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Halloween Beauty Gift Guide for 2024


Mainly celebrated in North America and Europe, Halloween offers a prime gifting opportunity for beauty products.

With the pandemic lockdowns lifted, celebrations are back in full force, and 2024 will see exuberant color cosmetics that embrace the unexpected and the weird. Halloween 2024 will see surreal aesthetics and color-play alongside unconventional wellness.

As celebrations get bigger, businesses can provide added value beyond Halloween, which is key to engaging with consumers. Younger consumers will be energized in the return of celebrations and will likely exhibit boundary breaking looks.

The article will provide insights into gift trends for Halloween 2024, as well as seven must-know beauty gifting ideas.

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The resurgence of Halloween
7 Halloween beauty gifting ideas
Final thoughts

The resurgence of Halloween

Post-pandemic Halloween spending has increased significantly in North America and Europe, with more people returning to the celebrations. However cost of living constraints, according to Statista, means there may also be a significant drop in average spending per person.

Consumers will find inspiration for Halloween costumes across products and social media platforms that appeal online.

According to Google search trends, keyword “Halloween” searches hit a 100-mark search volume in May 2023. In 2024, the world will be fully opened up, and people will celebrate Halloween more than ever.

7 Halloween beauty gifting ideas

Scary scents

An example of surreal fragrance

Surreal fragrances will be an emerging category for Halloween; the consumer will find new ways to elevate their mood and looks through scenting.

Identity scenting in 2024 will also gain traction, offering an outlet for self-expression and individuality. Surreal scents with unexpected nostalgic and gothic notes will become part of consumers’ scent wardrobes for Halloween, creating a key opportunity for retailers.

Businesses should stick to products that entice consumers to experiment without committing to full-size products. Include scent paper in minimal packaging for fragrances with easy-to-ship testers, such as Alien Odorz.

On top of this, you can stock niche fragrance brands with obscure notes, such as Born To Stand Out (Korea), and aim to recreate fragrances such as brandy spilled on a wooden table.

Bold and bright makeup

A woman in bold and bright makeup

All-day and all-night parties will dominate the Halloween agenda in 2024 as rave culture returns. Joy-sparking products that connect back to the 90s and early 2000s tend to appeal.

Playful formats will be critical in this trend. Neon brights, high-impact pigments, and long-wear formats will build hype for Halloween nights out that will appeal to Gen Z and Millennials. These two generations spend the most money on Halloween in the U.S.

They promote unusual greens and yellows, and near-neons across the color cosmetics. Yellow pineapple for commercial application is used beyond Halloween. U.S brand, About-Face is already offering everyday brights that include eye pigments, which come in 26 shades.

Modern sustainable brands are moving away from the traditional dark greens and instead are utilizing eye-catching, sustainable, and neon-sourced pigments. U.S company Half Magic uses neon green home-compostable paper packaging for its blusher singles and eye shadow.

Filthy formulations

Products that embrace the dirty side of sustainability will appeal to customers on Halloween 2024. They are after no-frills, environmentally friendly gifting. Ingredients will be recognized as a signpost for consumers seeking sustainable products, with the industry expected to be valued at US$ 433.5m by 2031.

Bio grades will also add value, with 80% of consumers globally willing to pay more for sustainable packaging options.

For Halloween 2024, boundary-pushing textures and unsavory ingredients challenge the preconceptions that sustainability is boring.

To capitalize on this gifting idea, invest in brands with a zero-waste ethos and biodegradable products such as SIITA (Korea), where packaging impacts nutrients to the soil when it degrades. Also consider stocking the brands that support initiatives to educate on sustainability.

Psychedelic gifting

A bottle of psychedelic-inspired oil

Alternative wellness will see relaxing psychobiological ingredients and psychedelic-inspired formats that consumers prioritize.

Products embodying wellness practices will appeal to unconventional consumers seeking relief from stress. Wellness-tripping rituals will be favored by those seeking holistic ways to practice wellbeing due to the rise of psychedelic therapies.

Businesses should stock herbal and natural ingredients associated with relaxation, such as CBD and Herbar’s (U.S.) use of mushrooms. In addition, explore beauty packaging with psychedelic illustrations that nod to the mystical nature of Halloween gifting.

Titillating taboos

A woman in an animal Halloween mask

Sexual wellness is moving from the Taboo arena to the mainstream; consumers will feel empowered to express their sexuality at Halloween more authentically and openly than before.

Products that offer the output for sensuality in all forms are open to new opportunities for Halloween and gifting looks. In a 2022 survey, 37% of the U.K. respondents planned dressing in sexy costumes for Halloween, and in 2024, expect consumers to seek ways of elevating costumes with sexy scents and vinyl textures.

Businesses should curate empowering wellness gifting kits for sensual Halloween nights. These could include products such as Lood’s (Brazil) perfume which exalts female power, while Bawdy (U.S.) inspires touching alone and with partners. Also, stock color cosmetics in gothic tones with shimmery, sultry, post-goth, and sheer finishes packaging.

Space inspired collections

Two people in a space inspired collections

Meta Face aesthetics and alien-themed Halloweens are emerging trends that offer a thrilling experience for Beautyversal and Neuromantic consumers.

As an ongoing fascination with things extraterrestrial endures, demonstrated by the popularity of #AlienMakeup on Tiktok, products offering a respite from Earthly concerns and feeding interest in life beyond it will have a wide appeal.

Businesses should extend the variety of their products to include outlandish and playful finishes and textures such as jelly-textured wash and cosmic colored items. Also, offer skincare hybrids and pearlescent makeup that capitalize on space-influenced celestial glow and cyborg skin finishes.

Multi-use cosmetics

A woman applying multi-use cosmetics

Temporary and wash-off products will offer an easy transformation for the Chameleon consumers looking across Halloween festivities.

Alphas and Gen Z will adopt a variety of looks and characters on Halloween 2024. Bright, bold, and easy-to-use color cosmetics will offer a cost-effective way to engage in creative self-expression.

Google Trends globally shows an increase in searches for the key term “temporary hair dyes” every Halloween, and 2024 Halloween will see increased searches. To capitalize on this trend, businesses should invest in bold, temporary hair dyes with high-performance color pay-offs.

Furthermore, businesses can prioritize nail products maximizing self-expression, such as nail stickers and wraps for salon-quality nail art at home with minimal application time.

Final thoughts

The longevity of beauty gifts will be essential in 2024, and these products will continue to offer value beyond Halloween to avoid unnecessary waste.

Businesses should embrace the weird by investing in alternative wellbeing products. From icky ingredients to freaky fragrances, there are many innovative new ways to deviate from the established norms and offer fun beauty products in Halloween 2024. Visit Alibaba.com for quality Halloween beauty gifts.

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