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5 Special Women’s Key Items That Will Trend in Spring/Summer 2023


Lockdowns turned women towards more relaxed outfits. Pieces like sweatpants and long-sleeve tees that emphasized the oversized silhouette went rampant for the indoor lifestyle.

Now that the lockdown is over and some restrictions lifted, women’s fashion is making a striking comeback with updated twists. These changes meet the demand of female consumers for more cost-effective and functional pieces with a flexible appeal.

Read on to find five remarkable women’s apparel that will make waves in summer/spring 2023.

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What is the market size of the women’s apparel market
Five reigning women’s key apparel styles of 2023
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What is the market size of the women’s apparel market

In 2020, the women’s apparel market had an exceptional $1,516.2 billion value. Despite the several restrictions that affected the segment, experts still estimate it will reach a whopping $1,913.9 billion by 2025. They expect the market to experience a 4.7% CAGR over the forecast period.

The shifting consumer preference towards sustainable and functional pieces is driving the industry. Women are adjusting their lifestyles to include more reusable and stylish apparel as wardrobe staples.

The era of premium and exclusive apparel is thinning out. Now businesses can expect more relaxed and familiar pieces to trend in S/S 23.

Five reigning women’s key apparel styles of 2023


Woman wearing plaid high-waist miniskirt

The mini skirt never gets old and remains a classic staple. This familiar piece continues to shine across catwalks and retail with its Y2K and 90s aesthetic.

Fun and flirty looks are remerging with the miniskirt taking the lead. More updated variants offer slightly longer hems or ultra-short lengths.

What even’s more appealing is the mini skirt caters to the Gen Z appetite for patched and paneled customizations. 

Beautiful lady posing with micro mini skirt and net tights

The gorgeous micro style presents women with multiple outfit ideas. One killer ensemble requires pairing the piece with a fun-patterned cropped cardigan. 

Miniskirts also make fantastic layering pieces. Women can wear them over trousers or tights. These pieces are chic & functional and can pair well with many mini skirts. Opt for a trendy suede mini skirt paired with a lace blouse and tights.

Choose more fashion-forward looks over classic cover-ups with a beach chic mini skirt. Rock this look with a Stevie mini-skirt matched with preferred swimsuits.

A patterned mini skirt is the go-to for a bold look. Women can rely on this statement piece to look confident, especially with a neutral top.

Bleisure dress

Woman posing with red bleisure dress

Fashion innovations bring fantastic concepts to life with unlikely combinations. One such creation is the versatile blesiure dress. This style combines work and leisure into one elegant outfit.

The lockdown shifted consumer attention from dresses to comfy sweats and separates. Now, the bleisure trend shows that dresses are worth the purchase.

The ensemble follows the trend of comfortable and oversized by offering easy-to-wear silhouettes, fascinating prints, and cross-seasonal colors. These updates enhance versatility and nod towards the risk-averse mindset.

Bleisure dresses also include details that increase wearability. These details include drawstrings, belts, and simple ruching that support adjustments.

Woman holding the hems of a dark green silk leisure dress

Some designs also attract female consumers with familiar tunic and floral styling. Bleisure also uses soft cotton for enhanced comfort.

Floral patterned bleisure dresses are one way to make a fashion statement. Women can rock these dresses in blue or white for hybrid work and leisure lifestyles. The dress offers an oversized silhouette or a more streamlined look with a belt.

Comfort-driven consumers can opt for an extra-large drawstring bleisure dress. These pieces offer maximum adjustability. Women can switch between different comfort levels with a simple tug.

Make a more formal statement with the plain silk bleisure dress. These are slightly more form-fitting and exude formality with a sprinkle of leisure.

BusinessCasual trousers 

Woman posing with grey baggy business trousers

Trousers trends continue to shift towards wide-legged styles & baggy fits, and the business segment wasn’t left out.  Formal trousers now feature slouchy, pajama-like fits, which give life to the #BusinessCasual trousers trend.

