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9 Captivating Men’s Shirts and Woven Tops for Autumn/Winter 2023/24 


Menswear is proving to be an incredibly lucrative segment as innovators constantly dish out updated items and refreshing classics. Shirts constitute a significant portion of the men’s apparel industry, but this season comes with fresh styles that consumers will find hard to resist.

Today, men’s shirts and woven tops can include various types ranging from 3D pocket camp shirts to collarless tops. Explore multiple trends in this article that will boost sales in A/W 2023/24.

Before that, keep reading to discover the market size and potential of the men’s shirt market.

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Overview of the global men’s shirts market
9 distinguished shirts and woven tops for men in A/W 2023/24
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Overview of the global men’s shirts market 

The global men’s shirts market is experiencing explosive growth as experts predict it will generate US $76.59 billion this year. They also anticipate its expansion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.18% over the 2023–2027 forecast period. In global comparison, the United States generates the most income, accounting for approximately US  $15.4 billion. 

Moving forward, consumers are demanding more personalized shirts, which experts predict will help propel the market’s growth. The expanding corporate culture acceptability and rising fashion consciousness are other factors with enough potential to drive the market’s expansion. 

Marketing experts expect the market’s volume to reach 3,584 million units by 2027. They also anticipate a 1.1% volume increase by 2024. 

9 distinguished shirts and woven tops for men in A/W 2023/24

1. 3D pocket camp shirts 

Man wearing a lemon pocket camp shirt

Menswear continues drawing influence from practical aesthetics as more consumers gain interest in designs perfect for the great outdoors. An ideal example that embodies this shifting desire is the 3D pocket camp shirt.

This trendy ensemble adopts a simplistic approach to reflect the consumer’s desire. Plus, it utilizes practical qualities to provide an appealing style perfect for outdoor activities and urban settings. 

The significant detail of this men’s shirt is the 3D utility pocket. Ideally, the shirt should host at least two of these practical details. But that’s not all. Retailers have enough room to reinterpret and tailor this shirt to specific markets. 

A more minimalist approach will adopt solid color poplins and twills, while gentle plaids and brushed flannels come with a refined and rigged aesthetic. Men can rock this style as double-duty overshirts or wear them as they are for lighter outfits.

2. Mundane big shirt 

Man wearing a mundane big shirt

Oversized aesthetics are still trending, and they have a hold on traditional shirts. These mundane big shirts are ready to dominate retail and catwalks as more men rethink the purpose of shirts beyond simple business attires. 

With this changing interest in mind, A/W 23/24 updates this classic piece with more significant volumes, evolving the silhouette to massive proportions. 

Retailers can benefit from the shirt trend in two stylish ways. First, they can employ mundane, classic patterns, details, and materials on a directional and oversized silhouette. Second, sellers can opt for shirts with designed and purposeful voluminous silhouettes.

While mundane big shirts need that extra volume, they should have dropped shoulders and billowing sleeves. More importantly, the sleeves and hem lengths should still be standard, similar to their classic counterparts. 

Single patch pockets, exposed buttons, and button-down collars are other details that tap into the mundane sentiment.

3. Oversized overshirt 

Man wearing a gray colored oversized shirt

Overshirts are not going anywhere as consumers seem to love their designs—which combine the benefits of hoodies and sweatshirts. However, consumers may layer them together, meaning these trendy pieces can work as a mid-layer for freezing conditions or an outer layer for cooler days.

However, 2023/24 updates the popular item with an oversized fit, making it more directional. Oversized overshirts embrace an aggressive proportion-play, helping to initiate a contrast between different pieces in an outfit. 

Oversized overshirts also feature warm and soft materials. Although flannel checks the box in this category, retailers should use cashmere and textured wool to offer a more premium aesthetic.

More importantly, businesses must remember that oversized overshirts are still shirts. Hence, their designs should not include heavy linings or insulation. But, retailers can work with variants that have light lining.

4. No-collar shirt 

Smiling man wearing a no-collar shirt

The no-collar shirt is a modernized version of the classic band-collar shirt. It comes with an urban style that exudes a business-casual aesthetic. This updated piece shows extreme compatibility with various materials and has designs perfect for layering looks.

Although the band collar shirt features a short stand collar, the no-collar top completely erases this detail. For this reason, consumers can enjoy necklines similar to a T-shirt or a henley. This subtle detail allows men to comfortably button the item to the top while layering it over other garments (like turtlenecks or round-neck tees).

Retailers can opt for no-collar shirts in various materials. However, they must make choices based on the market demand and where it fits into ranges. While luxe markets may need silk and cashmere, streetwear markets will opt for flannels, denim, and other classic shirting materials. 

