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Luxurious Beauty Trends To Unlock Your $5,000 Face


The beauty market is huge, and beauty trends are more varied and changing faster than ever. With TikTok make-up tutorials and glam celebrities creating their own brands/ranges, the choices available are phenomenal. When stocking for the wholesale market, knowing the latest looks and creating beauty ranges that fit within them might be tricky. However, there are a few stand-out trends that shouldn’t be missed. 

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The people who inspire beauty trends
Top trends to create a $5,000 face
How combining trends will give a complete look 

The power of the beauty market has been noticeable for a few years, and its growth and potential profitability are clear. In 2021, the beauty industry’s global value reached a whopping USD 532 billion and is set to reach USD 716.6 billion by 2025. The US alone has reached over USD 60 billion.  

But what makes the beauty market so desirable and how do people figure out which products to buy? Well, the answer is clear; the industry is led by a hoard of influencers and (once behind the scenes) makeup artists, all ready to share their beauty tips and makeup trend ideas with masses of potential consumers scrolling through their Instagram/TikTok feeds. 

Image of a phone showing a makeup tutorial

The new form of beauty marketing has never been easier. Celebrities share snippets of their favorite brands on social media, creating videos on how to apply their most wanted products. Celebrity makeup artists, like (Dame) Pat Mcgrath and Lisa Eldridge, provide simplistic tutorials on how to achieve the most up-and-coming catwalk makeup styles. These are the people at the forefront of trend inspiration and make the products they promote hugely popular/appealing to consumers who evidently lap them up. 

Creating a beauty range that fits with the latest trends for the $5,000 face is achievable if you hone in on the most glamorous social media celebrities and makeup artists influencing their followers on must-have looks and products. Lately, more celebs are promoting organic/clean beauty brands that are cruelty-free/vegan, eco-conscious/sustainable, free of “nasty” chemicals, and often made with a majority of natural ingredients. 

A makeup artist applying cosmetics to a woman

Other top trends include; multi-purpose products, for example, that do both lip and cheek or eyes and highlighter;  metallic accents created with luster eyeshadow in bronze tones; the “dewy look”, which is often created with simple yet beautiful makeup in natural tonal colors—specifically not matt—that give a sheen-like finish; and an array of products that act as the perfect face prep before applying makeup.  

As well as trends, there are movements to consider. Especially in the last decade, beauty products are noticeably more inclusive of gender and differences in skin color and tone, which reaches a wider range of potential consumers. So, collections should always incorporate this to successfully grasp a bigger market. Here is a breakdown of some must-have trends starting from the face next down to the eyebrows, leading to everything in between. 


When it comes to the face, the prep is what will get that $5,000 feeling! Jade rollers are a good start. Traditionally, they were used in Chinese medicine to remove bad chi amongst other things. However, it’s now known that they can increase circulation to the face, help to relieve tired under-eyes and increase plumpness, adding a youthful glow.

A jade roller being held in a hand

The next step before makeup is to use face serum containing some on-trend ingredients, like; hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C (all of which moisturize and heal), and collagen (maintains the skin’s youthful glow). 

Finally, there comes makeup. When it comes to the “dewy look”, the best way to achieve this look is through the minimal application of foundation and concealer—the lighter finish allows the natural aspects of the skin to shine through. Equally, avoid matt finish products to maintain the fresh sheen, except for the under-eye area, which benefits from a slightly matt finish. The next step is Eyebrows!


Believe it or not, it has been around 10 years since eyebrows have gotten bushier, not so plucked, and somewhat less groomed. The trend of thicker yet sophisticated provides the eyes with the perfect surround and helps to define facial features. The look has made brow cosmetics a must-have in the makeup bag. 

A woman with thick ungroomed eyebrows

Creating the ungroomed brow trend starts with serum (not like face serum) that can be left on overnight. It will help increase eyebrow growth, making brows feel conditioned and fuller. The next step is to apply either a wax or a tinted brow balm that will shape the brow, fill in any patchy areas, and give the brow an even finish. 


Moving down to the eyes, they can be decorated in many ways, but in order to keep them looking bright, there are a good few products to consider. Eye prep will make makeup pop and help remove unwanted dark circles. This is where the jade roller makes another appearance, then followed by some under-eye cream, which will keep eyes and the skin around them moisturized and prevent eyeshadow/eyeliner from looking flaky under dry skin. 

Once eyes are bright, trends are pretty fluid but stand-out ones include eyeliner in classic black and some brighter and daring colors, which are often drawn on in a thin line above the eyelash area. Secondly, luster eyeshadow is mostly applied as a full color across the eye, either in dust form that is put on with a finger (much like makeup artist Pat Mcgrath) or in liquid form, which often dries matt when applied with a brush. 

A range of luster eyeshadow applied with a finger”

Mascara is the final touch to making eyes look awake and fresh. Black is chic and lengthening to the lashes, but brown is a sophisticated alternative and can work well with the natural and unfussy look. Although the natural trend is prominent, it can be highlighted with bright-colored mascara—in an 80s revival kind of way—with petrol blue and the addition of fluorescent pink, lime green, and purple. 


Let’s move down to…cheeks. Cheeks and cheekbones can be a great place to implement the trend of the multipurpose product. Stick/cream blushers can be a quick way to add color to cheeks and lips. As the world moves faster, so does the application of makeup, so having a product that can be applied in two places is a must. Equally, cheekbone highlighters can be used as eyeshadows, making another addition to the two-in-one cosmetic. 

Blusher on eyes cheeks and lips


Finally, there come the lips. Above you saw how cheek blush can be added to lips and, although the dual-purpose cosmetic is positive for the consumer, it’s not their only option. Lip prep, like other parts of the face, is just as important in creating a luxury look. Lip scrubs/exfoliators, especially organic, are a great way of removing dry skin and will make lipstick, gloss or tinted balm look smooth and fabulous. 

An array of lipgloss/lip tints in pink tones

Fuller lips are also on trend, but for those that are moving away from filler and opting for natural alternatives, products to consider include lip-plumpers that will allow the lip to feel fuller by naturally adding volume

A female applying pink lip plump

When it comes to lip color, the trend is either natural, or if daring enough, deep plum shades have started to show up on the catwalks and give a sultry yet elegant look. Styles of lipstick/tint vary from velvet finish, matt and gloss, all of which can be worn depending on the overall look desired.  

A woman with plum-colored lipstick smiling

Any small business/wholesaler looking to stock luxurious beauty trends should aim to combine different ranges into one collection. Ideally, you want to cover the whole face and include face preparation products alongside makeup. 

If you’re stocking your business for natural and unfussy trends, be sure to include multi-purpose products. These will tempt the low-maintenance consumer who is looking for cosmetics and beauty care products that can be combined and have two purposes, making them easy to carry and apply. 

Bright and daring color ranges can add a wow factor but still be applied simply to a traditional makeup base. So, make sure you stock the right kind of complementary products, like some good liquid foundations and concealers, together with the prep products already mentioned, which can be combined with some bright mascara, eyeliner and luster eyeshadows. 

When people like to look good, prep is important. Prep followed by the right kind of on-trend and luxury makeup choices will give the $5,000 face that consumers may desire. Ensuring all the beauty cosmetics and treatments are inclusive will also broaden your reach, and these products can be marketed to suit a wide range of ages and types of people, and in turn, be profitable for your small business.

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