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5 Scooter Accessory Trends for an Updated Inventory in 2024

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There’s no denying that getting from one point to another can be a hassle, especially with all the angry motorists and traffic that people have to deal with on a daily basis. This has gotten people looking for alternative ways to handle their commute, and has led many consumers to switch to scooters. 

As a fast and affordable alternative, scooters are among the most popular modes of transportation. This is evident from their whopping 1.36 million monthly searches. However, like any other vehicle, riding on scooters requires a range of accessories to make the experience safe and enjoyable.

This article will explore five scooter accessory trends that retailers can add to their inventories to boost sales in 2024.

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An overview of the scooter accessory market
5 scooter accessory trends to glean in 2024
Rounding up

An overview of the scooter accessory market

Experts valued the global scooter accessory market at US$ 10.50 billion in 2022. Based on their predictions, the market will reach US$ 13.51 billion by 2028, growing at a 4.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

More importantly, the market is driven by consumers searching for increased comfort/convenience and those demanding safety/protection when riding. APAC dominates the scooter accessories market due to the high sales volume in the region.

Also, scooter accessories are adopting smart connectivity features, which experts believe will boost market growth. Manufacturers also add advanced safety features to scooter accessories to increase demand and growth.

5 scooter accessory trends to glean in 2024

Riding gloves

Man showcasing a pair of black riding gloves

Gloves are handy for scooter riders. They’re an easy way to keep the hands safe, stay warm, and get a good grip no matter the weather. Whether consumers are pros or just cruising around, accidents can happen, and gloves are there to protect their hands from cuts and injuries.

While riding gloves keep the user’s hands toasty in the cold, many have ventilation holes to keep things breezy. That means they’re not just for chilly days—riding gloves will also keep one’s hands cool on those hot, sunny rides and save riders from sweaty palms.

Additionally, riding gloves have got style! They come in various colors and cool designs, adding a nice touch to the consumer’s overall scooter vibe. Plus, most new ones have padding that gets hard from impact, giving users extra protection when needed.

Here’s an interesting stat from Google Ads: searches for “riding gloves” jumped by 20% in the past 8 months, going from 33100 to 40500 in November 2023. So it definitely seems like more riders are on the lookout for these protective accessories.

Phone holders

A black phone holder on a scooter hand rail

Some consumers can’t stay away from their phones when riding—and holding one while on a scooter can be incredibly dangerous and prohibited. However, riders can get an enjoyable hands-free experience with phone holders. It’s the safest way to stay updated and use location apps while cruising through the city.

Phone holders are also easy to use. Consumers can mount them on their scooters in mere seconds. After that, they can enjoy hands-free calls, navigate with GPS, and select their favorite playlists—undoubtedly, these accessories are practical for busy bees.

Although some manufacturers make phone holders for specific scooter models, retailers can also find universal ones. They use claw designs that lock into most scooters available on the market. Universal phone holders may also offer adjustable viewing angles for added convenience.

And check this out—searches for “phone holders” have been steady and strong on Google Ads for the past six months, consistently hitting 110000 inquiries. That’s a big audience looking for accessories to keep them and their phones secure.  


A black attachable headlight on a white background

Here’s an accessory crucial for nighttime scooting: a good headlight. Many electric scooters come with dim or low-placed lights that do a bad job lighting the road. So, having a proper headlight is necessary for visibility at night and ensuring others see riders during nighttime.

A bright attachable headlight is a game-changer for night or early morning rides. The best part is they’re also easy to install as their adjustable rubber straps can accommodate various scooters. Riders can also attach them anywhere from handlebars to kiddy bars (if they’ve installed one).

Attachable rear lights also fall into this category for necessary scooter accessories. Similar to headlights, they keep riders visible from behind as the built-in ones suffer from low-mounting positions. Consumers can attach them to their backpack or the back of their shirt.

Riding helmets

Lady wearing a black and orange riding helmet

Helmets are non-negotiable for safety. They’re the must-have accessory for most two-wheeler vehicles—some consumers also treat them as the number one accessory to purchase for scooters, and 823000 monthly searches since 2022 really shows this!

But do electric scooters need special helmets? Yes. Businesses can stock up on folding scooter helmets. They’re like the lighter helmets for bikes or skateboards, using the same design and protection idea.

However,  specialized helmets designed for motocross, skateboards, BMX, motorcycles, and others can also do the trick for scooter riding! However, retailers must meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other safety authority standards before selling riding helmets.

How fast consumers ride also determines the kind of helmets businesses should offer. For instance, casual riders who stick to speeds below 20 mph and avoid busy traffic scenes can use folding electric scooters or high-quality bicycle helmets with CPSC certification.

In contrast, riders who prefer high-performance electric scooters, cruising at speeds over 20 mph, doing some off-road adventures, or even entering high-traffic areas will need more protection. So, sellers can offer top-notch downhill or full-face helmets with ASTM F1952 or DOT certifications.

Eye protection

Man rocking a pair of riding glasses and a helmet

Consumers need to keep their eyes safe when they’re zooming around without a windshield. Bugs and debris flying at their faces can be a real hassle, not to mention downright dangerous. So, they need some eye protection to keep things clear and safe on their speedy rides.

However, the type of eye protection riders need depends on the time of day. For example, riding a scooter in daylight will require glasses with UV protection. They’ll help shield the consumers’ eyes from the sun and reduce annoying glare.

On the other hand, consumers cruising at night will prefer a pair of non-tinted, anti-glare lenses. Photochromic glasses offer a more transparent solution for users who want a clearer field of view in the dark.

Protective glasses may feature sports straps to keep them secured on the wearer’s face. These straps also help prevent them from going airborne when riders hit a sudden turn or stop.

Rounding up

Scooters are one of the most convenient ride options globally, only falling behind bicycles in popularity. They’re easy to ride and maneuver—and these vehicles quickly get riders through terrible traffic.

Despite these upsides, consumers still need accessories to experience a safe and enjoyable ride. And businesses can curate the best offers by stocking up on riding gloves, phone holders, headlights, riding helmets, and eye protection. These are the scooter accessory trends with high potential in 2024.

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