Hybrid working lifestyles are taking over the business world, and this trend will appeal to women unwilling to drop their comfort. Consumers can relish deep front pleats or elasticated waistbands with a roomy silhouette. Side pockets also give the trendy pants a functional aesthetic.

This look delivers weighted fabrics that create a drape effect. Movement with this piece seeps a luxe appeal. The apparel works perfectly with woven, jersey, and denim styles.

That’s not all. The #BusinessCasual trousers reflect a style that goes beyond work. Consumers can use the piece for comfy party styling and other fantastic outfits.

Woman holding purse while wearing a white BusinessCasual trouser

Take a more fashionista approach by following the TikTok and Instagram hype. Consider pairing the piece with some trendy fashion tank tops.

Rock a more comfortable look by pairing these wide-leg trousers with a wrap blouse or a peek-a-boo top.

Trench coats pair well with this piece as the combo will further accent an oversized silhouette. Wearers can dress in monochrome for a more serious look or go wild with color combinations.

Modern utility trousers

Woman sitting while rocking military green baggy pants

Utility trousers are another Y2K trend that never dies out. These nostalgia-fuelled pieces remerge with updated looks and designs. Modern utility trousers stray away from the tighter fits and nod to a more relaxed, carpenter style.

Utility trousers appeal to women looking for hyper-functional details while staying comfortable. The piece keeps performance and practicality at the forefront of any outfit.

Tie-dye looks are fabulous with various outfits, and modern utility trousers are no exception. Women can rock the look effortlessly without feeling like a hippie. Consider matching black military trousers with a red and white oversized tie-dye tee.

Woman rocking rich brown military trousers with white knot-top

Faux leather can easily tone down the utility trouser’s military feel. Consumers with a taste for leather wear mustard yellow wide-leg utility trousers with fascinating drape effects. Match the piece with puff-sleeved blouses for a superb outdoor outfit.

Rich brown military trousers are super gorgeous and women can rock the look with a fancy top. Team the item with a graphic tee or opt for bright, patterned sweaters. Women can try out color experiments, like pairing brown with pale blue.

Modular designs make the modern military trousers an adjustable piece. Female consumers can choose variants with zip-off trouser legs that can transform the item into shorts.

Column skirt

Anonymous woman posing with blue column skirt

Mico-minis aren’t the only lengths trending this season. Longer-line, soft-column styles are also regaining popularity.

Column skirts exude comfort and are incredibly easy to wear. They also display a flawless look sitting between a structured pencil skirt and a soft slip.

The item’s comfort-focused aesthetics make it perfect for workwear, partywear, and vacations. And its adjustable wrap details give it a premium feel that appeals to comfort-driven consumers.

Vertical stripes are a staple for column skirts. Consumers can match vertical-striped column skirts with plain tank tops. Adding a leather jacket to the mix would complete the chic look for cool evenings.

Woman standing near cars with a double-slit column skirt

Every bit of the chiffon column skirt screams summer sexiness. Women can pair this look with a minimalist white tank top to add a preppy aesthetic.

Knot tops are a great match for column skirts. These pieces add a pool party vibe to the column skirt that makes the piece more appealing.

Matching a burgundy column skirt with an off-shoulder lace top would make a classic outfit. And women can rock the look for different formal events and occasions.

Bottom line

Trends are evolving to focus on relaxed silhouettes and adjustable details for summer/spring 2023. Workleisure is taking over as more women are reluctant to leave their comfortable get-ups.

Nostalgia also shows no signs of dying out as these trends draw inspiration from the 90s and Y2K fashion. Smart-casual options also enter the limelight for more functional outfits that can transition from workwear to comfy partywear.

Capitalizing on mini skirts, bleisure dresses, businesscasual trousers, modern utility trousers, and column skirt trends will enable businesses to offer millennials familiarity while exploring Gen Z curiosity.

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