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5 Hottest Homecoming Dress Trends for 2023 and Beyond


It’s school season again, meaning homecoming, the first big event of the school year, is around the corner. To avoid the last-minute scramble, you should start thinking about stocking your store with homecoming outfits that are comfortable yet stunning and that represent your customers’ styles.

Fortunately, there are plenty more homecoming dress trends in 2023 to choose from than in 2021. From aesthetic to glam, chic, and sassy, these are five homecoming dress ideas that truly offer the best options for your store and your customers.

Table of Contents
Varsity jackets: The classic homecoming dress trend
The updated uniform: For a preppy homecoming look
Bold colors & prints: Be bold and fashionable for homecoming
Eye-catching colors: Do the homecoming trend 2023 right
Long dresses: The debutante homecoming dress trend 2023

Varsity jackets: The classic homecoming dress trend

A girl wearing a varsity jacket

There is no better way to pull off the homecoming look than with a varsity jacket. A popular, long-time clothing item among students and even celebrities, the varsity jacket is an ideal homecoming dress trend for sports lovers.

Using a subtle color palette in creams, navy, and shades of green can help achieve a timeless look. Let your customers pair these jackets with a pair of wide-leg jeans, trainers, and oversized sweats if they are up for some experimentation and fun.

Have customers aiming for a festive homecoming look with a varsity jacket?

A varsity jacket paired with a full, leather skirt, a pleated mini skirt, or a skater skirt is an extremely easy outfit to put together that remains on-trend and comfortable to have fun in. For an extra fashionable look, tell your customers to tie the look together with a pair of solid black boots.

The updated uniform: For a preppy homecoming look

Girl in traditional uniform-like pleated skirt and vest

Despite a majority of US schools not requiring uniforms, the demand for uniform-like attire is rising — in many ways thanks to the rise of Korean dramas. To help your customers achieve that quintessential preppy look for homecoming, provide them with outfits that align with the Dark Academia and New Prep trends. These include pleated skirts, blazers, crisp white button-up shirts, penny loafers, and more.

Find unique, laid-back clothing items to help your customer pull off the traditional school uniform look with style. If you wish to take this trend to the next level or in a more edgy direction, consider looking into the Punk Academia movement, as it is quite widespread in the junior market. Similar to the Dark Academia homecoming dress aesthetic, the only difference is that Punk Academia comes with a rebellious edge.

Bold colors & prints: Be bold and fashionable for homecoming

If you have customers who just need a little push to step out of their comfort fashion bubble, offer them outfits in bold colors or with unique patterns and prints to wear to the homecoming party. A bold outfit such as a long, yellow, off-the-shoulder dress or a leopard print cocktail dress will help them stand out and make a statement. To help them elevate their pattern game, think embroidery, rhinestones, and embellishments.

Prints and patterns show wearers’ brave and outgoing side

Another way to help your customers turn heads at the homecoming party is by offering them printed backpacks. Backpacks saw a 90% increase in searches in July 2022. This means consumers are getting a jump-start on back-to-school shopping — and backpacks are one item they are greatly interested in, not only for their practicality but also as a fashion statement.

So, stock your store with a wide array of printed backpacks, but particularly focus on checkerboards, florals, and retro gaming aesthetics.

Eye-catching colors: Do the homecoming trend 2023 right

A pop of color is a great way to kick-start the school year and make a statement. So, help your customers stand out by offering them bright shades, including periwinkle blue, hot pink, chartreuse, and ruby red. In addition, consider looking for dresses in different fabrics and textures. This will ensure that you are ready to serve all your customers, regardless of their preference for homecoming dress fabric or colors.

A girl wearing a hot pink bodycon dress

One color that is of particular importance in homecoming trends in 2023 is green. However, green in 2023 is different from previous years, including from the homecoming trends of 2021, which primarily focused on a muted green color palette. This year, deeper and jewel-toned green shades take the limelight. AstroGreen is one such shade of green that is ruling the back-to-school apparel scene this year. So, alongside green homecoming dresses, ensure you stock refreshing homecoming dress accessories like backpacks, purses, and more in deeper shades of green to please your customers.

Long dresses: The debutante homecoming dress trend 2023

Traditionally, homecoming dress trends are limited to short dresses. So, of course “can you wear long dresses to homecoming?” is one question that always bothers students. Luckily, this year, long dresses have gained popularity among students preparing for homecoming events. This means that now is a great time to find stunning longer dress styles for your customers.

Long dresses are the latest addition to homecoming dress trends

Since long dresses are ideal for formal events, you can never go wrong with displaying in your store a-line homecoming dresses, maxi dresses, or long dresses with more unique silhouettes, like trumpet dresses and mermaid dresses. Nonetheless, ensure your dresses feature playful details, such as high-low hems, bold colors (think a dark red homecoming dress), sequins, and sparkly embellishments. This will make them more appealing to students searching for the perfect homecoming dress to stand out in and feel amazing.


Homecoming is an extremely special event for every school-going student. In fact, they look forward to it and prepare to look their best.

As a clothing store owner, it is advisable that you offer these customers a wide array of clothing options to choose from. If you are wondering where to purchase wholesale dresses for your store, check out the numerous vendors on Alibaba.com.

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