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5 Hot Men’s Soft Utility Denim Trends Autumn/Winter 2023/24

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The need for a versatile, durable, and functional collection has created a demand for soft utility denim designs.

Noughties nostalgia and 90s’ styles converge to produce the enduring appeal of utility style in creating versatile wardrobe staples with durable qualities offering great value for money.

Classic utility styles are evolving into voluminous silhouettes, fitting for a softer, perennially popular look. Men’s soft utility denim is one trend that will increase penetration levels in the fashion industry in 2023 and 2024.

This article highlights the five hot trends in men’s soft utility denim in A/W 2023/24.

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What is the global market size for soft utility denim?
Five hot men’s soft utility denim trends for A/W 23/24
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What is the global market size for soft utility denim?

The market for denim fabric was worth US$ 70.71 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% until 2030.

The denim jeans designs are expected to continuously evolve along with consumer preferences and trends for appealing beauty and fashion. In addition, businesses’ product innovations in trends, styles, designs, and colors drive the demand for jeans. 

Social media’s influence on fashion is further expected to spur market growth. The growing apparel market across the globe is also contributing to the uptake of denim fashion with the introduction of branded and premium products. 

Five hot men’s soft utility denim trends for A/W 23/24

Hybrid bomber

A hybrid bomber denim jacket is a type of jacket that combines elements of both a bomber jacket and a denim jacket. It typically features a bomber jacket-style collar and cuffs, denim jacket-style body, and sleeves.

As for a men’s version of this jacket, it is a popular style available from various clothing brands and retailers. The specific design and features of the jacket may vary depending on the brand, but the hybrid bomber denim jacket generally offers a versatile and stylish option for men’s outerwear.

The hybrid bomber is the opportunity to upcycle by utilizing vintage or second-hand pieces in creating the deadstock design. Consider GOTS-certified organic cotton with GRS-verified polyester and recycled nylon. 

Soft utility hoodie

A soft utility hoodie denim is a hooded sweatshirt or hoodie that combines elements of utility and denim styles. It typically features a denim fabric or denim-like texture and utility-inspired details such as patch pockets, metal hardware, and a functional drawstring hood.

This type of hoodie is often made with soft and comfortable materials to provide a cozy and relaxed fit. It is designed with various colors and washes, from classic blue denim to darker or lighter hues.

Overall, the soft utility hoodie denim is a fashionable and functional option for those looking to add a stylish twist to their casual wardrobe.

Adjustable volume jeans

Adjustable volume jeans for men feature some elastic waistband or sizing mechanism that allows the wearer to customize the fit of the jeans. 

These jeans are becoming more popular because they provide a more comfortable and personalized fit for the wearer, which can be especially useful for those who have trouble finding jeans that fit well off the rack.

There are several types of adjustable jeans available for men, including:

– Elastic waistband jeans: These jeans feature an elasticized waistband that can expand or contract to fit the wearer’s waist size. They are famous among men who want a comfortable and flexible fit.

– Drawstring waist jeans: These jeans feature a drawstring waistband that can be adjusted for a custom fit. They are often made from lightweight fabrics and are popular for summer or athletic wear.

– Button and tab waist jeans: These jeans feature a waistband with multiple buttons and tabs, which can be adjusted to provide a custom fit. They are classic and popular among men who prefer a more traditional look.

Adjustable volume jeans are a versatile and convenient option for men who want a better-fitting pair. They come in various styles and sizes, so something is available for every body type and preference.

Minimal utility vest

A minimal utility vest combines minimalist design with practical utility features. This vest type is typically designed with a clean, streamlined look without excessive embellishments or decorations.

The utility aspect of the vest comes from its functional features, which may include buckles, multiple pockets, and straps for carrying essentials such as wallets, keys, and phones. These features allow for a hands-free experience while keeping necessary items close at hand.

Minimal utility vests are made with durable materials such as polyester, cotton, and nylon, which can withstand daily wear and outdoor activities. They may also be designed with a lightweight and breathable fabric to provide comfort and flexibility.

Overall, the minimal utility vest for men is a practical and stylish option for those who appreciate minimalist fashion and require functionality in their clothing.

Spliced cargo jeans

Spliced cargo jeans for men feature spliced or paneled construction with different materials and colors. These pants are designed with practicality and utility but also incorporate fashion-forward details and styles.

Spliced cargo jeans have additional pockets on the sides of the pant legs, giving them a distinctive, fashionable, and functional look. They also feature extra straps or zippers that allow for further customization of the fit or look of the pants.

The materials used in spliced cargo jeans may include denim, canvas, or other durable fabrics, and they may be dyed to create a unique and stylish appearance. 

These pants can come in various colors and patterns but are commonly seen in earth tones or muted colors to complement their rugged and practical design.

Final thoughts

Men’s denim designs are ideal for pretty much everything. In A/W 23/24, soft utility denim trends will dominate the market as customers seek versatile wardrobe staples and durability.

With a jacket, shirt, or a pair of trousers, soft utility denim designs are perfect for classy yet versatile pieces. Businesses should stock the five hot men’s soft utility designs to capitalize on the increasing demand in A/W 23/24.

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