5. Denim shirt

Man wearing a blue denim shirt

Denim shirts weren’t always trendy. In truth, they started as an unfashionable item for dads. However, these jean shirts have evolved to become a fad, providing unique styles across all ranges.

Men who love dressing in classic outfits can go wrong with a denim-on-denim ensemble. Ideally, they’d rock the style with different shades on the top and bottom, creating a stylish contrast. Think pairing a blue denim shirt with black jeans or white bottoms and light blue tops.

Smart-casual occasions present the perfect opportunity to rock a denim shirt and blazer combo. A cotton or linen blazer will spruce up the denim shirt’s aesthetics. Consumers can make the outfit winter-appropriate by layering a cardigan or coat over the ensemble.

One foolproof way to style denim shirts is by pairing them with chinos. The outfit blurs the line between sophisticated and streetwear-level aesthetics. Men may tuck in the top to feel more elegant or fly it for a more rugged aesthetic. 

6. Flannel shirt 

Two men wearing beanies and flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for various outdoor activities. But this season updates the rugged, outdoorsy versions with cleaner versions and enhanced patchwork details. 

Consumers can combine trendy streetwear vibes with activewear comfort, creating the perfect athleisure-inspired outfit with flannel at its core. Consider marrying a plaid flannel shirt with a neutral-colored athletic hoodie and complete the look with a pair of joggers or sweatpants.

Oversized flannels exude a transitional appeal, allowing consumers to swap between outerwear to statement pieces and dapper shirt styles. Create an eye-catching contrast by pairing the big shirt with skinny jeans or layer it over a skin-tight ensemble (like turtlenecks). 

7. Overshirt

Man wearing a brown overshirt

The overshirt remains a mainstay in men’s wardrobes due to its simplicity and adaptability. The piece maintains its magnetic appeal due to its comfortability and convenience, which gives consumers a sense of well-being and self.  

Overshirts are fully adaptable for casual and refined ranges, thanks to their material variety. Since this piece is essentially a light jacket, consumers can rock them in open or closed styles.

Wearing overshirts in a relaxed style creates room for outfits with beautiful contrasts, like pairing a light tee with a dark overshirt. However, screaming patterns don’t work well with this style. Instead, men should focus attention on the overshirt’s unique design.

Since overshirt fabrics are often thicker and stiffer than regular shirts, consumers must avoid tucking them in or rolling the sleeves. 

8. Band collar shirt 

Man wearing a white band collar shirt

Are consumers tired of the standard collar and all its downsides? Turn to band collar shirts. Although not compatible with ties, band collars look neat and can hold their shape without collar stays. Plus, their simple and stiff design incorporates minimalist and polished aesthetics that take wardrobe staples for a modern spin. 

While band collar shirts are more summer-appropriate, retailers can invest in variants in heavier fabrics like poplin. Regardless, consumers may layer a band collar shirt under a sweater, fasten all the buttons except the top ones, and complete the look with matching bottoms. This style creates an ultimate cozy outfit with sprinkles of elegant stylishness. 

Mandarin collar shirts are naturally compatible with blazers, and consumers can add a pair of joggers to drive this team up toward a cozy and sharp off-duty direction. Alternatively, comfy shorts can easily match the band collar shirt’s aesthetics. Men may even add suspenders to move deeper into casual styling.

9. Casual shirt

Man wearing a striped casual shirt

The casual shirt is up there with the classic T-shirt in terms of versatility and stylishness. There’s no limit to how men can style them, whether with a jacket and a tie or open-button styles mixed with subtle layering. 

An everyday look comes easily with long sleeve check casual shirts. Men can rock a cool-toned check print (buttoned-up or open) with relaxed joggers to look dapper. Rolling up the sleeves will make the overall ensemble more comfortable and streetwear-inspired.

The evening is an ideal time to flex the casual shirt’s aesthetics. Consumers may add their favorite crew tee under this staple long-sleeve shirt while rocking a pair of chinos or jeans as bottoms. Even smart-casual styles feel enhanced with a casual shirt. Men can easily tap into this aesthetic by fastening all the buttons or rolling up the sleeves while leaving the collar open. 

Final words 

The menswear market is vast, and it keeps expanding every day. Even the shirts segment is receiving its fair share of updates, with items like the 3D pocket camp shirt and casual shirt remerging as core pieces. 

Menswear draws heavy inspiration from subcultures and archetypal types, especially trends from the last few seasons. Long tunics and oversized shirts are perfect for incorporating into ranges because consumers can layer them and engage in proportion play.

These men’s shirts and woven tops offer the highest appeal and profit potential for retailers; hence, leveraging them will encourage more sales in A/W 2023/24.

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