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Top Cabinets for Kids: Ultimate Storage Solutions


It’s no secret that kids tend to have a lot of toys, especially ones of a younger age. For both households and schoolrooms it’s important to have a simple yet effective storage solution for not only toys but also learning tools and clothing. The top cabinets for kids are a combination of traditional designs and unique modern looks that make kids more engaged when putting away their items. 

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Global market value of kids’ furniture
7 types of storage cabinets for kids
The future of kids’ furniture

Global market value of kids’ furniture

It’s important to remember that kids furniture differs significantly from regular furniture. They are designed to adapt to the needs of a child at a certain age, and are often made with low maintenance and durability in mind. The size is also a key factor to consider, as kids furniture is smaller than regular furniture for obvious reasons. Buyers will also note the material used tends to be wood or a hard plastic that will more often than not have blunt edges to decrease the risk of a child being harmed and are designed to be portable in many instances too.

In 2021 the global kids furniture market was valued at USD 38.82 billion. Between 2022 and 2020 there’s expected to be a large increase in value, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.9% projected. This growth is down to factors such as companies offering furniture that’s easy to move and assemble as well as a growth in the disposable income of working families who are choosing to invest more in furnishings for the home. 

Multi-colored kids dresser with matching accessories on top

7 types of storage cabinets for kids

At one time storage cabinets looked almost the same with no discerning features or qualities that made them unique and stand out from one another. Today however, with more companies looking to make a big impact in the kids furniture industry, storage cabinets for kids have become more aesthetically pleasing and multifunctional. 

Toy kitchen cabinets, plastic rack drawers, plastic foldable wardrobes, wooden moveable storage units, truck-shaped cabinets, large storage cabinets, and wooden wardrobes all offer something a little different to a room but are very much in high demand globally. 

Toy kitchen

For kids of a younger age having a toy kitchen to play with is a great way to spark interest in cooking and can be helpful in their overall development. Many toy kitchens come with different types of storage cabinets attached to them, which is helpful for kids who have a lot of kitchen accessories that usually come included with the kitchen. 

These cabinets can also be used for other toys if storage space is limited in the room. Having a toy kitchen that mimics a regular size one helps to teach an invaluable lesson about how to keep a kitchen space tidy.

White and yellow toy kitchen against blue starry wallpaper

Plastic rack drawer

Kids furniture that’s easy to assemble is a key feature that many consumers are looking for. Consumers also want furniture that’s lightweight and can easily be moved around the room. The plastic rack drawer provides the perfect storage solution for kids toys. The beautiful and simple design of the storage rack fits well in any space, and the stability of the rack as well as the smooth corners means that it’s perfect for even the most heavy handed children. 

This type of storage unit allows kids to place their items in the sunken racks with ease, and since everything is on display it also allows them to choose how their toys are displayed. The wheels allow the rack to be moved with ease or they can be locked in place. 

Two plastic storage racks with smiley faces on drawers

Plastic foldable wardrobe

The latest cabinets for kids do more than just store clothes or toys – they’re multi-functional. The plastic foldable wardrobe can be made into a wide variety of storage units if needed or it can be built as a large wardrobe with space for hanging clothes as well as shelving units. 

The height of this wardrobe is short enough for a child to easily reach the top shelf without asking for assistance and it’s very stable so even heavier boxes can sit on the shelves without causing deformities. 

To really make this foldable wardrobe stand out, it’s suggested that attractive stickers be placed on the front of the doors so that the furniture either blends in better with the room or features stickers that have a personal connection to the child. 

Small plastic wardrobe with cubes for storage and stickers

Wooden moveable storage unit

Storage units that are easy to move are a big hit with consumers. The wooden moveable storage unit works perfectly in school settings but it can also be used at home if there’s a play room that needs more storage. 

This storage unit is made of natural wood that can support the weight of two adults and has a large storage capacity which means it’s easy and fast to tidy a room. The smooth edges are also an added bonus and safety measure. 

The wooden storage unit is ideal for separating different items into storage boxes which makes it easy for kids to find what they’re looking for and to put the items away after use. It’s a very simple storage solution that has been around for many years and is still in high demand.

Wooden storage cabinet with school supplies on shelves

Truck-shaped cabinet

It can sometimes be difficult for kids to put away their toys, which is why creating a storage cabinet for kids that can also be considered a toy is a great way to motivate them. The truck-shaped cabinet is one of the hottest trends in the kids furniture market today. 

The multiple storage shelves with plastic baskets allow for easy storage and accessibility and the different sizes of the baskets also makes it easier to remember what type of product is on which level. Having the addition of two shelves with doors on them makes the storage unit mirror a door closing on a truck too.

The cartoon shaped front of the truck is a fun addition to this cabinet. It not only looks more appealing for kids but it also doubles as a hidden storage area where kids can hide their most valuable toys. This is one type of cabinet for kids that’s only growing in popularity. 

Large pink plastic truck used as a kids storage cabinet

Large storage cabinet 

Kids who have a lot of space to play, either at home or at school, will need a large amount of storage space for all of their toys. The large plastic storage cabinet combines many features found in other smaller storage units all in one place. The layered storage unit is easy to install and has included a space along the bottom for extra storage boxes. 

The different levels allow for various sizes of storage boxes to be placed on them, with some displaying the insides and others acting as a closed drawer. A nice addition to this kids storage unit is the section for books to stand in so that kids can have easy access to them as well as having a safe place to put them.

Long plastic storage cabinet for holding school supplies

Wooden wardrobe

An easy storage solution for clothing is the wooden wardrobe. This is a traditional type of storage cabinet for kids that’s started to take on a more modern and appealing appearance with a playful painted pattern or picture on the front. The interior includes shelves for clothes or storage boxes as well as a space for hanging clothing too. 

Two open shelves along the side and a shelf on top of the cabinet allow for items to be displayed. The smooth finish of the wooden handles makes it child friendly for even the youngest member of the family.

Tall wooden wardrobe with flowers painted along bottom

The future of kids’ furniture

Buyers who are looking to purchase furniture for kids need to take into account both the safety of the furniture as well as the storage capacity and its ease of use. Cabinets for kids are designed with different functions in mind, so there are many to choose from in today’s market. The toy kitchen, plastic rack drawer, plastic foldable wardrobe, wooden moveable storage unit, truck-shaped cabinet, large storage cabinet, and wooden wardrobe all appeal to consumers in different ways thanks to their unique features.

In the coming years kids’ furniture is expected to become even more multifunctional as consumers look for easy storage solutions. It’s also predicted that charging ports will be implemented into them, in a similar way that they have been to adult furniture, as many learning tools are either on tablets or require charging. This would add another attractive layer to the multi-functional properties of cabinets for kids. 

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