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How To Buy the Perfect Night Lights


Night lights are an essential component of home decoration, creating the perfect soft lighting. They are also functional, making homes safer and accident-free during dark evenings. Finally, they soothe young children, who are often afraid of the dark. 

With technological developments, night lights are becoming multipurpose , doubling as alarm clocks and even sound systems. 

Designs vary depending on style and functionality. Some designs are suitable for reading in bed, while others are ideal for late-night trips to the kitchen for snacks. Eco-conscious consumers can pick from lights that save energy.

Read on to find the best night lights for your business and impress your customers.

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Overview of the Night Light Market
Top trending night lights in 2022
Be the best in night light business

Overview of the night light market

Night lights are a modern solution for your customers’ lighting problems — from safety and privacy to aesthetic and decorative needs. Consequently, the global night light market is growing. New designs for eco-friendly consumers are an example of how the market is adjusting to modern tastes and needs.

The global night light market was valued at 215.6 million USD in 2020 and it is expected to reach an estimated 294.4 million USD by the end of 2026. The night light market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.5% between 2021-26.

1. Night lights for kids

Night light for kids room

Night lights for kids is a growing sector thanks to the variety in shapes, styles, and sizes, including popular animated characters. Familiar shapes are comforting to children, while the light helps calm them during night feeding. 

For slightly older children, night lights can be instrumental in facilitating midnight bathroom trips and can help ease fear of the dark during early childhood growth. Additionally, modern technology allows combining night lights with sound features to help encourage sleep.

2. Multi color night lights

Night lights with various color options offer versatility while maintaining affordability. Interesting features such as color variation create visuals that help entrance and relax children. Different colors are suitable for different locations and serve distinct functions. For example, dim red is ideal for bedrooms, while white can be used to softly light hallways or bathrooms to avoid accidents at night.

3. Moon lights for teens

Moonlight lamp on a wooden stand

Moon lamps are ideal for teens who want to stay up at night, as these create a soft ambiance with brightness control. Users can read by setting a high brightness level or use their phones and laptops to study/work without worrying about having too much or too little light. Moon lamps come in a wide range of colors and often have a remote control to switch between preferences.

With motion-sensing technology, some moon lamps respond to touch, with brightness levels controlled with a simple brush of the hand. Moon lamps often come with fast-charge technology and night-long battery life. 

Parents do not need to worry, as these lamps do not emit harmful rays or heat up. Some moon lights are even waterproof

4. High-tech motion-sensing night light

Night lights with plug-in technology are the preferred type of lighting solution for modern, sophisticated, adult bedrooms. The design allows the lights to be plugged in anywhere, while small size and portability mean you can carry this little support system anywhere, anytime. Additionally, these lights often have an emergency back-up battery for times when there is no electricity source.

With light and motion-sensing technology, these lights not only respond to touch, but can adjust their brightness from dusk till dawn. High-tech variations of these lights come with digital controls, where power and brightness levels can be managed via apps on smartphones.

Be the best in the night light business

From fun designs for kids to sleek modern looks with innovative technology for adults, night lights are in demand across all age groups. With added safety measures, parents can select from a range of kid-friendly night lights. As a result, the night light business is one of the fastest growing on the market, with trends indicating it is here to stay. 

Trending night light designs, such as those mentioned above, can provide wholesalers with the upper hand to generate market opportunities. Researching before you buy will help you combine all the best night light features for your customers, allowing them to pick from the top trends.

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