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5 Men’s Top Prep-zzatura Trends That Boost Comfort in Autumn/Winter


Men are in for a wild ride this season as traditional attires combine with modern appearances in styles like the single-breasted suit and double-breasted western shirt. 

Everything from formal to creatively casual attires are discussed in this article as these trends are essentially second to none when it comes to men’s attires.

Here’s how to make sales this season but first, this is the size of the men’s business clothing market.

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The market value of men’s business clothing
Five men’s prep-zzatura trends to grab in A/W 22/23
Rounding up

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The market value of men’s business clothing

The size of the world’s menswear market, estimated at $483.0 billion in 2018, is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.3% over the forecast period (2019-2025). The market’s expansion can be linked to millennial men’s rising fashion consciousness. Because it can command higher costs, the designers have increased their attention to the male component of society.

Due to its higher buying power parity than other regions, North America had the greatest market share in 2018. In addition, the U.S. market is home to a huge number of brands. As a result, the global market has strong roots in the area and has a significant impact on the entire world.

Five men’s prep-zzatura trends to grab in A/W 22/23

Western shirt

Man rocking a white western aviator shirt

The western shirt is a timeless type of shirt that suits men across the age spectrum. It works because of how it incorporates both old traditional and super modern looks and blends them into one final piece.

It has roots in American history and is most often constructed from denim fabrics. For this shirt, some traditional details in distressed texture include occasional pearl snaps, some western yoke additions, and the front flap pockets, which have virtually been patented by western shirts.

These come in solid colors like the deep blue of regular denim as much as in bright hues like white, cream, butter, bright or pewter blue, and yellow.

These shirts also come with western yokes and feature printed fabrics above the yoke and pure denim below it. The flap pockets on the torso could be made from denim as well or from entirely different fabrics such as cotton and other cotton blends.

Young man posing in a dark blue western shirt

The blue western shirt with white statement pockets goes well with an earth brown corduroy matching blazer and trousers. For something more casual, the corduroy trousers could be replaced by cotton pants or blue denim jeans.

Also, in that same token, a lighter blue double-breasted western shirt with cream chinos trousers makes for a great semi-casual look fit for outings with friends and family.

DB blazer

Man wearing a blue DB blazer over a blue shirt

The double-breasted blazer is something of inherently formal wear amongst men because of the fabrics and styling. Double-breasted apparel could be a jacket, blazer, waistcoat, or even a dress with overlapping and large front flaps, having two front symmetrical button columns.

Usually, most designers make the DB suits with breathable fabrics and lighter fabrics like cotton and linen, whilst other weightier suits are made with thicker wool blends, perfect for the autumn/winter months. There are a wide variety of blazer fabrics, some of which are both plain and patterned.

They also come in great solid colors and hues such as red, blue, glossy green, black, space gray, and white. Though inherently formal, these pieces could also excel in casual settings and occasions.

Although being a tailored outfit, the idea is to create the illusion of effortlessness, which can be achieved through a more relaxed and modern iteration of the garment that allows the blazer to drape around the body frame.

Man rocking a white and blue stripes DB blazer

These blazers appear more interesting with certain accessories such as surgical cuffs and contrast buttons, which are visible because they color block the rest of the blazer. Colors like oxide orange and earth tone brown, which are warmer than others, work better with the double-breasted blazer, especially with heavier fabrics such as corduroy.

Men can style these by acquiring them in a matching set with trousers and adding an undershirt or collared button-down shirt to accentuate the already glaring formal look. 

For something a bit more casual, men can let the blazers drape across their shoulders and pair them with shirts that come with floral designs. Blue denim trousers work best with this attire styling.

Side-stripe trackpant

Man wearing a blue side-stripe track pant

The nicest thing about side-striped trackpants is that they can be worn in a variety of ways because they are inspired by the pitch and the parade ground. It’s about bridging the gap between sport and tailoring. So men can always choose an opposite top layer while styling. And it entails combining smart versions with a sweater or athletic strides with a hefty roll neck.

To be as versatile as possible, the shape, fit, and fabric must be perfect. Although some tapers have a tailoring-inspired nod, men should have enough movement to make them feel sporty. To avoid straying into evening wear, they can choose cozier, heavier materials like wool that have the proper drape but no shine.

Also, it would behoove men to stay away from superfluous details like patterns or pleats. Making sure that the stripe is the most prominent feature is a simple go-to considering pairings like black and white or navy with a red stripe.

Synthetic polyester pants also grant a perfect balance between the retro design looks and more modern silhouettes. Print design is completely optional but the key factor is the stripe. Alternative materials are better for the strip than prints in most cases.

The incorporation of woven materials from belts and blankets alike helps to give the outfit an entirely new, different look and feel.

Man rocking beige and white side-stripe pants

Straight-leg pants are fine but wide-leg pants cut to the chase very quickly. Bootcut is another alternative as well as flare trousers.

Flared casual trousers

Man rocking blazer, button-down shirt, and flare pants

The return of flared pants isn’t just inevitable—it’s already happening. Although they are still far from becoming common, these pants are gradually growing in popularity. The more fashionable celebs are seen sporting them on the catwalks.

Wearing pants that are cropped or turned up is another solution to the issue of extra material. When men do this, the fabric will hang just above the shoe. This style appeals to men more since it truly highlights the flared curve of the pants. 

Additionally, it enables anyone to pair them with lighter clothes. Virtually, men get extra points if they can sew a perfectly straight seam into the denim.

Many contemporary interpretations of the look combine flares with an extremely wide leg. To ensure that they maintain their shape when they fall over the hips and legs in this situation, men can pick a pair of pants with a higher rise or grab a pair of wide pants since they are two of the pants trends to watch this year.

Man wearing a black blazer over a flared pant

Men obviously don’t mind being noticed if one of the main considerations is thinking of trying flared jeans. There’s no need to be chained or confined to creating a flared cut and having that be the focal point of the attire. Instead, men can choose a pair of flared jeans with embroidery, patterning, or patches. Alternatively, they could try a pair of flared pants in a color other than blue or gray.

SB suit

Man rocking a black single-breasted suit

A single-breasted suit is made up of a pair of dress pants and a jacket, coat, or accessory with only one column of buttons; there is typically no fabric overlap.

These often have a front closure in the jacket’s center that is fastened by one or more buttons. In general, the shorter the lapels and the more buttons the suit has, the more attractive it will look.

Generally speaking, the single-breasted suit and double-breasted suit are both classic fashion staples that can rocked by consumers to key occasions and events. Even though most people believe the single-breasted suit is more formal when compared to the double-breasted suit, a lot of male consumers tend to wear the SB suits during the cooler months.

The single-breasted suit makes it simple to dress smartly casually. The split, when the blazer is worn with chinos or dark denim, is the simplest method to reduce the formality of the jacket.

Generally speaking, a jacket’s casualness increases with how unstructured it is. Men can keep the shirt and tie for a smarter appearance, or add a knit or crew neck T-shirt for a more casual appearance. A wonderful alternative to black or brown is oxblood.

Business executive wearing an SB blazer suit

Rounding up

These dresses bring a new definition to men’s formal and informal clothes. Double and single-breasted clothes alike, nothing here falls in last place as every trend is as important as the other. 

Men can retain a casual and sporty look simultaneously with the striped pants and muster a casual look with the defying double-breasted blazer with denim trousers. 

Businesses can’t afford to miss out on any of these trends as they are bound to sell out in no time and make lots of profits while at it.

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