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Top Styles of Packaging for Men’s Clothing


In today’s world, there are almost endless amounts of packaging to choose from, but not all of them are suitable as packaging for men’s clothing. The packaging needs to appeal to the right consumer and have an instant impact that will make the potential buyer not only purchase the clothing but come back time and time again.

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Global market value of clothing packaging
5 packaging for men’s clothing to consider
Packaging for men’s clothing in the coming years

Global market value of clothing packaging

Clothing packaging does more than just protect the items inside. It can also work as a great marketing tool and can help get across a company’s values to the consumer. Not all packaging is suitable for every piece of clothing, as certain designs and materials work better than others to display the clothing in the best way possible. 

The demand for packaging has increased in recent years, with more e-commerce stores popping up and online sales being higher than ever. Global e-commerce packaging is set to exceed USD 62.24 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 15.4%. 

White gift box with brown paper packaging inside

5 packaging for men’s clothing to consider

There are many types of packaging for clothing to consider, but the market is seeing a rise in popularity of some in particular that consumers enjoy seeing more than others. The unique T-shirt can, garment bags, paper boxes, zipper bags, and elegant gift boxes are five of the top packaging for men’s clothing to look out for in the foreseeable future.

T-shirt can

While many consumers are used to seeing T-shirts either in plastic sealable bags or hung up in stores, it’s the T-shirt can that everyone is talking about. This unique form of packaging for men’s clothing is a fantastic way to make a product stand out among the everyday packaging options, and is ideal for gift-giving as the T-shirt is already wrapped and looks special without doing anything extra.

The round shape of the can enables the brand to utilize all parts of the packaging, whether that be for a logo, fun photos or sayings to catch the attention of the consumer, or instructions on how to wear the garments inside. Plus, these cans can hold more than just T-shirts, with socks and underwear often being packaged inside of them as a way to make the products seem more luxurious and special. 

Colorful tin can with top off used to hold T-shirts

Garment bags

Garment bags are one of the most used types of packaging for men’s clothing in the market today. The various seal and zipper closing options all work perfectly to keep the item inside safe from damage while in transportation, and the airtight seal also helps for storage purposes or shelf displays by taking up minimum space. 

The garment bag is most often used for clothing such as underwear, vests, and thin sports shirts as they’re generally made of a thinner material than other clothing and won’t be bulky inside the bag. For businesses wanting to personalize packaging, the garment bag offers that flexibility too. Garment bags are beginning to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their packaging as well as consumer trends point towards more sustainable shopping.

Two garment bags made of recycled materials standing up

Paper box

A sturdier alternative to garment bags are paper boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, these paper boxes will normally have a transparent window on the front that allows for part of the clothing to be on display. These boxes are a popular choice of packaging for men’s clothing because they can easily hold multiple rolled-up items, such as underwear or thin T-shirts, making them ideal for selling items in bulk. 

The paper boxes are both easy to stack and hang in a store or on shelves, and it will be easier for the customer to locate the size they’re looking for than with bags, which tend to look messy if customers have been digging through them. Overall, paper boxes are being used more and more as companies look to become more eco-friendly and stray away from the use of too much plastic in their packaging.

An open paper box used to hold underwear or shirts

Zipper bags

There are many types of bags on the market today to use for packaging for men’s clothing, but one of the most popular on the market is the zipper bag. This type of bag differs from regular garment bags as it’s generally made of higher quality material and in some cases uses recycled plastic in its composition.

The waterproof design of the zipper bag, paired with the high-end zipper and clear printing, are just some of the key features that make this a big hit with consumers. For high-quality items, there’s no better way to store or transport clothing than with these popular zipper bags, which are great for all types of clothing.  

A black zipper bag used to hold clothing pieces

Gift box

For a more elegant approach to packaging for men’s clothing, the classic gift box is one of the best options. Although some gift boxes can look very colorful and loud, it’s the matte black gift boxes that are turning out to be a big hit with men of all ages when purchasing clothing, either for themselves or for someone else. This type of box will predominantly be used for luxury clothing items such as dress shirts and ties, but it’s not uncommon for high-quality sports clothing or shoes to be presented in them as well.

When combined with a classy gift wrap to match the exterior of the box, these gift boxes really stand out among other boxes that are used for packaging and are often reused for other purposes by consumers because of their high quality. For consumers looking for the perfect gift, these boxes don’t need anything extra added to them — they’re that good.

A black box opened with a shirt inside

Packaging for men’s clothing in the coming years

Packaging for men’s clothing has changed significantly over the past few years, largely due to consumers wanting a more luxurious buying experience. The top packaging for men’s clothing today includes T-shirt cans, garment bags, paper boxes, zipper bags, and elegant matte gift boxes, and these are all expected to maintain their popularity in the near future.

With packaging becoming more eco-friendly by the day, the market can expect to see more sustainable and recycled materials being used for packaging purchases, especially those that can be reused by the consumer or that are biodegradable. Future packaging will still need to keep up with the changing lifestyle trends of consumers though, so expect more eye-catching and classy packaging to emerge. 

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