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6 Nightstands To Upgrade Any Bedroom


Nightstands are an important piece of furniture in the bedrooms, and are the finishing touches that help make the bedrooms feel whole. They not only act as an aesthetic piece of furniture in the bedroom, but they’re also a key piece of storage to have at the bedside that can help to declutter the space. There are a lot of nightstands ranging from modern to classic, but here are the top ones to watch.

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The global market value of nightstands 
Top 6 trending nightstands
What does the future hold for nightstands?

The global market value of nightstands

Today’s furniture industry is seeing an increase in demand for more luxurious furniture, as consumers in developed countries are beginning to have more disposable income to spend on household furniture. New consumer trends are also showing a higher demand for modern furniture, as the traditional household begins to take on a different look.

In 2019 the global bedroom furniture market was valued at USD 220.6 billion, and between 2020 and 2027 that number is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5%. The market is seeing more millennials purchasing older homes, which in turn means there are a lot of renovations to be made and new furniture to be purchased. This is having a big effect on the demand for bedroom furniture, including nightstands, that are being purchased. 

A white nightstand with alarm clock and lamp on top

Top 6 trending nightstands

Today’s market has an abundance of nightstands for consumers to choose from, with new and modern styles coming out constantly. There are some that are more popular than others though, which is why 2 drawer nightstands, smart nightstands, round nightstands, leather nightstands, wicker nightstands, and glass nightstands are all top trends to watch. 

2 drawer nightstand 

Nightstands come in all shapes and sizes, but the 2 drawer nightstand is proving to be a popular addition to the bedroom with many consumers. This type of nightstand offers a lot of extra space to store items such as smartphones, phone chargers, books, and jewelry – items that people like to keep close to them while they sleep. 

These nightstands don’t have to be bulky though. Many new designs are incorporating tall legs to the nightstand to give a feeling of open space, with the drawers being slimmer to present a modern look. There are many colors to choose from with the 2 drawer nightstand, but some of the most popular include white, bamboo wood, and black. For children’s rooms, the 2 drawer nightstand is slightly lower to the ground to provide extra storage space and comes in more fun colors that will appeal to the children. 

A dark wood nightstand with books and flowers on top

The smart nightstand

For consumers looking to add a modern feel to their bedroom, the smart nightstand is one of the top=selling pieces of bedroom furniture today. Many parts of the household are now incorporating smart devices into them, and the smart nightstand is finally entering the market as well. This type of nightstand is very convenient as it offers an easy charging station for mobile phones, and in some cases, the top of the nightstand itself constitutes a wireless charging area.

Other unique features that are being added to the smart nightstand and bedside table include: Bluetooth capabilities, a loudspeaker system, fingerprint lock for the drawers, and LED sensor lighting which help to add to the overall mood of the room. This is one type of nightstand that has a lot of consumers converting from a traditional nightstand, and its popularity is expected to grow in the coming years. 

Brown smart nightstand with phone charging feature on top

Round nightstand with storage

While traditional nightstands are square shaped, the bedroom furniture market is seeing more designs  of round nightstands making their way into the market. Many round tables don’t offer storage space underneath, but these round nightstands can have between 1 and 3 drawers built into them for optimum storage space. It’s also not unusual to see shelves underneath the nightstands that only have one drawer in them. 

On top of the storage space, the rounded nightstand is a popular piece of furniture for the fashion=focused consumer, as there are a lot of unique designs and materials being used. It’s not uncommon to see velvet nightstands in bright colors adorned with luxury handles, but the regular wooden round nightstand is still a popular choice for consumers who prefer a simpler look to their room. 

Green velvet round nightstand with white marble top

Leather nightstand 

Leather is probably not the first material that comes to mind when a person thinks about a nightstand, so it may come as a surprise to some that leather nightstands are a big hit with consumers right now. The design of many of these nightstands gives an art deco vibe, and it’s important to note that it’s usually faux leather that’s being used to create these nightstands, so they’re vegan-friendly as well.

The faux leather can be dyed any color, but one of the most popular is burnt orange to give a more authentic look to the nightstand. Another key feature to look out for is the handle, which adds an extra touch of elegance to the finish of the nightstand and helps to make it stand out above other styles. Due to the faux leather material, this nightstand is also very easy to maintain compared to other materials.

Dark blue leather nightstand with gold legs and handle

Wicker nightstand

The wicker nightstand is a unique type of bedroom furniture and is popular with bohemian styles and cozy looks. There are a few different ways that wicker can be incorporated into a nightstand. In some cases, the entire side table is made of wicker, and in others, it might be just the drawer or the storage baskets underneath that are wicker. Bedside tables that use wicker baskets for storage instead of drawers are often lined with a patterned cloth to bring some color to the furniture. 

Dark blue bedroom with wicker bed and wicker nightstand

Glass nightstand

Glass nightstands are a beautiful addition to the bedroom, and are commonly found in black or transparent glass. For black glass nightstands, it’s often the trim that really helps it to stand out and make it an elegant addition to the bedroom. The glass nightstand is a modern piece of furniture, and for consumers who want to add some bling to their room then the mirrored glass nightstand is a must-have. 

These nightstands don’t necessarily need to have a lot of storage space in them to work though. The glass top nightstand with metal legs provides no drawers but still works well in a modern space, playing on the minimalist nordic design that is growing in popularity around the world.

One black and one white glass nightstand with gold trim

What does the future hold for nightstands?

Bedroom furniture will always reflect the consumers’ needs, which is why there are so many different styles in the market today. Materials such as glass, wood, leather, and wicker are all utilized to make nightstands, with 2 drawer nightstands, smart nightstands, and rounded nightstands all making a big impact in the market today.

As more and more households start to embrace modern designs and technology, the future of nightstands is leaning more towards minimalistic and futuristic designs that are easy to incorporate new technologies into them. But, traditional nightstands made of wood won’t be completely overrun by these modern designs. 

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