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Proven Tips for Selecting Glass Garage Doors That Sell


Glass garage doors are fast becoming a trend as more homeowners seek ways to add value to their properties. Modern garage doors with glass add a touch of sophistication to a home. They also allow natural light to enter the garage, making it a more inviting and airy space.

However, some see-through garage doors sell faster, while others need more market traction. This post is for sellers that want to know how to choose profitable garage doors with high demand.

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Why selling glass garage doors may be your next cash cow
Things to consider when choosing glass garage doors for sale
Wrapping up

Why selling glass garage doors may be your next cash cow

In 2021, the global garage door market expanded to US$6.79 billion and is expected to maintain a steady CAGR of 5.2% from 2022 to 2029. A substantial share of this increase owes to  2022’s US$2.2 billion demand for residential garage doors

A recent study also revealed the expansion of manufacturers’ production to meet homeowners’ increasing demand for insulated glass garage doors with contemporary aesthetics. The demand for glass garage doors was also said to have increased by 75% over the last three years, with Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, and Overhead Door as some of the industry’s key players. These doors are no longer exclusive to garages. They are now relics in restaurants, offices, and other commercial buildings, thanks to their versatility, low maintenance, durability, and ability to save space.

Things to consider when choosing glass garage doors

Size and weight

Size matters. A one-car garage and a two-car garage typically use doors that are 8 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and 8 feet tall, 18 feet wide, respectively. So, depending on the customer’s garage size, sellers can stock up on a glass single-car garage door or a 2-car glass garage door. 

Similarly, the load impact of a garage door on the floor should be considered. For example, insulation can add about 200 pounds to glass garage roll-up doors and, as such, can wreak havoc on vinyl flooring over time.


Glass roll-up doors

Office space with black tinted roll-up glass garage door

Roll-ups are contemporary glass garage doors used as closet doors and openings in entertainment rooms. There are also commercial glass roll-up doors used in warehouses and other heavy-duty settings. Roll-ups are ideal for creating a chic, contemporary, industrial look. And since they recess to the ceiling, roll-ups are space-saving but are a potential safety hazard to children, posing many maintenance issues.

Sliding glass garage doors

Closeup of a blue-tinted sliding glass garage door

Sliding glass garage doors are currently used in revving up home gyms, game rooms, home offices, workshops, mancaves, and whatnot. They make exclusive spaces accessible, especially to people in wheelchairs. Garage sliding glass doors have fewer moving parts, so they are easier to maintain—though expensive and tricky to install.

Bifold glass garage doors

Bifold glass garage doors on white background

Folding doors come in various designs, from canopy-type bifold, which are ideal for deflecting snow, to bifold glazed overhead doors, which are great for revealing garages containing exotic cars. Bifold glass garage doors are generally easy to automate. They are visually appealing and offer greater security. Unfortunately, bi-folds are tricky to operate and are quite expensive.

Glass sectional garage doors

Mirrored sectional glass garage door

Sectional glass garage doors are a good choice for homeowners who value elegant modern designs. Car collectors with collective garages can secure better ventilation and lighting to their collection by installing a sectional glass door. However, given that sectional doors are made with panels sophisticatedly hinged together, they are tricky to install, repair, and modify.

Frame material


Glass aluminium garage doors are a common sight in cities. Aluminum is a lightweight material, which is why aluminium garage doors with glass are easier to control. Also due to the light weightiness, little or no strain is exerted on the glass panels. So, they barely crack. Aluminum-framed glass garage doors are also non-corrosive, therefore ideal in locations with high rainfall.


A wood glass garage door combines the reflective power of a glass garage door with the nature-given beauty of wood. However, because wood is a target to termites and other wood-destructing pests, commercial buildings and homeowners often go for wood color aluminum garage doors which are aluminum-framed but, nevertheless, resemble  wood-framed doors.


Steel frames are as enduring as aluminum and as traditional as wooden frames. They are more customizable and can withstand severe home climates, while still offering modern aesthetics. However, a steel glass garage door isn’t as energy efficient and requires an adequate inspection to catch and treat the build-up of rust.


Frameless garage doors typically consist of tampered glass with an ornamental finish fastened to a hidden frame. They add sleek, modern, artistic, and ultra-luxury aesthetics to buildings. They are a stylish choice for restaurants and patios.



Glaciers, hammered, seeded, and frosted glasses are popular choices for decorative glass garage doors. A garage door with frosted glass panels obscures a garage’s content, providing additional security while offering a unique modern look.


A tinted glass garage door keeps out harsh daylight and serves as temperature control to the garage, depending on the degree of tint. A super black tinted glass garage door, for example, will also add plenty of privacy. There are also other colored custom glass garage doors used to achieve special effects.


Homeowners and businesses who intend to glam up their spaces in an uber-chic fashion often opt for a mirrored glass garage door. Mirror glass is a stylish option that depicts luxury. It allows maximum sunlight to enter the doored space while still offering privacy.


Laminated glasses are known to block 99% of UV light transmission and reduce noise. This is why a white laminate glass garage door is common in the hospitality industry. It is fairly flexible and hardly shatters when punctured.


Tempered glass has a higher resistance to break and is easy to clean when correctly installed. And if it breaks, it does harmlessly. Thus, a tempered glass garage door is often used in schools and parks.

Obscure or opaque

Opaque glass garage doors keep offices, foyer rooms, and entry doorways out of the curiosity of peering eyes. An obscure glass garage door is similar to a tinted one, but it doesn’t allow the passage of light and, thus, can’t be seen through.


Insulated glass garage doors maintain climate control and energy efficiency. They regulate the interior temperature and make the stay in a garage enjoyable. To that end, insulated all-glass garage doors are often used for doubling a garage utility as a home gym or a patio.

Installation and maintenance

Some doors can be installed via DIY processes, while the sophisticated designs require technicians’ expertise. Similarly, people leading a busy lifestyle would prefer low-maintenance options as opposed to businesses that often have an in-house office cleaner.

Security level and energy efficiency

With energy-efficient doors such as residential insulated glass garage doors, energy bills can be reduced, and vital car parts can be well-protected. Similarly, a good glass garage door should offer the level of security needed. Remember, a warehouse would require greater security than a foyer room.


Contemporary aluminum glass garage doors prices range between US$5,243 and US$12,585 per 18 × 8 feet. Frameless glass garage doors prices can be as low as $97 per square meter or as high as US$120 per square meter. And a sectional glass garage door price can be US$85-US$138 per square meter

Brands, features, guarantees, and warranties

Everyone wants to buy from a reliable source. Some popular brands of quality glass garage doors are Clopay Avante, Wayne Dalton, C.H.I, Aluma, Envy Collection by Overhead Door, and Newton. When buying a glass garage door, remember to check if its features align with customers’ expectations and meet their intended use cases. Also, it’s always smarter to go for a brand that offers an extended warranty and has the best return policies.

Wrapping up

Now that more consumers are taking up woodworking, metalworking, and other DIY hobbies, all of which are primarily done in garages, the need to make the garages more conducive arises. The push for indoor planting as a part of the recent garden trends has also impacted the need for daylight-inviting glass garage doors in house interiors.

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