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Popular LED Ceiling Fans: A Quick Guide in 2022


Summer is all about fun and holidays, that is, provided that we can separate the wheat from the chaff—by removing or reducing the heat of summer. This is indeed the time when a fan, more specifically a sizable ceiling fan comes in handy for its working theory is completely in line with the nature of the airflow. It spins counterclockwise to generate a downdraft that pushes down the rising warm air, thereby effectively circulating the airflow to the entire room or space evenly and quickly. Ceiling fans have evolved significantly since their invention in 1882, and ceiling fans with LED lights integrated are the most recent trend that has fully realized their capacity. Read on to see how this relates to business prospects for wholesalers!

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Market outlook
Popular LED ceiling fans in 2022
A breeze ahead

Market outlook 

According to several worldwide market research, the ceiling fan industry is growing at a steady rate. In 2019, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% was estimated for the forecast period of 2019 to 2025. However, by 2021, this number jumped to a CAGR of 6.0% over the projection period of 2020 to 2027, and a value of 16.17 billion is predicted for 2027.

Urbanization, lower costs on top of more innovative features, and functions are among the top reasons cited by various studies that drove the soaring sales of ceiling fans. Among these factors, fast economic progress in most tropical Asia-Pacific nations, which has resulted in improved power coverage and higher earnings, is seen as the major cause behind such substantial growth.

Popular LED ceiling fans in 2022

Standard LED integrated ceiling fan 

Most of the standard ceiling fans for home use come with 4 to 5 fan blades for a well-balanced relation between the circulated air volume and the ambient noise. And these traditional ceiling fans are designed in a way to best suit the standard ceiling height of 9 feet, which is the most common and standard ceiling height for homes nowadays. 

In America, ceiling fans are a fixture in almost every household, and this fact is backed by a report from The Columbian as early as more than 10 years ago. Ceiling fans are popular as they are much more economical compared to air conditioners and still capable of creating similar chilling effects. Furthermore, most ceiling fans these days are built-in with lighting, a feature that simply provides more reasons to deploy them in homes. 

In fact, according to the American Lighting Association (ALA), integrated, innovative lighting was the rationale why more homemakers picked ceiling fans when it comes to home furnishing, on top of their practical usage. 

And among all the lighting options, LED lights stand out since they outperform most other traditional light bulbs in durability and energy efficiency. This is evident today, as LED integrated ceiling fans can be easily spotted with multiple styles. For example, an industrial-style LED light integrated ceiling fan can come with standard 4-blades or with a less common 3-blades mode while maintaining its industrial design nature. 

Farmhouse-style LED integrated ceiling fan
Farmhouse-style LED integrated ceiling fan

As shown in the picture above, a farmhouse-style LED integrated ceiling fan is another popular design that is well-received among consumers. In line with its design, it is normally suitable for larger rooms or spaces. Therefore, a 52-inch blade span ceiling fan, which is suitable for room sizes around 225-400 square feet, is a pretty standard size for a farmhouse-style ceiling fan

And regardless of the design style, most ceiling fans with LED lights integrated nowadays also come with extra features such as remote controls, six-speed choices, and multiple lighting options including colors and brightness controls.

Smart enclosed ceiling fan with LED light

There are quite a few types of smart enclosed ceiling fans with LED lights available in the market. The bladeless ceiling fan first introduced by Exhale Europe back in 2017, for example, is one of the most iconic enclosed LED ceiling fan designs and has gained popularity in Europe since its inception. This relatively new bladeless ceiling fan with LED lighting concept opens up ceiling fan installation possibilities even in smaller rooms and low ceilings, which in the past were deemed too risky or unsafe for ceiling fan placements. 

Besides bladeless design, another common style of enclosed ceiling fans with LED lighting places more emphasis on decorative elements by making its blades “invisible” instead. In most respects, an enclosed LED ceiling fan with invisible blades is quite similar to its bladeless counterpart, with the exception that, as can be seen in the image below, it often has smaller, transparent blades that are housed in a cage.

Enclosed LED ceiling fan with invisible blades
Enclosed LED ceiling fan with invisible blades

Aesthetically speaking, an enclosed ceiling fan allows more designs around its cage, and hence it is easier to find designs or styles that can easily blend into any living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. Meanwhile, fully enclosed or caged LED light ceiling fans are most suited for a kid’s room, room with a bunk bed, or study room from a safety point of view. 

The versatility of most enclosed ceiling fans makes them a top ceiling fan choice for almost every home space, including a kids’ area. Moreover, these ceiling fans not only come with LED lighting for energy saving but also come with a smart switch control and APP controls.

Retractable blades LED light integrated ceiling fan

While the usage of ceiling fans is most amplified during summer, they can actually be used for all seasons including winter and autumn. During cooler seasons, a ceiling fan with a reversible motor can rotate the ceiling fan clockwise instead of anticlockwise—its usual spinning direction. This will do wonders for any ceiling fans to create an updraft that pulls the cold air upward and distributes the warm air from the ceiling to the ground area instead.

And of course, retractable blades with LED light integrated ceiling fans are also available in the market to salvage the seemingly extra role of ceiling fans during the winter and autumn seasons. These ceiling fans with retractable blades can keep the clean and clear look of any dining or living space throughout all seasons by having the blades fully retracted while maintaining their ornamental and lighting roles. 

The picture below provides a quick overview of the working logic behind a reversible fan during summer and winter:

How does a ceiling fan with reversible motor work
How does a ceiling fan with reversible motor work

A breeze ahead 

Ceiling fans in this day and age serve not only the practical role of cooling people down but also being embodied with a new mission—to be part of the decorative elements and a fashion fixture for most homemakers. That is why an LED light integrated ceiling fan can provide the most pragmatic functions regardless if it is a standard ceiling fan with LED light integrated, a smart enclosed LED lighting ceiling fan, or a retractable ceiling fan with LED light. Explore all types of wholesale LED ceiling fans from Alibaba.com to discover more opportunities that come with it.

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