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Top 6 Wholesale Headbands Suppliers You Need To Know

Colorful headbands made of different prints

Headbands are returning in the fashion industry, and the growing trend looks set to stay. According to DATA INTELO, the global headband market is projected to grow from US $2.9 billion in 2017 to US $3.8 billion by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% during the forecast period.

Women use headbands to complete their look, and the fact that they’re available in different colors, sizes and designs makes them even more appealing. That said, women are looking for quality headband items, which contributes to the high demand for headband suppliers.

However, businesses looking to stock these items often find it difficult to locate a reliable headband supplier for their customers. For this reason, this article will list the top six suppliers and three tips to look out for when choosing a supplier.

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Top 6 suppliers for headbands
3 things to look out for in a supplier

Top 6 suppliers for headbands


It should be no surprise that Alibaba is at the top of the list. Alibaba.com is famous for connecting businesses with suppliers and manufacturers. At Alibaba.com, you’ll find many vendors to choose from who offer affordable headbands at discounted rates.

Depending on your business needs, such as material used and quality, businesses can partner with more than one vendor and source headbands from them. Another plus for this platform is the delivery time. Often, suppliers deliver orders in an average of 3-10 days if shipped by air and 30-60 days if shipped by sea. Of course, the delivery time is dependent on the business location.

Overall, Alibaba.com beats the competition in these aspects:

  1. A wide range of headband products.
  2. Short delivery time.
  3. Affordable products.
  4. Protection against fraud and scams.

Selini New York

Selini New York is second on the list, a leading fashion wholesaler based in the United States. It is a fashion accessory brand that offers a range of products including headbands, scarves and hair related accessories.

Selini New York is well known for offering new products every month as they constantly evolve depending on the market trends.

The significant advantages of Selini New York include:

  1. They offer low pricing for high-quality headband products.
  2. Selini has a ton of perks such as free shipping for purchases over a certain amount.
  3. They frequently offer generous discounts.


Etsy is a popular online marketplace that offers unique and handmade headbands. Etsy is known for offering a wide range of headband styles from simple elastic headbands to more ornate styles with intricate embellishments. It connects buyers looking for unique products with independent sellers across the globe.

Businesses can get a variety of custom made and vintage headband designs from Etsy. Another advantage Etsy offers is its shipping time, which is around 3-7 business days for domestic deliveries. For international shipment, it takes 10-30 working days.

The Hair Bow Company

The Hair Bow Company is also among the best wholesale headband suppliers. It offers a huge variety of headbands including cotton bow headbands, seasonal headbands and rhinestone headbands.

Its mission is to provide the best quality products, from headbands to hair bows, at a ridiculously low price. For a business looking to get a variety of headbands at an affordable price, the Hair Bow Company has you covered.


DHgate is a Chinese global market platform that facilitates the sale of wholesale goods to buyers. It is among the largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platforms.

DHgate is well-known for:

  1. Offering discounted prices for new clients.
  2. High quality products.
  3. Multiple payment options such as Paypal and wire transfer.
  4. 24/7 customer service.


Threddies is a well-known supplier of high-quality and affordable headbands. It has a wide range of headbands including solid colors, prints and patterns. Threddies also have different styles such as knot headbands, twist headbands, turban headbands, etc.

Being among the best suppliers of headbands, businesses can purchase their products through their website. Threddies also offers fast and affordable shipping options making it an advantage for businesses.

3 things to look out for in a supplier

A supplier with a stable supply chain

A supplier with a stable supply chain is a key thing when a business is looking for a long-term relationship supplier. A stable supply chain means that the supplier has a reliable source for the products, materials and services they provide. It also means that the supplier has processes in place to ensure they offer consistent quality of these products and timely delivery.

Some of the major benefits of working with a supplier with stable supply chain is:

  1. Delivering products on time which helps in minimizing disruptions in a business.
  2. Ensuring they provide quality products that meet the specifications and requirements of your business.
  3. There is reduced risk.

A supplier with a wide range of headbands selection

A business should be able to look for a supplier with different varieties of headbands to choose from. The supplier should offer a variety of headbands in terms of color, design and material.

The quality of the headbands should also be top-notch to ensure they are durable and long lasting. The supplier should have a reliable shipping and delivery system to ensure timely deliveries are done. In addition, the supplier should offer competitive prices for the headbands.

A supplier that keeps up with headbands trends

Every business needs a supplier that provides trendy products. However, there are some key things to consider when looking for a supplier that keeps up with headband trends:

  1. The supplier’s product catalog is one vital thing to look at. The supplier should offer a wide variety of headband styles, materials and colors. If they have a wide range of options, this means they are actively staying up-to-date with trends and business demands.
  2. The social media presence of the supplier. A supplier that is active on platforms such as instagram, for example by sharing pictures of their latest headbands, proves they are keeping up with the trends.
  3. If the supplier is an active participant in trade shows and events.
  4. Checking the reviews and feedback from previous customers who have purchased headbands from the supplier. .


This article has pointed buyers looking for headbands in the right direction: Alibaba, Selini New York, Etsy, the Hair Bow Company, DHgate, and Threddies. Additionally, it highlighted some of the key things to look out for in a supplier, such as a stable supply chain, a wide range of headbands to select from, and a supplier that keeps up with the latest headband trends. By following these insights, businesses can ensure they offer a wide range of quality headbands that will cater well to their customer’s needs.

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