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6 Slick Gaming Desk & Chair Designs That Are All the Rage


Valued at $155.9 billion in 2019, the gaming market is projected to grow rapidly at a CAGR of 14.5% from 2020 to 2026. Consoles, PCs, virtual reality, the potential is almost limitless, and it is not showing any signs of slowing in the foreseeable future. This is especially true now due to the massive rise in stay-at-home employment seen in the last couple of years.

During the early months of the lockdown, Forbes noted a 200% increase in those over 60 searching for games, joining 93% of under-18s who already game regularly. This rise in gaming consumers has meant a rise in those that need a gaming setup — as each has their own preferences and demands for maximum style and comfort, meaning that new trends have developed. Read on to find out which gaming desk and chair trends your customers will be following in 2022.

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Gaming desk trends of 2022
Gaming chair trends of 2022
Final thoughts about gaming desks and chairs

Gaming desk trends of 2022

When looking into buying a gaming desk, there are several criteria customers want to see met. Durability, aesthetics, price, and accessories all play their part in a gamer’s choice. Below, we will explore current trends in gaming desks through three of the more popular models.

RGB still reigns supreme

Gamers are really into futuristic-looking red, green, and blue (RGB) lights! RGB setups allow customers to customize and add their own style and are popular with both streamers and ordinary gamers alike. An affinity for cyberpunk aesthetics and bright, colorful design might be nothing new, but it’s as popular as ever in 2022.

Gaming desks with RGB lights provide a cool gamer aesthetic, with up to 16 million hues that can work with the game to create a more 3D experience. These types of experiences are increasingly sought after, as seen by the rise of the Metaverse, which is projected to become an $8 trillion market.

Minimalism is in

Clutter was never cool, and gamers are increasingly looking for stylish minimalistic designs that cater to their budget. Gaming desks with trendy materials and table leg styles are finding a niche with users looking to enhance their gaming experience while keeping their homes looking tidy and simple.

Simple desks such as tempered glass computer tables or gaming desks with Z-shaped steel legs keep an element of style without overshadowing the room. Minimalist desks are considered one of the best gaming setups for classic and clutter-free spaces. They offer the user the ability to maintain functionality and good cable management while adding character. Minimalist desks are functional and always in vogue.

Economy of space can be invaluable

With housing prices skyrocketing, economy of space has become invaluable. For those who can’t afford a huge house, making their space count is of great importance. This trend has filtered through to gaming too, with an increasing number of gamers looking for simple desks that can be folded away or can be used for multiple purposes.

Simple desks with foldaway add-ons or desks that are foldable by nature are very popular with those who need economy of space. This includes students, people who work from home, and people who travel frequently such as freelancers and van-lifers. With an increasing number of people working from home, many do not want bulky desks in their living spaces. Slim but functional desks that can be employed for multiple purposes or folded away out of sight when not needed are becoming more popular. 

Gaming chair trends of 2022

When looking for the perfect gaming chair to go with their new desk, or simply seeking to provide extra comfort in an office setting, customers look for several factors. As comfort has always been one of the key considerations, market trends have driven wholesalers to include lumbar support, posture supporting pillows, footrests/headrests, and a high weight limit. When combined with good ergonomics and quality materials, these factors are the main reason why a retailer might choose your products over another.

Comfort is still king

The long hours spent gaming means that many gamers are increasingly looking for comfort. Adjustable and comfortable armrests, lumbar support, and footrests that give the body time to recover while not interrupting the gaming experience have moved to the top of the list. 

Gaming chairs that are ergonomic or sofa-like include all these key aspects in comfort. Some may include reclining backs for power naps between gaming sessions, speakers and massages features, and even cup holders in the armrests. Although this may seem excessive to some, the increasing amount of time spent in gaming chairs along with the increase in older gamers adds some context to this trend. With an over 30% increase in gaming during the COVID-19 pandemic, comfort in gaming is more important than ever.

Sleek and streamlined features are stylish

Gamers are becoming increasingly interested in e-sports and fast-paced, competitive experiences such as racing and fighting games. These gamers are opting for sleek and ergonomic designs that allow for quick movements while prioritizing support and comfort.

Sleek and ergonomic gaming chairs like those designed to look like racing chairs follow these popular trends. They include 4D armrests, ergonomic lumbar support, leather fabrics with high-density foam for extra comfort, 155-degree reclining angles, and high weight support. These chairs adhere to the trends of comfort, economy of space, and minimalism, while still maintaining character and ergonomic movement.

Colors and individuality are key

Customization and individuality are becoming increasingly important factors for gamers and homeowners alike. In gaming, this has come in the form of colors and RGB features, with the latter even considered obligatory by gaming furniture and technology designer Razer. In addition to allowing gamers to make the room their own, colors and lights can add style, excitement, and improve immersion with intensity and tempo.

These types of gaming chairs can come in any style, meaning that they can adhere to the trends your customers value most. This could be comfort, RGB lighting, economy of space, streamlined appearances, or minimalism. It is key to offer variety as one gamer might prefer a simple, cute pink design while another might opt for an exciting and bold chair that adds immersion and excitement with LED lighting and bold colors. Many of the over 1.3 billion PC gamers and 729 million console gamers have been spending an increasing amount of time playing video games due to lockdowns and new trends such as e-sports and NFTs. It is only natural for them to want to add a bit of style and personalization to their gaming setups. To improve sales, stock variety in color and LED lighting while ensuring that your gaming chairs follow the trends discussed in this article.

Final thoughts about gaming desks and chairs

With more and more individuals working from home or turning to gaming for social interaction, the need for more comfortable, personalized, and ergonomic gaming setups has increased. Rises in the cost of living have meant that multifunctional desks and chairs have become increasingly popular, along with those that can be tucked away out of sight when not in use. Increased time spent on the computer at home due to the pandemic has created more demand for more personalized gaming setups. This includes more immersive experiences such as with RGB lighting, along with minimalist designs that avoid clutter, and designs that simply fit in with the rest of the home’s aesthetic. 

With its market expected to continue growing in 2022, gaming setups are a great business opportunity. It should be remembered that not all gamers are created equal, so make sure to stock a variety of different styles. Sleek and mobile designs for e-sports enthusiasts, comfort for fantasy gamers or gamblers, and immersive designs for users interested in virtual reality or shooting and fighting games. No matter the type of gamer, the key trend is still to choose from a selection of comfortable and ergonomic options that cater to the increasing hours spent in front of PCs and consoles.

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