Adding tactile finishes drives this classic piece toward wellness, comfort, and soulful minimalism. Trims catering to functionality, practicality, and outdoor use allow consumers to rock these pieces for extended adventures.

Leggings are fantastic items, and consumers love them for many reasons, including their ability to combine comfort and style. Although leggings started as strict activewear pieces, recent fashion innovations make them more than a pair of workout pants. Now consumers can try different creative styles for various occasions.

For starters, ladies can rock leggings with button-down long shirts and belt them around the waist. They may take on a sharp and classy look by throwing on a long blazer.

Concluding words

Women’s activewear items offer a perfect blend of comfort and versatility, making them a top choice for colder seasons. Most pieces have insulating and breathable designs that keep wearers warm and ventilated.

However, these items don’t sacrifice style for functionality, as they can look stylish with virtually any outfit ladies throw at them. Retailers can cash out this A/W season by investing in active one-pieces, packable skirts, quilted trousers, thermal anoraks, mid-length weatherproof coats, high-impact sports bras, low-impact sports bras, tanks, t-shirts, and leggings.

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