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Men’s Print & Graphic Fashion Forecast for Autumn/Winter 2023/24


2023 and 2024 will see the domination of upcycling, contemporary florals, statement graphics, and bold graphic statement themes.

Sustainability, inclusivity, and vitality will inspire men’s print and graphic apparel in A/W 23/24. The chaos of the past two years has created a need for creativity valued, a salve for solutions, and stress for complex problems.

Recent years have exposed the brokenness of the world systems forcing people to find fresh communal ways to correct the cracks. It has also pushed the devising of systems to create healthy products for the world and people.

This article will break down men’s print and graphic trends in 2023 and 2024.

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Global men’s print and graphic apparel market
8 men’s print and graphic styles consumers will love in 23/24

Global men’s print and graphic apparel market

The global men’s wear market size was valued at US $483.0 billion in 2021. It is forecasted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8% by 2030.

Increasing demand for screen printing, sublimation, heat transfer works, and embroidery works on apparel is a key driver in the market growth.

Further, the demand for reflective finishes in clothes has also contributed to the market’s growth. The embroidery segment is the largest in the men’s apparel market, accounting for 41.04%.

8 men’s print and graphic styles consumers will love in 23/24

1. Foulard nomad

Man in foulard nomad design

Foulard is a French word for “scarf.” Nomad is a term used to describe a person who frequently moves from place to place. Foulard nomad designs are inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and incorporate foulard into men’s outfits. 

This style incorporates a mix of traditional and modern elements. It is characterized by loose, comfortable pieces made from natural fibers and various colors and patterns of scarves.

Scarves as a functional accessory for warmth or a stylish accessory to complement the rest of their outfit. The specific styles will vary depending on personal taste and the cultural norms of the regions where the nomads travel.

The specific designs will depend on the brand or designer creating the clothing and varies based on cultural influences and current fashion trends.

2. Home proud

Man in a home proud design

Home proud designs are made to showcase pride and evoke feelings of home and belonging. The designs vary depending on the intended audience. 

Further, they include items featuring symbols or graphics representing a particular region, culture, or community. They are incorporated into the design of the clothing or accessories to create pieces that allow the wearer to express their connection to their home and show pride in their heritage. 

3. Upcycled 3D craft

Man wearing an upcycled 3D craft design

Upcycled 3D craft uses recycled materials and three-dimensional crafting techniques to create clothing and accessories for men with specific themes and graphics. 

The goal of upcycling is to reduce waste by giving new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded, and the use of 3D techniques allows for a greater level of detail and texture in the designs. 

The design styles have more traditional designs to more modern, abstract patterns. The goal is to create unique, sustainable products that showcase the creative possibilities of upcycling and 3D craft techniques.

4. Childlike wonder

Man in a childlike wonder outfit

Childlike wonder styles are characterized by a playful, imaginative, and carefree aesthetic reminiscent of the innocence and wonder of childhood. 

This style incorporates bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical designs that evoke joy, excitement, and creativity. 

The specific designs and elements depend on the brand or designer creating the products. Still, the overall goal is to create fashion that celebrates the spirit of childhood and encourages the wearer to tap into their sense of wonder and playfulness.

5. Utility branding

Man in a utility branding outfit representing a team

Utility branding trends incorporate functional elements and practical design into fashion items, such as clothing, accessories, and shoes. 

This style is characterized by durability, comfort, and versatility, often featuring multi-functional pockets, sturdy materials, and neutral color palettes

The trend has grown in popularity recently as consumers seek practical and sustainable fashion options. Utility placement labels and prints have evolved from the utility branding.

It expands informative branding to essential items using industrial aesthetics and combination for communication.  

6. One with nature

Man in a nature-toned outfit

One-with-nature themes are inspired by the natural world and are designed to evoke feelings of being at peace with nature. 

This style may incorporate natural fibers, earthy colors, and designs featuring plants, animals, and other elements of the natural world. 

Still, the overall goal is to create fashion that connects the wearer to nature and promotes a sense of harmony and balance with the environment.

7. Pepped-up perennials

Man in a pepped-up perennial design

Pepped-up perennials are classic staple items given a fresh and energetic update to create a look that is both familiar and modern. 

They combine classic, timeless pieces with modern, active elements to create a traditional and contemporary look.

Still, the goal is to create pieces that combine classic and modern styles to create a unique and energetic look.

8. Modular geometry

Man in a colorful modular geometry design

Modular geometry incorporates geometric shapes and patterns into the design. The term “modular” refers to using repeated or interchangeable components in the design, creating a sense of structure and order. 

This style includes designs featuring clean lines, sharp angles, repeating patterns, and pieces made from modern, technical fabrics. The specifics include sporty, casual, and more formal looks. 

The overall goal is to create fashion that combines geometric elements with a sense of structure and order to create a modern, contemporary look.


In 2023 and 2024, men’s print and graphic apparel will shift towards more sustainable fabrics. Contemporary florals, bold graphic statements, statement graphics, and upcycling will be the prints, and graphics will dominate this year and next year.

More men prefer trends that shift away from toxic chemical treatment, virgin synthetics, and finishes to meet consumer demands for environmentally healthy solutions. 

These are the top men’s print and graphic designs that businesses must stock for A/W 2023/2024. Visit Alibaba.com for quality men’s print and graphic designs.

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