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Women’s Strength Training Apparel: 5 Amazing Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022–23


Women can be fashionable while maintaining comfort and fabric stability when choosing training gear for HIIT workouts, going on hikes, and hitting the gym every morning. 

The trends in this article are as durable as they are fashionable without substituting one for the other. Fashion retailers can benefit from investing in these trends to boost sales this season.

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Overview of the global women’s activewear market
5 uptrending women’s strength training apparel for Autumn/Winter 2022–23
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Overview of the global women’s activewear market

In 2021, the market for women’s activewear was estimated to be worth around US $178 billion dollars. A value of US $269 billion was projected for this market by 2029—an increase of almost US $90 billion.

The market for women’s activewear is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.72% from 2021 to 2026.

An increase in disposable income, a shift in lifestyles, and a rise in urbanization in many Asia-Pacific nations are some key factors driving market expansion for activewear in this region. China and India have the largest populations of millennials and are quickly becoming hotspots for sportswear.

5 uptrending women’s strength training apparel for Autumn/Winter 2022–23

High-impact leggings

Female boxer wearing black high-impact leggings

Women’s fitness regimens can succeed or fail depending on the leggings they choose to wear. Workout pants should be able to wick sweat, stay in place as they move, and withstand repeated stretching and laundering, in contrast to typical leggings that are more style-driven and suitable for everyday wear. Beyond that, they ought to be as cozy as pajamas, and just as fashionable as a lady’s favorite pair of black leggings.

The recent leggings design stands out for its silky fabric, attractive fit, and superior sweat-wicking properties. It works well for various workouts because of its smooth cover fabric, which strikes the ideal balance between yoga pants and training tights. In addition, the fabric is soft and mild on the skin while still being somewhat compressive for support. 

Woman wearing high-impact leggings with sports bra

High-impact leggings can come with a built-in pocket in the back waist and a high-waisted, ankle-length design, and they are also available in cropped and full-length styles. Users gush about how comfortable they wear and how the waistline stays put without rolling.

These leggings are constructed from a super-smooth fabric that wicks sweat and lessens friction, making them ideal for vigorous training. Additionally, they are more compressive, which can lessen muscular exhaustion. They also offer flat-bottomed pockets when women need to bring something along. 

Leggings consistently come out on top, especially in terms of comfort, breathability, and durability. They are great for women who are going to be running in cold weather because they can be fleece-lined for warmth while being breathable for any workout.

Modest training tops

Woman in a modular training top and joggers

The training top women wear when working out can make or break the fitness session, whether the preferences be sweat sessions at the gym or at-home routines. Consumers expect the modest training top to fit comfortably, wick away sweat, and keep them dry. Not to mention, they should maintain their quality over time and not sacrifice either style or functionality.

Consumers can pick many modest training top options for every price range and level of activity, whether they prefer fitted crop tops, loose tanks, or long-sleeve shirts.

Woman wearing a black modest training top

The modest training top may seem like something that can be quickly slipped on for a trip to the gym, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The textiles used in making modest training tops are usually beneficial to consumers’ skin, making women feel at their best after a workout.

Women can opt to wear the hooded long-sleeve training top when they run in the morning. It comes with thumbhole cuffs to keep the sleeves in place, and a hood to keep them warm.

Tank tops

Woman wearing a white tank top and black leggings

Tank tops are unavoidable fashion staples, especially for women who want to feel comfortable during an intense workout. Aside from training, some women regard it as a fashion essential, ranking right up with a good pair of denim jeans and a denim jacket. In other words, they can also be essential for more layered outfits.

Tank tops are reasonably priced, made of soft cotton, size-inclusive, and available in several hues, including classics like black, white, and gray. The scoop-neck tank top has a more traditional neckline and strap design, making it more trend-resistant.

The most acceptable workout tank tops can vary depending on particular preferences and the type of exercise that will be done. Regardless, they’re usually constructed from breathable, moisture-wicking materials to keep women cool and dry even during the most intense sweat sessions. 

The most popular option is the mesh exercise tank. Women can wear the tank top with the ties on the back hanging loosely or tied in a knot. It has a mesh back, which customers say adds a cute detail to their workout outfits. The buttery soft material is comfy for cardio workouts or simply wearing around the house because it is extremely easy to move around in without being revealing.

