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5 Young Men’s Meta-streetwear Utility Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 23/24


The world is becoming more digital, extending to the fashion world. Meta fashion is a massive trend, consisting of trends in both physical and virtual clothing. In streetwear, meta fashion only applies to physical clothing, giving an otherworldly digital vibe to casual styles.

Men’s fashion businesses should know what meta-streetwear trends to expect in the upcoming autumn and winter months since more men gravitate toward fashionable yet warm streetwear styles. Here are the latest trends to know.

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Overview of men’s meta-streetwear style
5 men’s meta utility streetwear trends for A/W 23/24

Overview of men’s meta-streetwear style

The metaverse is taking over fashion. This trend consists of innovative styles made popular in the virtual world. While there are clothes to dress your avatar in the metaverse, real world clothing also takes this edgy and technology-forward approach.

This is why the metaverse is a big influence on men’s streetwear. Streetwear is a casual clothing style that first became popular in the US. This look combines elements of hip-hop fashion with the laid-back aesthetic of surfer styles.

Meta-streetwear is a change from traditional streetwear—this applies to both virtual and physical clothing. Meta-streetwear is more creative, consisting of specific colors and patterns. 

But fashion enthusiasts can see a resurgence of utility menswear at the forefront. Combining utility styles with modern meta influences will be the biggest look for autumn/winter 23/23.

5 men’s meta utility streetwear trends for A/W 23/24

This trend will combine the colors, patterns, designs, and mood of traditional meta-fashion with iconic fashion pieces that utility workers wear. Here are the items that men’s fashion businesses should sell.

1. Mood and color

Man with long hair wearing an olive-green jacket

Color is one of the most important aspects of meta-streetwear fashion. The right colors can create an avatar aesthetic and add depth to traditional streetwear looks. 

Businesses in the men’s fashion industry should sell colors that tie into utility fashion while conveying that eye-catching appearance. Color examples include olive green, dark brown, cream, bright orange, black, gray, navy blue, lime green, and seafoam. 

These bold colors encompass digital fashion, all while still capturing that animated look. The effects are more vibrant if applied to certain patterns, specifically wide and geometric designs.

Start by selling wardrobe staples, such as distressed olive-colored jeans

Add in street style staples such as baseball jackets and oversized neutral hoodies. Businesses should also add innovative pieces for a digital world approach, such as a light blue hoodie with a built-in mask.

2. Paneled sweatshirt and workwear jeans

Young man wearing a multi-colored sweatshirt

Paneled clothing became popular as a result of upcycling. To reuse fabric, many clothing companies sew different pieces, resulting in various circular designs that look like panels.

A men’s fashion store doesn’t have to sew different fabrics to get the same look. Businesses can easily find streetwear pieces with a paneled look, such as this hoodie.

Suggest outfits where customers pair paneled pieces with workwear jeans, giving the upcycling look a more utility feel. Workwear jeans offer a 3D-like design. They’re also comfortable for daily wear and match nearly any outfit.

3. Anorak shell

Man wearing winter anorak jacket in the snow

Since this trend will dominate the autumn/winter landscape, businesses must sell utility winterwear. 

The anorak jacket is a popular choice, specifically because its boxy design conveys outdoorsy vibes. The material also keeps wearers warm for harsh winters, making it the perfect choice for winter sports lovers and anyone who needs to be outside when the temperatures are below freezing.

Focus on selling anorak jackets that combine these previous trends, such as bright colors and paneling. Simpler anorak jackets should still have a high-tech look.

4. Statement cargo pants

Man wearing cargo pants while looking at the mountains

Meta-streetwear will take traditional cargo pants up a notch. The latest cargo pants style will have a futuristic look with the same utility benefits. 

Look for cargo pants that offer many pockets, are baggy in appearance, and are even designed to hold gadgets and devices. For aesthetics, focus on cargo pants with unique patterns

Neutral-colored cargo pants will still be in demand since these items match any outfit. When businesses sell cargo pants in traditional colors, they should be baggy and versatile to wear all year.

5. Fashion bomber jacket

Man wearing a green bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are short and gather at the waistband. These jackets have been popular among streetwear enthusiasts, and this trend will still continue in A/W 23/24.

Men’s fashion businesses should sell bomber jackets in the previously mentioned colors, such as olive. Casual styles include varsity-inspired bomber jackets.


The metaverse is influencing fashion in both the digital and physical worlds. This trend extends to men’s streetwear, which will have more digital influences in A/W 23/24. At the same time, men’s streetwear enthusiasts will still choose styles with a more utility flair, giving the appearance of a metaverse avatar.

Businesses will want to sell specific avatar-inspired colors common among utility workers. Paneling is a massive trend due to upcycling and fabric recycling. Anorak and bomber jackets will continue to dominate the winter streetwear look. Businesses should also sell eye-catching cargo pants that can work in all seasons.

All men’s fashion businesses should continue watching the latest style trends. Continue reading the Baba Blog to discover the latest in men’s fashion.

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