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Sports Hat Trends 2023: The Rise of 3D Embroidery Technology


Among all the popular fashion accessories, sports hats have always stood out as an ever-green fashion item fitted with symbolic styles for sportiveness. For this reason, they have flourished as a fashion statement for not only sports enthusiasts but also anyone who would like a blend of sportiness and style in their attire.

The use of 3D embroidery technology in sports hats over the past few years has further diversified and popularized the way these hats are designed and marketed. Continue reading to find out more about the potential of the sports hat market and the latest sports hat trends for 2023, with a focus on the use of 3D embroidery technology.

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Sports hats and 3D embroidery technology
Top 3D embroidery sports hats trends in 2023
Raising the bar

Sports hats and 3D embroidery technology

The size of the worldwide headgear market was assessed at US $20.8 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.89% from 2023 onwards, reaching US $29.4 billion by 2028. While the report that presented these statistics did not provide a specific sports hats categorization, it characterized the key purposes of headgear as intended for “outdoor activities,” which are largely sports-related.

A separate study that focuses primarily on the global baseball cap market, on the other hand, provided a more precise insight into the potential of sports hats. At a CAGR of 6.61%, the global baseball cap market is projected to grow from its estimated value of US $16.46 billion in 2020 to US $24.17 billion by 2026. Such an aggressive growth prediction not only showcases the potential of the baseball cap market but also serves as proof of the baseball cap’s status as the most popular type of sports hats.

Regardless of whether the wearer is a sports enthusiast or not, sports caps function as both a practical accessory as well as a fashion statement. The application of 3D (three-dimensional) embroidery technology on sports hats helps to broaden the range of statements available while also allowing a more personal touch of style. The unique raised designs produced by 3D embroidery can create specific textures and thicknesses, significantly elevating the visual appeal of sports hats.

Top 3D embroidery sports hats trends in 2023

Snapback hats

Snapback hats, as one of the most iconic styles of baseball caps, are renowned for their structured front panels, which form a solid shape that often exudes a sense of formality and refinement. In addition, due to their sturdy structure, they are also excellent candidates for 3D embroidered applications, typically making them the preferred option for placements of prominent branding or team logos.

From a durability perspective, while snapback hats are already widely regarded as a sturdy style due to their traditional six-panel structural shape, 3D embroidery technology can further boost their durability as the design is often sewn directly into the hat using high-quality embroidery threads. In view of this ability in creating a strong bond between the design and the fabric itself, 3D embroidery often seems more effective than screen printing and heat transfers in generating customized, long-lasting designs that are resistant to fading and peeling.

This is probably the reason why, even after all these years, snapback hats are still highly regarded by both fashion bloggers and industry veterans as one of the most popular and trendy sports hats, a fact that holds true even in 2023.

A standard snapback hat with 3D embroidery designs typically made of 100% cotton, has a flat brim, an adjustable snap closure at the back to suit different head sizes as well as a wide six-panel structure that is perfectly suited for creating 3D embroidery designs, as shown in the picture below.

Snapback hats with 3D embroidery designs

In addition, some snapback hats also include specialized designs or materials, such as snapback hats with a large 3D embroidery design or snapback hats with a quick-drying, moisture-wicking material. When combined with 3D embroidery, the design not only gives it a distinctive aesthetic feature with practically endless customization possibilities but the quick-drying material helps keep the head from getting sweaty during physical activity by taking the moisture away from the skin and allowing it to dissipate fast.

There are, of course, always some snapback hats made of 100% polyester or 100% acrylic, which can be bought at great wholesale offers as they are composed of synthetic materials derived from petroleum products and therefore come with lower production costs.

Trucker hats

Trucker hats, the oldest members of the baseball cap family, are best known for their mesh back panels, providing them superior ventilation and cooling effect compared to other sports hats. This is perhaps why trucker hats are now widely recommended and featured in a number of fashion websites, including international fashion publications, as a stylish and useful option for coping with sweltering heat during the summer months.

As featured in the net-like mesh back picture below, even though the semi-structured front panels and transparent mesh back create a more airy feel that is often associated with a casual style, trucker hats with 3D embroidery can help to add a custom-made, striking appearance that magnifies the front panels and their overall design.

Mesh back is the signature characteristic of trucker hats

For those looking for a standard, raised embroidery design, trucker hats featuring traditional 3D embroidery stitching may be the ideal choice. For a more elevated look, consider a suede trucker hat with a 3D embroidery design to create a chic and refined look thanks to the plush suede material and raised embroidery.

To further amplify the 3D embroidery effects on trucker hats, one can look into trucker hats featuring the 3D puff embroidery technique, which employs a foam underlay on the front panels to enhance the raised, 3D appearance. However, it is important to note that while the 3D puff embroidery technique is regarded as an improved version of conventional 3D embroidery, the additional materials and work involved in making them inevitably commands higher pricing too.

At the same time, similar to snapback hats, 3D embroidery trucker hats that are made of 100% polyester serve as a more economical option for wholesalers looking to offer more budget-friendly alternatives to their customers.

Dad hats

Dad hats have seen a resurgence in popularity in 2023 thanks to their classic design and snugly-fitting features. As the name implies, dad hats usually evoke a nostalgic feel due to their often vintage or retro designs. The entire style of dad hats – the unstructured soft crown, curved brim, and typically muted color tones such as navy blue, beige, black, and brown – all are reminiscent of the caps worn by dads in the past, especially those in the 1990s-2000s.

These timeless accessories can be even more outstanding through the integration of 3D embroidery technology. A bespoke 3D embroidery design can literally make a typical made of 100% cotton dad hat more attention-grabbing and powerful in its usually laid-back and unpolished style. Some dad hats may also feature brighter color choices or more fashion-forward styles, on top of incorporating 3D embroidery designs to further enhance their appeal.

Meanwhile, manufacturers may occasionally offer dad hats with premium pre-washed cotton to give them a more cozy, vintage feel. The pre-washed cotton adds a soft, worn-in texture and, combined with the 3D embroidery design, enhances the hat’s retro aesthetic, similar to the one featured in the picture below:

Dad hats with 3D embroidery still maintain a retro feel

Despite the simplicity and low-profile design emphasis of dad hats, the choice of more luxurious-looking material, such as a premium suede and a metal buckle, can still impart a touch of sophistication to them, which may entice better retail propositions too.

Raising the bar

Multiple studies indicate that the demand for headgear is increasing year by year, primarily driven by the growing popularity of sports headwear. At the same time, baseball hats stand out as the most popular sports hats, and the top three styles of baseball caps that are expected to dominate or continue to dominate the sports hat market in 2023 include snapback hats, trucker hats, and dad hats.

Through the inclusion of 3D embroidered motifs and 3D embroidery designs, these hats’ typically straightforward designs are elevated with distinctive design options and outstanding visual elements. Wholesalers can take advantage of bulk order offers to capitalize on the highly customizable nature of this trend. Explore more articles and resources on Alibaba Reads to keep up with logistics and wholesale business updates.

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