Woman wearing a white tank top and a red hat

Tank tops are usually constructed from a soft and slightly stretchy combination of cotton, modal, and spandex, which holds nicely in the washing machine. They are available in many color combinations, such as all-white, all-black, and striped versions. In addition to wearing them for exercise, women can use the scoop-neck tank tops as an additional layer under their regular clothes.

The open-back tank top appears to be a typical tank top from the front. However, the back is exposed. It has a flowy, loose fit that is ideal if women don’t want their top to stick to the skin when working out in the gym or at a class.

Classic T-shirts

Woman in a gray cropped classic T-shirt and leggings

The material is a crucial consideration, no matter what exercise is performed or done. This is because women will be most comfortable wearing a sweat-wicking and breathable workout shirt. Therefore, technical fabrics like polyester, nylon, and flexible elastane or spandex are used to make the most fantastic workout shirts. 

Technical fabrics used in making these classic T-shirts move freely while allowing perspiration to dissipate, keeping one dry and cool quickly. As women warm up, polyester is excellent at wicking sweat, whereas nylon is lightweight, incredibly tough, and elastic. 

Another excellent material for training shirts is wool—it is naturally odor-resistant, temperature-regulating, and sweat-wicking. Although it can be a little more expensive than other fabrics, it functions effectively in all seasons. Overall, these resources support continued peak performance.

Depending on the activity, women might prefer a tighter fit—for instance, during a high-intensity session—over a looser fit that might be more appropriate for a yoga workout. But, naturally, this depends on personal preference.

Woman wearing a gray-colored classic T-shirt

Women tend to choose a different exercise outfit depending on whether they are working out indoors or outdoors, favoring a long-sleeved workout shirt in the fall and winter and a slim-fit tank top or crop top for hotter days. 

Some exercise shirts come with different qualities to set them apart, shield them from the sun, or with anti-odor technology to keep wearers smelling and feeling fresh. Shirts with high-wicking feature are ideal for running or high-impact activities. It dries rapidly as perspiration occurs, making it an excellent choice for hot weather or a strenuous run. 

With the inclusion of lyocell, these exercise shirts can also be incredibly soft and lightweight, making it quite comfortable and helping it stay in place without being overly tailored.

Sports bra

Woman working out in a white sports bra and leggings

Sports bras are a must-have for women involved in sports or other workout-related activities. These bras are categorized into high-, low-, and medium-impact sports bras. 

Low-impact sports bras are usually cozy and buttery-soft, making them a worthy option for yoga and pilates. Many women opt to wear them because they are comfortable. Medium-impact sports bras are supportive enough for most workouts and incredibly comfortable, thanks to their seamless design. 

High-impact bras come with a tremendous amount of support. Hence, they are mostly used by women who do a lot of high-level training and sports activities.

Any workout can succeed or fail, depending on the material of a sports bra. Therefore, wearing breathable, lightweight materials like nylon, polyester, or lycra is recommended. Doing so will effectively wick away moisture while giving just the perfect amount of support. 

For ventilation, mesh panels or cutouts are ideal since they increase airflow and prevent overheating.

Woman wearing a sports bra and leggings

Depending on the level of exercise, compression or encapsulation is a crucial sports bra features. Most cup sizes must pass the no-bounce test for a bra to be effective in preventing movement of the chest. 

While encapsulation will support each breast separately during high-impact sports like jogging, compression holds breasts in place during low-intensity exercises.

Some top sports bras excel in their comfort and design, proving to be both long-lasting and capable of wicking away sweat to keep women dry while being comfortable and supported during workouts.

Many female consumers wear sports bras while running, which proves their excellent quality, support, and comfort. They also aren’t hefty or bulky, nor too tight or loose.

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Fashion statements in women’s activewear are getting bolder without outweighing the need for comfort and durability. Tank tops have already been incorporated into regular day wear. Leggings also have been seen everywhere, including on catwalks.

In different environments, other types of apparel like trainer tops, T-shirts, and sports bras have been incorporated to suit several customer preferences and be worn for more than just one occasion.

It would be of interest to businesses to follow these trends to avoid missing out on the action.

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