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Stunning Hair Claw Clips That Celebrities Love


The women’s hair accessories market has never been stronger than it is today. Even during economic downturns hair accessories continue to be in demand by consumers of all ages, and with such a variety of hair clips in the market today for consumers to choose from there can be no doubt that the market will continue to increase in value in the foreseeable future. Among all of the types of hair accessories available it’s hair claw clips that are grabbing the most attention.

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Global market value of hair accessories
Popular types of hair claw clips
The future of hair clips in fashion

Global market value of hair accessories

Fashion trends and hairstyles are always evolving and with these new trends come a wide selection of modern and innovative fashion accessories to help support the overall look of the consumer. In recent years changes in lifestyle have created a sharper focus on well-maintained hair which has sparked an increase in sales in hair accessories, hair care products, and hair care tools such as straighteners and hairdryers. With so much media coverage now focusing on what people’s hair looks like, the production of hair accessories has begun to steadily increase.

The global market value of hair accessories reached USD 47.9 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow to at least USD 55.8 billion by 2026. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.5% between 2021 and 2026, hair accessories are beginning to be the driving force behind the growth of the fashion accessories market as a whole. 

Woman holding a large black hair claw clip in air

Popular types of hair claw clips

A nostalgic fashion accessory of the ‘90s was the hair claw clip and with so many fashion trends coming full circle in the past few years consumers are loving the revival of this popular hair accessory. The top trending styles of the hair claw clip today include the mid-sized hair clip, the acetate hair claw clip, the large yoga clip, the mini hair claw clip, and the metal hair claw clip.

Mid-sized hair clip

The variety of hair claw clips on the market comes not only as a response to the different fashion styles available to consumers but also to the variety of hair texture and thickness that consumers have. One of the most popular types of clips comes in the form of the mid-sized hair clip, which can take on many unique shapes and patterns.

The mid-sized hair claw clip is ideal for a number of occasions, making it the perfect versatile hair accessory to own. They are known to hold both short and long hair as well as thick and straight hair. This type of hair clip is one of the most sought after among consumers due to the variety available that are able to suit all occasions, outfit choices, and hair types. 

Mid sized pink marble hair claw clip sitting on photo

Acetate hair claw clip

There aren’t too many material choices when it comes to hair claws, with a large majority of them being made of acetate which is a very flexible and long-lasting material that is deemed to be much better than regular plastic clips. Cellulose acetate is also completely biodegradable too as it’s made from plant sources which is something modern consumers are now looking for when they purchase new products.

Acetate hair claw clips are perfect for all hair styles and thickness levels, and the material can be molded into any size of hair clip that’s desired. The durability of these hair clips means that they won’t shatter upon impact either. Rather than going for cheaper plastic hair clips, sellers should consider purchasing acetate hair clips as they’re receiving a lot of praise among consumers, and that includes the odd celebrity or two. 

Dark pink hair claw clip with flower pattern in plastic

Large yoga clip

A unique design of the hair claws that is growing in popularity in today’s market is the large yoga clip. What’s different about this style of a hair claw is the overall flat shape of it compared to larger ones. The shape of the yoga clip allows the wearer to perform activities such as yoga or pilates without the clip getting in the way. It’s also perfect for holding hair buns in place all day long without having to adjust it.

This is another type of hair claw that can be purchased in many colors or patterns, but it’s often purchased in a neutral color that will blend in well with the hair. This is so the yoga clip matches the tranquil setting of the activity and doesn’t stand out too much as a big fashion statement. It’s meant to do its job and that’s it. 

Large yoga style hair clip with diamonds around edges

Mini hair claw clips

Mini hair claw clips aren’t for everyone, but they are still a very popular type of hair accessory for both children and adults. Due to the small nature of these hair clips they won’t work well for thick hair, however they’re perfect for thin and straight hair. Mini hair claw clips are usually purchased in small sets that can either be all one color or a mixture. As more than one clip is usually needed to hold the hair in place it’s uncommon to purchase a single clip.

These mini clips can be bright and colorful for children to wear throughout the day or they can be toned down to suit a more mature look. They’re very lightweight so the wearer will hardly notice they’re there, but they’re strong enough to hold the hair in place for a long amount of time. 

Selection of different colors of mini hair claw clips

Metal hair claw clip

For consumers who want to stay away from plastic or plastic-like materials, the metal hair claw clip is a very popular alternative among both European and American style hair accessories. This type of hair clip is built to support very thick hair in a way that other materials can’t. The durability of metal hair clips means that there’s no need to worry about them breaking during the day and they’ll last a long time too.

Metal hair claw clips are a classic style of hair accessories that look very elegant when worn, with the main colors being silver, gold, rose gold, and black. They may not be able to have a fancy pattern on them but the various unique shapes that they come in more than make up for that and help to elevate any outfit.

Thin gold metal hair claw clip on brown hair

The future of hair clips in fashion

Fashionable hair clips are the new must-have hair accessory. This nod to the ‘90s has really picked up steam in recent months, with more and more celebrities wearing different styles of hair claw clips that have consumers racing to purchase them in store and online. The most popular of these styles include the mid-sized hair clip, acetate hair claw clips, large yoga clips, mini hair claw clips, and metal hair claw clips. 

Although this current hair accessories trend is bringing back some classic pieces of hair clips, modern versions of hair clips are hitting the market too. This includes new materials being used that are more eco-friendly than traditional materials like plastic, so the market should expect an increase in alternative materials for hair clips in the coming years that will fit in better with new consumer lifestyle patterns.

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