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8 Warm and Comfortable Beanies to Brave the Cold With


Nothing quite says cold-weather fashion accessories than warm and comfortable beanies. They’re often the go-to choice of headwear for a large majority of consumers, and as a result of this there are more styles than ever before on the market. Having a beanie is an essential winter accessory to have on hand as they’re not only designed to keep the head warm but also with versatility in mind.

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Overview of the global market value of beanies
Top beanies for warmth and comfort
How beanies will continue with their popularity

Overview of the global market value of beanies

Today’s consumer is more likely to invest part of their disposable income on winter clothing, and one of the biggest revenue makers in the industry are winter hats. Beanies in particular are very popular with younger consumers as they match every outfit, and the rise in different social media channels has enabled new winter hats trends to reach a wider audience and spark further interest. 

The global winter hats market, of which beanies are included, reached USD 25.7 billion in 2021. This is largely down to an increase in awareness of new fashion trends among consumers, as well as a need for more people to purchase warmer clothing due to drastic changes in temperatures over the past few years. Between 2022 and 2030, it’s expected that there will be a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0%.

Man sitting with coffee mug wearing a warm beanie

Top beanies for warmth and comfort

Although beanies are a very common form of winter headwear, there are still some important trends to watch out for that consumers are following. For consumers looking to purchase a warm and comfortable beanie that will last for a while, the most popular styles today include the merino beanie, the pom beanie, the cashmere beanie, the knitted cuffed beanie, the multi-colored beanie, the running beanie, the cable knit beanie, and the skullcap beanie. 

Merino beanie

Keeping the head and ears warm is essential for a good winter hat, which is why the merino beanie is one of the most sought after styles on the market. Merino wool is not only comfortable but the fabric works to lock in the heat, so it’s perfect for wearing for long hours. The material also makes for a tighter fit overall, meaning the beanie won’t slide down throughout the day. 

Merino wool is often compared to cashmere – it’s that comfortable. The merino beanie is certainly a great choice for colder weather, and the consumer won’t be complaining of the cold regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Woman outside wearing a merino wool beanie with pom

Pom beanie

Having a warm and comfortable beanie is important, but for many consumers it’s equally important that their winter hat is fashionable. The pom beanie is the perfect example of this. There are many types of materials to choose from when it comes to the pom beanie, including merino wool, cotton, and acrylic. It’s not just women who enjoy these hats though, men too love the pom beanie and often wear the jacquard knit beanie to sports events with their team’s logo on it. It’s the winter version of a sports cap and is proving to be a big hit.

Two men wearing pom beanies on the beach in winter

Cashmere beanie

The majority of beanie hats come in cotton or acrylic, but for consumers who want to upgrade their headwear choice then the cashmere beanie can’t be beat. Cashmere beanies are completely natural, so they’re a good option for consumers who suffer from allergies. Cashmere is also the warmest type of material in today’s market, so consumers can purchase their beanie with complete certainty that they’ll be warm while wearing it. Owning a cashmere winter hat is a big fashion statement that won’t affect the wearer’s warmth and comfort.

Woman wearing a navy blue cashmere beanie in park

Knitted cuffed beanie

The knitted cuffed beanie is one of the most versatile types of winter hats available today, and can be styled with almost any outfit and look good. What’s unique about the knitted cuffed beanie is that it can be adjusted easily depending on the weather. For a casual look in semi-mild temperatures, the cuff can be worn around the middle of the forehead. But when the colder weather hits the cuff can be pulled down to cover the head and ears fully for ultimate warmth. This is one type of beanie that can be worn at any time of the year and not look out of place.

Woman in snow wearing knitted cuffed beanie and coat

Multi-colored beanie

There are almost endless possibilities of colors and designs when it comes to the winter beanie. While many consumers will opt to have an understated neutral toned beanie to wear to work or to go out in, it’s the multi-colored beanie that’s really making a big splash in the market. The younger generation is being inspired by the latest social media trends, and many celebrities and influencers are sporting brightly colored clothing, and that includes beanies too. 

These beanies can be a plain color, or they can have a logo stamped on them. Either way, color is making a big statement this season and this trend is set to continue in years to come. 

Selection of knitted multi-colored beanies in a pile

Running beanie

Beanies are often worn for casual purposes or for outdoor sports such as skiing and ice skating. But it’s important to remember that many consumers continue their summertime sports in the wintertime too, which is where the running beanie comes into play. These beanies are often made of much tighter materials than traditional beanies, so that they stay in place during movement, and they are thinner too but still retain the warmth needed. The running beanie is generally black and will sometimes have a reflective stripe on it for safety reasons.

Man running on the beach wearing a gray running beanie

Cable knit beanie

For a cozier choice of headwear, many consumers are turning to the cable knit beanie which looks much chunkier than other styles but offers ultimate warmth thanks to its thermal fleecing inside. The cable knit technique produces a twisted pattern of the cable which isn’t found in other methods of weaving. This is a very stylish beanie that’s been popular for many years, and the latest color additions as well as the addition of a pom pom on top has helped to increase sales.

Woman wearing cable knit beanie with matching sweater

Skullcap beanie

The skullcap beanie is a very popular type of winter headwear that can also be utilized throughout the year if necessary. It offers a tighter fit than most beanies and is brimless, so it can easily be worn under a hood or on top of a regular baseball cap if needed. Due to the thinner material of the skullcap beanie, it makes the perfect base layer for outdoor sports such as skiing and is an all around popular choice of winter headwear for men and women.

Man wearing a green skullcap beanie and a gray sweater

How beanies will continue with their popularity

Having a beanie readily available to wear is essential for the colder weather, which is why so many consumers have at least one in their wardrobe. The best type of warm and comfortable beanie to purchase changes regularly based on new styles emerging in the market, but there are several in today’s apparel industry that are more popular than others. 

The merino beanie, pom beanie, cashmere beanie, knitted cuffed beanie, multi-colored beanie, running beanie, cable knit beanie, and skullcap beanie are all highly sought after among consumers, and their popularity is only expected to increase.

Beanies have and always will be an important piece of winter headwear for consumers of all ages. In the coming years, the market is expecting newer materials to emerge that will come from recycled fabrics which will fall in line with consumer demands that are leaning towards sustainable clothing.

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